Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020 – Detailed Review

I wrote many smartwatches article on Smart Watch Journal but here I am writing best smart watch for kids. As we all knew technology advanced day by day and It secure our environment and now our task is easier than before.

Previously I wrote about Android, Hybrid, Fitness, iPhone smartwatches.

Now in 2020 you can also protect or keep safe your child/kid by using technology and what I say by using a smartwatch. Not only that, but smartwatches for kids don’t only protect your child but give control to the parent of their child activity. It will satisfy both children and parents too.

There are many features in kids smartwatches including GPS, childish design, games and many more. You can track your child by using a mobile app and make themselves to save as possible.

If we talk about children then they are more aware of the technology more than the parents. Because in this era we see our child playing with tablets instead of stuff toys.

They are more friendly with gadgets nowadays. So smart watch for kids are game for them but parents can protect their child from any unexpected tragedy.

Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020

NameItem WeightPrice
Xiaomi Amazfit Bip3.52 OuncesCheck Price
Kurio Watch4 ounces
Check Price
VTech Kidizoom6.4 ounces
Check Price
Fitbit Ace6.4 ouncesCheck Price
Garmin Vívofit0.96 ounces
Check Price
ABARDEEN8 ounces
Check Price
Kidaily1.76 ounces
Check Price
Owl Cole6.4 ounces
Check Price
GBD1.76 ounces
Check Price
DUIWOIM2.08 ouncesCheck Price

In this list, I am going to feature 10 best smartwatches for kids that are more eligible and durable in the whole US market. Whenever you’re going to buy a smartwatch for kids it’s better to know about your requirements. I will help you to find the best smartwatch for your kid.

Design is very important when I am going to find the smart watch for kids because kids mostly don’t like elegant and gentle design smartwatches. That’s why I give priority to the flashy smartwatches instead of gentle smartwatches.

Most of the kid’s smartwatch are lighter in weight or also more comfortable than any other general smartwatches because as you want your child to wear smartwatch for as much time as possible.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip – Best Smartwatch for Teens

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Xiaomi Amazefit Bip is a smartwatch for teenagers because it has advanced features, best for the children after 10 years of ages. It is made by a famous Chinese brand called Xiaomi. One of the best smart watch for kids.

It looks more similar with Apple smartwatches, or you called it as a child version of Apple smartwatch. It is very light in weight just 1.1 oz. Very neat and clean design. It is available in four colours that include black, orange, white and green.

Most of the men also prefer Xiaomi Amazefit Bip smartwatches or you can also see a vast list of Best Men Smartwatches in my previous update.

Xiaomi Amazefit body is totally made up of using plastic but glass are Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and ole-phobic coating and 2.5D effect. Because of this, you can easily navigate around the screen and your fingerprints are not more noticeable.

According to the IP68, you can take it along the shower and also wash your hands while wearing Amazefit but you can’t go with it for swimming and long water-related activity.

You need a smartphone to use the GPS functionality, use to sync before using the GPS function. Parents don’t have a choice to track their children by using a smartphone app because teenagers are more aware of bad things, they are intellectual enough.

For the location accuracy, Xiaomi Amazefit uses GPS and GLONASS. Both of these things combine and make accuracy more natural and precise.

You can track the speed or distance by using Amazefit and also get a vibratory notification when you reached that specific destination. Also, have a feature of barometer and Al-timer, you can track running or cycling too.

While just single charge you use Amazefit for 30-45 days. They use a non-removable battery of 190 mAH.

If you expect incredible display while looking for pictures or videos so you’re wrong. It is good for showing regular graph and data but not for other high-resolution media.


  • Long battery life
  • Accurate Geo-Location
  • Protection against dust and water
  • Lightweight


  • You don’t respond calls and notification
  • Low contrast display for pictures and videos

Kurio – Best Affordable Smart watch for Kids

Best Affordable Smartwatch for Kids

Kurio is made by KD interactive electronics. KD mostly made electronic products for the children and Kurio is one from them. Because its a kids smartwatch and surely one of the best.

They created Kurio is one of the most kid-friendly smartwatches because it has around 20 games. It is large built-in storage around 256 MB and you can also use up to 32 GB memory to make it a beast.

You can also download the various application by using a Kurio and also a music player too.

Don’t get panic because of indoor games, Parent are depressed nowadays because children don’t go outside for playing. Thanks to Kurio motion sensor now your children can go outside and play a 2 player game.

Kurio also has a front face camera to take pictures and a photo editor app too. Also have an alarm clock, clock or even essential activity tracker to track the child activity by using a smartphone app.

But here is one thing, you can call or send messages to your child by using a Bluetooth but they should be under the radar otherwise you’re not able to access your child because Kurio doesn’t have GPS facility.

Kurio is one of the best kids smartwatch under the age of 3-8 because you can’t control your children continuously and when they are out of range of the radar. You can buy it just for entertainment or for playing games and its one of the best affordable smart watches for kids.


  • 20+ games
  • You can use up to 32 GB memory card


  • Little expensive as compare to other kids smartwatches
  • No GPS tracker
  • You can’t track your child when Bluetooth is out of range

VTech Kidizoom – Best Kids Smartwatch for Games

Kidizoom smartwatch Dx2 is manufacture by VTech electronics and it is one of the giant electronics manufacturers. The company is giant and historical for creating tradition electronics product for the children of all ages. They are pretty famous and their products are best selling too.Best Kids Smartwatch for Games

Its square case has two buttons and one of them control the camera functionality. They use silicone bracelet to make it easier for the child’s wrist. It is available in two colours, Pink for girls and for sure blue for boys.

If your child is under the age of 4-9 years then Kidizoom smartwatch is the best choice for them. They settle two cameras one is front and other one situated at the top that can use to take pictures and videos. Your child can also edit their pictures and show some creativity by using their filters. Also, you can upload media in your personal PC for saving the memories.

There are many games I found in Kidizoom and related to many categories like some are child jump games or counting the no of steps and some are logic development games too. You can also download as many games as you want by using your own home PC.

Also have an alarm clock, stopwatch or calculator and even it also has a custom theme. There are around 55 themes that increase your customization.

But for your kind information, there is no GPS tracker and SIM card availability in this smartwatch so parents cannot track their child by using VTech Kidizoom.

It is also counted as affordable smart watches for kids.


  • Too many games
  • Two camera’s with different filter effects
  • Better design
  • Support various games


  • Little expensive as compare to other kids smartwatches
  • No GPS
  • No calls, messages or texts

Fitbit Ace – Best Activity Tracker Smartwatch for Teens

There are many fitness tracker smartwatches in the market but most are for adults. But recently Fitbit introduced Fitbit Ace that is specifically made for children or what I say for teens.Best Activity Tracker Smartwatch for Teens

Women’s also prefer Fitbit Ace to buy, you can find many best women smartwatches in my previous update.

When children where this Fitbit ace then they get messages and virtual badges for their parents. They created two modes for Fitbit Ace. One for children and one for parents.

Parents can see their child activity by using the Fitbit Ace app and child can send a message or analyse their achievement with the bits of help of user mode or they can also change the setting of the programs of Fitbit Ace.

But parents cannot see their child location and can’t track them because Fitbit Ace doesn’t have GPS tracker.

While if you’re buying a new smartwatch then its battery lasts about 5 days and after some time it will die faster and its usual law of every battery-based device.

But according to my opinion, its wrist band is too tiny better to size your child wrist before purchasing Fitbit Ace. It will resize from around 4.6 inches to 6.1 inches.

You can also track the sleep of your child by using Fitbit Ace, it is one of the finest smartwatches for teens or for kids too but you should remind one thing that its a smartwatch for kids without GPS tracker. It is one of the best fitness tracker for tweens.


  • You can track the sleep of the child
  • Customization


  • Little expensive as compare to other kids smartwatches
  • No GPS
  • The band is little tiny for teen wrist

Garmin – Best Activity Tracker Smartwatch for Kids

Garmin brand is really renowned in the market, because of their innovative creation in the industry of smartwatches and fitness bracelets. They just don’t create for adults but you can also buy fitness tracker smartwatch for your children. They created teen smartwatch to make them active and playful.Best Activity Tracker Smartwatch for Kids

They innovate many new themes by collaboration with Lucas Films and Marvel. In their collection, there is a theme of Minnie Mouse, Captain America and the Marvel comics too and many as like that, Your child will surely get amazed after seeing their theme collections.

They also updated new features and active colour screen too. You can easily setup GARMIN  gadget if you have Garmin connect account. It will just take at most 10 minutes in setup.

There are many things in this smartwatch that your children will surely enjoy, that includes screen display time, date, counting of steps completed, activity minutes, earned coins and daily earned stars too.

For your kind information, it is one of the best smartwatches for kids with an activity tracker, Now parents can track their children activity, location and duration of sleep too.

Parents can also be assigned a task to their children by using the Garmin mobile app. Parents can also be assigned default made task or also make custom by their self. Like for homework, cleaning room and brushing teeth etc.

There are many features in Garmin that they don’t include like GPS, SOS button and you can also make calls and messages. It is one of the best overall smartwatches for kids that also have the ability of GPS.


  • Long battery life
  • Complete waterproof smartwatch
  • Better design
  • Many functions


  • Little screen
  • No GPS for location tracking

ABARDEEN – Best Cheap Smartwatch for Children

ABARDEEN is a brand that is very popular in creating childish smartwatch with flashy designs. ABARDEEN is based on pink colour with a plastic dial. Blue or green colours are also available in the US market.Best Cheap Smartwatch for Children

It also has SIM card availability at the back of the watch case. Also, have an SOS button and charging connector.

The SIM card slot is inserted into the back of the watch case. There is also an SOS button, two control buttons and a charging connector. If you take my advice for sure, then this smartwatch is overall a best one for your child but when you need a plastic watch. You can track your children while using Bluetooth you can also do communication with the smartphone. You can also set safe zones for your children and it also supports voice messages.

As a parent, you can also see your children activity daily or also weekly by using an activity graph.

If children press the SOS button then location directly sends to the parents by using the application and not just that, but also the recording of the child for parents to judge their child that it press the button for emergency or just by mistake. This is one of the best features in ABARDEEN kids smartwatch.

You child smartwatch can also have an ability to store around 60 connect. If you’re on a budget and finding some cheap solution then ABARDEEN is the best choice for your child.


  • Better for calls
  • Inexpensive price
  • Waterproof device


  • Little problem with Geo-Location

Kidaily – Best Budget-Friendly Kids Smartwatch

There are many smartwatches in the US market or even in this smartwatch for kids list but if you really need a cheap smartwatch with location tracker functionality then Kidaily is the best for your children.Best Budget Friendly Kids Smartwatch

If as a parent you’re worried about your children because they don’t settle at home. Then this smartwatch is the best gadget to protect your children from any unwanted tragedy,

It also has an SOS button, when your child press SOS button then you will get a notification on your smartphone but your phone no. should be feed in the smartwatch contact list.

You need a SIM card to send messages and make calls. You just need to open the watch case behind and put a SIM card.

By using it GPS functionality, you can track the location of your child or you can also create a safe zone for your child when your child going out of range then you will get a notification on your phone.

Its a waterproof smartwatch with MICRO USB connector feature. If you need too shoot video and take photos then you can by using Kidaily and it also has a puzzle, math games and other educational related games.


  • Having a camera
  • GPS
  • Safe zone radar
  • Waterproof


  • Little errors with positioning.

Owl Cole – Best Kids Smartwatch With Lots of Features

If you need a smartwatch with all of the necessary features then Owl Cole is the best choice for your children with less cost as compared to other kids smartwatches.Best Kids Smartwatch With Lots of Features

Owl Cole comes in vibrant gold colour with a screen size of about 1.44 inches. You don’t need to uncover the back case of a smartwatch to input the sim but like other smartwatches, it is found at the side of the smartwatch. Owl Cole also has a USB connector.

You can also make calls by using a SIM card and also have a 2G service and vibration functionality.

There are two types of emergency functionality in the Owl Cole. The first one when your child out of the range then it will automatically notify a parent smartphone using a mobile application. The second thing here if your child removes the watch from the wrist then it will also generate a signal to the parent’s app.

Owl Cole uses the dual positioning method that includes GPS and LPS, usage of both for better accuracy. It’s a complete kid smartwatch for 4-12 years old kid and also compatible with Android and iOS too. You just need to install the “SET TRACKER 2” application to get benefits from all of the features.

It cal also count the burned calories and steps and also have logical and educational games for the children.


  • A big rear screen
  • You can call
  • Zone restriction features
  • Watch remove notification


  • Little heavyweight for kids

GBD – Best Kids Smartwatch With Camera

If you need a most cheaper option for your kid then GBD is a Chinese based company that creates a most cheaper smartwatch to control the activities of your children.Best Kids Smartwatch With Camera

There are many version of GPS that includes an improved version GBD Gen3 pro, that is also made for kids.

They just update a gold bezel or add more 20 customize dials for children to not getting bored. There are many features available in this smartwatch that is quite rear and appreciable.

It has walkies talkie, camera, games, fitness tracker and parents control management signals.

Its walkie talkie functionality that not works simultaneously, First parent need to listen to the voice message of their child then they voice message will be sent to the kid at their OBD smartwatch.

If you need to save your photos then you will do a shoot with its 1.3 MP camera, it’s not good quality but works easily with kids smartwatch. Mostly child just needs a camera for the entertainment and not to store the moments.

GBD also have voice changing and puzzle games for children to get more entertainment from one device. Parents can also track the activity of the child and check their active percentage or graph.

But for your kind information, there is no SOS button found in GBD children smartwatch. If your child under 3 to 7 years then GBS is the best smartwatch for them.


  • Low price
  • Voice chatting available
  • 1.3 MP camera


  • There is no Geo-location
  • Little more height than other kids smartwatches

DUIWOIM – Advanced GPS Smartwatch

There are many smartwatches in the market, but DUIWOIM is the best when you need GPS kids smartwatch and for your kind information it’s precise too. This extreme accuracy is achieved by using three methods that include GPS, WiFi and LBS. All of these three things give you continuously tracking data. But you need SIM card to use this functionality.Advanced GPS Smartwatch

It’s a minimalist design. It has a charging connector and SOS button on the side. A rear large screen that is easy for navigation. Also has a front camera at the below of the screen. Available in pink and blue colours. You can buy it for your girl and boy too.

DUIWOIM is a waterproof watch and also keep itself protected from dust and water for 30 minutes and for 1M.

You child can make calls, voice messages and texts. But you need to buy a GSM sim card to work efficiently. You need to follow the instruction to install the GSM sim card.

DUIWOIM have pedometer and fitness tracker. Both of these features help parents to detect their child presence and activity. You shouldn’t replace this smartwatch with any child game console because it just has one game that is based on logic not for just entertainment.

DUIWOIM is the best smartwatch for the parents to keep their child safe from any unexpected tragedy. It will not disturb your child when they are in class, just give you a necessary information about their presence.


  • Accurate location
  • Water-poof
  • Make calls, voice messages and texts


  • Not 12 hours time format
  • Just one logic-based game

Kids Smart Watches Buying Guide

Best kids smartwatch buying guide

How Smart Watch Journal Choose Kids Smartwatch


We also notice features of smartwatch before featuring in this list. Every smartwatch has their own characteristics but SOS button and GPS is a necessary thing that should have with every kid’s smartwatch. Some of the smartwatches that I featured in this list doesn’t have GPS and some doesn’t have SOS button but still they are the best of their other features.


Many of the products that are best selling have some reviews on consumers buying websites like Amazon or E-bay. But some of them doesn’t have any review, it doesn’t mean that its bad but, they are underrated because of bad marketing and less hype.


When you’re buying a smartwatch for yourself and when you’re buying for your kid. In both of the scenarios, we have different foundation to make a decision. While choosing the best kids smartwatch we need to know about the interest of our child.

While looking for a kids smartwatch you need to know about their interest like if you want to track your child then you should need a GPS smartwatch or if you want your child stick with the home then you would need a kids smartwatch with a bundle of games and interesting apps.

Things to Consider Before Buying Kids Smartwatch

As compare to other smartwatches, Kids smartwatches are less functional and cheaper too. But for sure it has many features to benefit kids.

It doesn’t only have games but many educational apps that will surely entertain your child.

While you should obviously choose a kids smartwatch with GPS if you want to track your child. SOS emergency button is also mandatory for child smartwatch because by using it your child can easily notify you when they are in a bad situation by just pressing one single button.

Like if your child is a teenager then you would choose some teenage kids smartwatch with some advance features like activity tracking and teach them to learn each and every function of the smartwatch to get benefit from it.

Design of Smartwatch

When you’re going to buy a smartwatch for yourself then design matter and when you choose a kid smartwatch for your children than their acceptance matters. Like most of the girls like pink colours and boys like blue colors of smartwatches.

Most kids love bright colors whenever they are going to pick any gadget. Black and mate colour smartwatches are not suitable for children because they are not attracted to them.

I also write about standalone smartwatches, because it can work without your phone because standalone smartwatches have their own sim card slot.

There are many kids smartwatch manufacturer signed a contract with Marvel Studio to print a heroic cartoon picture on the smartwatches to get attraction by kids.

Safety Features

While if you’re choosing your kid’s smartwatch then you should need to buy some with parental safety features. Because you want to control your child by using a GPS and make them safe before getting any harm.

Kids smartwatch also have SOS button for emergency. When your kid is in any danger so teach them about the SOS button. This button will directly notify you with your child location and some kids smartwatches also send you voice recording to understand the situation.

Kids smartwatch manufacturer also use GPS, WiFI or GLONASS for the location detection.

Sake of Communication

You can also contact your kid by using phone calls, texting and video calls too but for this, you need to put SIM card in the kids’ smartwatch.

Fitness Features

If you need to detect the fitness of your children so there are many fitness related kids smartwatch are already available in the market. You can track their activity and sleep hours too.  You can also create goals for your child and also save some achievement when they accomplish the specific routine.

If your child is a swimmer then you need some water resistant or waterproof kids smartwatch for your children. You need to look at the IP rating of the water.

Games and Applications

Every children love to play. If your child is under 3-8 years then you need some kids smartwatch with built-in enough of games to entertain your child. While if your child is in teenage or older than 10 years then many kids smartwatches are available in the market with Brain Games apps, that will surely increase the brain activity of your child.

Also many smartwatches have video of photo editing apps to make it more enjoyable and interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best kids smartwatches FAQ

How do I know if my child’s smartwatch is compatible with my phone?

Before buying kids smartwatch you need to know about your phone operating system. Is that Android or iOS? After that you need to find the out the smartwatch according to your phone OS. If you have both the smartphone iPhone and Android too. Then you need both OS-compatible kids smartwatches.

Do I need a SIM card for my child’s smartwatch?

It totally depends on the smartwatch model. If you’re going to buy a smartwatch with SIM card functionality means you can call, text or do a video call to your children. Then you need a SIM card for your children Kids smartwatch.

Do I need to buy a sim card?

It totally depends on the manufacturer or retailer. All of the SIM cards enable smartwatches have Micro Sim card slot. If your manufacturer or retailer give you the SIM card along with Kids smartwatch then its more than best.

What is the distance of the electronic fence? How does it work?

It totally depends on the device and your customization too. If you’re going to set up 1 KM safety radar. Then whenever your child going out of the radar then you got a notification on your phone or on phone no, depends on your setting customization.

Is it silicone safe for my kid?

Every kid’s smartwatch comes with Silicone strap because its look comfortable and at the same time safe too.

Does my child’s smartwatch need to be on the same network as my cellphone?

Not at all. Your children don’t need same SIM card to pair with your phone or App. Because SIM is usually not used for pairing basically it is used to do phone calls, texting and video calls. If you want to know about the location tracking then it can be done by using GPS or WiFi too.

What are the hidden costs of smartwatches?

There are many hidden costs assembled with any kids smartwatch, but it totally depends on the model of the smartwatch. Like you need a SIM card to use the functionality of calling, texting and video calls.

At the same time, some smartwatches need to recharge after some days and some have a non-rechargeable battery. In both of the scenarios you need to change battery after some time when it’s working abnormally.

Why do I need a SIM card for my child’s smartwatch?

Many smartwatches come without SIM card functionality but at the same time that smartwatch doesn’t have a feature of sending messages or making calls. If you need to make calls and going to buy calls or texting enable smartwatch then SIM card is mandatory for them.

Will a smartwatch make my child more vulnerable to hackers and online threats?

You need to train your child about the safety features. Don’t take this kids smartwatch just as a Toy but it have many private features like SOS or GPS tracking. Many small European cities or countries band the kids’ smartwatch that it is not safe for the child. But if you use it properly and don’t settle or save too much private information of your family or child in the smartwatch then nothing bad will happen.

Conclusion – Best Smartwatch For Kids

As per your information child smartwatches are far different from other smartwatches. There are many reasons that you should buy a smartwatch for your child. Some smartwatches have necessary features like GPS and some haven’t. Smartwatches are available to entertain any type of budget. Some have games, some have GPS or some have other features that are created just to entertain the children.

All of these smartwatches are popular and have some reviews around the internet. None of the smartwatches is new in the market because buying a new launched smartwatch is little risky because no one writes or create a review report about that. Better to buy some popular smartwatch that I featured here on the SmartWatch Journal.

Like if you’re buying a smartwatch for yourself or buying for your child have many differences. You need to find the child interest before buying any smartwatch. Better to find a smartwatch that have control for the parents and emergent pushes for the child.

All of the smartwatches that I featured above are best on the list specially for the kids. You can buy any of the smartwatches but shortlist your requirement because buying any of the smartwatches from Amazon.

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