Best Smartwatch for Men 2020 – Detailed Review

As we all know smartwatch have similar features like Smartphones. They both used for making calls, doing messages and most of the smartwatches are touchscreen too, same as like your smartphone. In this article, I am just featuring best smartwatch for men.

There are many gadgets that we used to sync with out smartphone like Headphone or Earphone, but smartwatch is next biggest pairing device with smartphone after earphone and headphone.

It is one of the most demanding product and their manufacturing and purchasing increase from 30% every year. In this review, I am going to target smartwatch for men. And trying to pull out all the features that is the necessary with respect of the need of the men. It will surely increase the work productivity of men.

Many giants tech companies created smartwatches from years like Samsung, Apple, Ticwatch and Asus and there are many more that is quite hit in the industry of smartwatches.

Like if you’re a women but landed on this page, then no worries. You can go to my pillar article of this website called Best Smartwatches . In which I clearly described the features and also mentioned the necessary watch for women.

In this smartwatch, I am not just focusing on specific brand or OS. In this article, I am featuring Android, iPhone, Hybrid, Fitness smartwatch even it should be appropriate for the men.

Best Smartwatch for Men 2020

NameItem WeightPrice
Samsung Gear S20.8 ounces
Check Price
Motorola 360 2nd Gen11.2 ounces
Check Price
LG G Watch R4 ounces
Check Price
Apple Watch Sport0.96 ounces
Check Price
Nixon Mission10.08 Ounces
Check Price
Mobvoi Ticwatch E1.44 ounces
Check Price
Fitbit Versa11.36 Ounces
Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch2.88 ounces
Check Price
Samsung Gear Sports Watch2.4 ounces
Check Price
Samsung Gear S3 frontier2.24 ounces
Check Price

In this post, I am featuring a list of best smartwatch for men or what you called best men smartwatches. All of these smartwatches that I featured here are appropriate for the men to wear and look flashy and dashing.

Even, If I talk about my self then there are many smartwatches in the list that I would love to wear because its my own favorite too. All of the smartwatches here have some features and also pros and cons that I mentioned after writing a review of every smartwatches. Better to aware about your needs before purchasing or shortlisting any of the smartwatch.

There are 10 smartwatches in the list and every smartwatch looks dashing at the wrist of gentle men for sure.

Samsung Gear S2 – Best Android Smartwatch for Men

There are many consumers that said about Samsung smartwatches but after the launch of Samsung Gear S2 they don’t want to say any bad word about Samsung because no one believe them now onwards.Best Android Smartwatch for Men

Its a great update for the wrist of the men, If you’re a women and want to wear Samsung Gear S2 then you can because its a Unisex smartwatch but we more recommend Gear S2 for the men because it suits on them.

Samsung created two versions of Gear 2, means they created for two types of people. If you’re a person who worked in a corporate office and don’t like flashy design then Classic smartwatch with glossy steel body is the best one for them.

If you’re more doing sports and need some outdoor stuff then Standard Gear 2 with slightly thicker matte body is the best smartwatch choice for you.

Till now Samsung Gear S2 is just compatible with Android Devices 4.4+ but it will also compatible with iOS devices in future. If you frustrated by operating a saturated gadget then Gear S2 has a unique rotating bezel, it helps you for quick navigation.

Samsung Gear S2 have 1.2 inches display with Super AMOLED unit 326 ppi, rotating bezel also works to check calendar or fitness stats. Gear S2 is very cool and also a water resistant or dust proof and Samsung used Tizen operating system with Gear S2 instead of Android Wear because Tizen is Samsung Own OS.


  • Round design
  • Extremely high quality
  • Unique rotating bezel


  • Not compatible with iOS but in future it will be
  • Limited apps

Motorola 360 2nd Generation – Best Motorola Smartwatch for Men

If you’re really searching about the best smartwatches for men then Motorola 360 2nd generation is one of the best smartwatch not just in the category of men. They build Motorola 360 2nd generation in two versions. One is with 46 mm, a better to suit on the wrist of men and second is with 42 mm, basically second version is quite sporty and they also add GPS and silicon shell in it.Best Motorola Smartwatch for Men

If you’re finding a smartwatch that is compatible with iOS and Android device then Motorola 360 2nd Generation is the best choice for you. Its face is 1.37 inch IPS LCD with smaller smartwatch and 2.56 inches with the larger smartwatch.

The Pixel per inches count of 264 and 233 probably and colors will really pop on them. If we talk about the processor then they use Snapdragon 400 processor to run with Android Wear smoothly and its stainless steel body really shouts about their quality.

The Screen of Motorola 360 Generation 2 is happily protected with Gorilla Glass 3 and like Samsung Gear S2 its is also certified with IP67 certification.

If you really need a stainless steel smartwatch with compatibility of both Android and iOS then Motorola 360 2nd generation is the best smartwatch choice for you.


  • Refined design, comfortable to wear
  • Faster processor
  • 24 hours battery life


  • Not for fitness tracking machine
  • Little expensive

LG G Watch R – Best LG Smartwatch for Men

LG G Watch released back in 2014 but it is one of the best smartwatch for men till now. Because of its nicest display screen. If we talk about its dial so it is about 46.4 mm in diameter, still larger than 360 2nd generation Motorola but looks stunning on the men wrist because of its build quality.Best LG Smartwatch for Men

Like 360 2nd generation Motorola, its also compatible with iOS 8.2+ and Android 4.3+ devices. So you don’t need to get scare about changing a phone because of compatibility of your gadgets.

LG G Watch R have a 1.3 inch LCD around 320 x 320 unit with 245 ppi serving colors specially black. Because of its tradition watch bezel it looks stunning and classic at the same time.

If we talk about its battery life, then LG G Watch R give around 2 days battery life with average or regular use. But battery life is totally depends on the usage of the person. 2 days battery life is just the estimation.

If you need a fitness tracker smartwatch that track your burned calories and steps then LG G Watch R is the best choice for men smartwatches. You need to paired your smartwatch with smartphone to get messages, calls or notifications.

If we compare this smartwatch with latest launched smartwatches then it is not less because it also have heart rate sensor and barometer that not even found in latest smartwatches.


  • Stunning design
  • Full color display
  • 2 Days battery life


  • Not recommended for women
  • Little expensive as compare to others men’s smartwatches

Apple Watch Sport – Best Apple Smartwatch for Men

There are many Apple smartwatches I wrote about but Apple Watch Sports is one of the inexpensive Apple smartwatch. It works same like other Apple smartwatches but works literally too fast.Best Apple Smartwatch for Men

Their is a big difference in terms of body as compare to other Apple smartwatches, it is based on Aluminum body instead of stainless steel body. They used sapphire crystal for “ion-X” glass, that is cheaper but it is also a scratch resistant. On the other side your will a sporty look by buying Apple Watch Sport.

I think you already know about it, that Apple Watch Sport is just compatible with iOS devices, so if you need smartwatch for Android then above features smartwatches would be the best choice for you.

While using Apple Watch Sport with Apple phone is more than a blessing, because its very smooth also you will get fitness tracking activities on its rounded square dial. It is one of the best selling sports watch in the market under the area of iOS.

Apple create sports watch in two sizes. The first one is 38 mm and second one is 42 mm (its looks more thicker as compare to 38 mm). There are many collections of color are available that includes black, gold and silver. I recommend you the black color because as its a sports watch and black is love.

If you need an Apple smartwatch in an inexpensive price, then Apple Watch Sports is the best choice for you.


  • Efficient design
  • Sports functionality
  • Waterproof
  • Consistent updates


  • Little battery life
  • Little expensive as compare to other men smartwatches

Nixon Mission – Best Nixon Smartwatch for Men

Nixon Mission talked on many forums and most blowing topic when its launched. They created Nixon Mission by doing a great stuff. Their missions to achieve the world first ultra rugged action smartwatch.Best Nixon Smartwatch for Men

Nixon Mission is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 System and also its a water resistance watch up to 100 meters approximately.

If we talk about the case so they created with stainless steel and Poly-carbonate. Its round AMOLED display is obviously protected with Gorilla Glass. It was launched with two colors rugged straps that includes orange and grey.

Also have their own app for the Nixon Mission that is contributed by Surfline. The main purpose to creating this app is for live conditions at a glance.

Although its a sports smartwatch so the Surf and Snow tracking can be done by Trace Device, its a small puck that could put at Surfboard or Snowboard because you don’t directly sync your smartwatch to get surf data.

All of the things combine Nixon Mission is featured in the list of best smartwatches for men, because it contains all the features that a men needs.


  • Incredible attractive design for men
  • Magnetic charger
  • Watch straps customization
  • Water resistant


  • No heart rate monitor
  • Flat screen

Mobvoi Ticwatch E – Best Mobvoi Smartwatch for Men

If you’re an Android user then Mobvoi Ticwatch E will be the best decision ever for you. This Mobvoi smartwatch have all of the features that every expensive smartwatch have.

Its verified that it works with latest Google Android OS’s. They launched Mobvoi Ticwatch E with very exciting design and its also user friendly too.Best Mobvoi Smartwatch for Men

Mobvoi contains 1.4 inches OLED display that can show notifications and graphs. They included many built-in apps but you can also downloaded the apps from the store as well.

There are many features that is incredible or essentials for any high-rated smartwatches that includes Google assistance, it helps you to control your smartwatch. Also you can make calls or obviously answer it to, messaging, reminders and alarm facilities.

As I said, this smartwatch is best for men who used Android phones so, It also have fitness tracker. Also guide you to achieve your fitness goals by helping you in track, walk, run ride and heart beats by using its own training app.

If we talk about battery life, then whenever you’re going to wear it then you need to charge that watch just for 2 hours then you will keep using this Mobvoi Ticwatch smartwatch for the whole day without any worries.


  • Inexpensive smartwatch ever
  • 24 hours battery life with single 2 hours charge
  • Light weight and comfortable


  • Simple design
  • No NFC, Google pay

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch – Best Fitbit Smartwatch for Men

If you love attraction and need some trending smartwatch then you will surely love Fitbit versa smartwatch, because it looks stunning on men’s wrist.Best Fitbit Smartwatch for Men

Just not only it looks attractive instead of its looks stunning because of its build quality. It is based on rectangle shape color LCD display. A best quality display with great angle view.

As by name you got that its a sports smartwatch so it have a lot of exercise apps. There are almost more than 15 apps for every type of sports. Also its water resistant for up to 30 min.

You can also sync your smartwatch with your smartphone by using a Fitbit app. Also you will get all the notifications now at your wrist.

There are many Pre-installed apps found in Fitbit Versa that includes Uber, NYTIMES and many others but you can also download by your own self using the store by connecting your smartwatch with your smartphone.

It just not only have fitness tracker but also have real time heart rate tracker that keep sending you the notifications of your heart rates.

If we talk about the battery life, then it will give you 4 days battery life, by the way it totally depends on the usage of the consumer sometimes it will give you around 5-6 days.


  • Highly customize
  • Extreme battery life
  • Better screen
  • Affordable


  • Looks little childish
  • No GPS
  • No NFC

Samsung Galaxy Watch – Best Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch for Men

There are many smartwatches that I featured on Smart Watch Journal but if we just talk about men then Samsung Galaxy Watch is a thing that is best selling. Because of its high rates features and quality.Best Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch for Men

If we talk about display then Samsung Galaxy Watch have AMOLED display with 320 x 320 resolution. A better vibrant color display and it is also highly customize because you can match watch faces with your outfit by changing them.

In storage of Samsung Galaxy Watch includes 0.75 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage with ultra 1.15 GHz Dual Core processor means you can also do multi-tasking.

You can also track your activity and also analyze your health data and performance by using Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

Samsung galaxy watch is more comparable with Smartphone because it have Speaker and Microphone and you can receive calls, messages, chat and emails.

If we talk about battery backup, then it last for around 4 days. Also have a functionality of wireless charging and just charge the whole smartwatch in 2 hours.


  • OLED display
  • 4 days battery life
  • Fitness features
  • Samsung Pay included


  • 42mm have smaller battery
  • LTE model is little expensive than normal smartwatch
  • Little internal storage

Samsung Gear Sports Watch – Best Samsung Gear Smartwatch for Men

If you need a fitness adviser or trainer for yourself then you need to spend extra money for that, because Samsung Sport Watch will overcome this space and works like a fitness adviser for you. You can easily achieve your fitness goals by following Samsung Galaxy Watch advises. A brilliant leather strap with different color options are available in the market.Best Samsung Gear Smartwatch for Men

By using your calories intake, it will track your activity whole day and help you to achieve your fitness goals. By using its training session app you will surely don’t need any fitness adviser.

You can workout by your own self without paying thousand bucks to the trainer, it can also track your heart beat and notify you when something wrong.

You can also done water related activity like swimming because Samsung Gear Sports is a water resistance smartwatch upto 50m. Also store your activity. But remember don’t do deep water activity by wearing its smartwatch.

You can use Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch with Android and iOS because its compatible and smooth with both.


  • Many fitness features
  • Have a Samsung Pay functionality
  • Circular touch screen looks great


  • Not incredible design
  • GPS drain battery too quickly

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – Best Android Smartwatch for Men

If you need a premium smartwatch then Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is the best choice for you. There are many rear features I found in Gear S3 frontier that I don’t see in any other expensive smartwatches.Best Android Smartwatch for Men

Like Samsung Pay, you don’t need to carry or your wallet or even smartphone to pay. Just your Samsung Gear S3 frontier smartwatch will overcome this problem. Samsung used Super AMOLED display because of great resolution. Also you can use to make calls and messages from your smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S3 frontier used Tizen OS in their smartwatch because its their own property and little limited too. By using your smartwatch bezel you can navigate around apps.

According to their creators this Samsung S3 frontier smartwatch is water resistant, but you shouldn’t use it while swimming or bathing, but little drops of water will not affect the smartwatch at all.

If we talk about battery backup then you don’t need to charge every day. It doesn’t need a charge every 24 hours. There are many things that attract the people towards Samsung s3 frontier smartwatch that includes their smarty or sporty design or GPS technology.


  • Handsome design
  • LTE functionality is built-in
  • Samsung Pay
  • GPS


  • Limited Apps
  • Little heavy

Conclusion – Best Smartwatch for Men

Men always need attractive smartwatch to look cool and fresh or updated too. By using smartwatch, men will easily boost their potential. Not just only men but teenagers also prefer smartwatch as compare to other analog or digital watch.

If you need smartwatch with flashy design then I also featured it in the above list but if you need some hybrid smartwatch for yourself then you can select like Nixon Mission because many men don’t like bright and flashy look.

It doesn’t mean that Here I featured just smartwatch for men, but if you’re a women and like any other smartwatch for wearing than you can buy without any outdoor suggestion, just find out the size of the band, it could be extra large because it will look awkward with women wrist.

While if you have any suggestion related to any smartwatch for men or If you want to ask about some men smartwatch then you can ask me in the comment box without any hesitation.

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