why is my apple watch not syncing to my fitness pal

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Having an Apple watch is something that is extremely convenient since it can easily help you manage, calls, text, your fitness, and so much more. However, the Apple Watch is still a piece of technology and is occasionally prone to have some problems, like problems with syncing up with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal. So, if this starts happening on your watch, what do you do?

If an Apple Watch isn’t syncing to MyFitnessPal, the settings are not set up properly or the app or device needs to be updated. If changing the settings or installing updates doesn’t work, un-install and re-install the MyFitnessApp from the Apple Watch and connected iPhone.

To learn more about how to fix this issue, keep reading.

Apple Health & MyFitnessPal Settings

The most likely reason that you are having problems with your Apple Watch the MyFitnessPal app is that you don’t have the settings of your phone or Apple Watch set up right.

The main reason for this is the fact that the MyFitnessPal app uses a lot of the information that the health app uses, so if you don’t have the Health app set up properly or if some of the permissions on the MyFitnessPal and Health apps are turned off, you likely are going to have a lot of problems getting everything set up. There will also be issues with the devices tracking your fitness information.

Health App

The first thing you are going to want to do is to make sure that your health app is keeping track of all of your information. If your health app is keeping track of all of your information, you should be good to move on. If not, you are going to want to go into your setting to make sure that everything is turned on.

Initializing Connecting Between Health & MyFintessPal

Next, you are going to want to set up the connection between the health app and MyFitnessPal. This is going to be the most common problem that you are going to experience, as oftentimes, the automatic settings on MyFitnessPal aren’t the best and will sometimes make it so that you can’t see any of the health information you are wanting to look at. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy problem to solve and I will walk you through how to set it up.

First, you will want to open the MyFitnessPal app and go into the more option located on the bottom right. From there you are going to click on settings and then hit sharing and privacy. This will pull up another set of tabs and you will want to click “Healthkit Sharing”. This will pull up all of the different information you can get from the health app.

Here you can click any of the many different sliders or you can just hit “Turn All Catagories On” and then hit Allow. This should likely solve the problem you are having as the health app is not sharing its information with the MyFitnessPal App.

Another way you can check this is to go into the settings of your phone. From there go down to the health app, click on it, and then click “Data Access & Devices.” This will show all the apps using the information from the health app, and you should see MyFitnessPal there. If you click on it, you can then toggle off the sliders to determine what information MyFitnessPal gets from the health app.

Uninstalling & Reinstalling The App

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If you have gone into the settings and everything is still set up fine, the next most likely solution that you are going to want to go with is uninstalling and then reinstalling the MyFitnessPal app. This is a fairly simple process where you just uninstall the app and then go into the app store and then reinstall it. You will then want to sign in under the same username and password.

If you have any saved information on your profile, it will be recovered when you sign into your MyFitnessPal account. However, any unsynced information will be lost during this process. The last thing that you are going to want to do if you have reinstalled your MyFitnessPal app is to recheck your health permissions and to make sure that everything you want to keep track of is turned on.

Update Privacy Settings

Another possible problem that you may be dealing with is the fact that your phone is unable to keep track of your movements. This likely means that you have completely turned off the ability of your phone to track your location, and because of this, it is going to be unable to keep track of how much you are moving. This is a fairly simple problem to fix and can be done in a few simple steps.

First, you are going to want to pull up the settings of your phone. Then you are going to want to click on the privacy tab in the settings and then go into the location/ motion & fitness tracking section. You will then go into the health section and make sure that everything is turned on. You will want to take the same steps for your watch. This should solve the problem as it can now tell the distances you travel.

Update Apps

The last and easiest solution that you can do is to make sure that your phone and watch are both as updated as they can be. If the app or your watch isn’t updated, then it can start to cause small problems like the inability to sync properly. Simply updating both the app, your phone, and your watch regularly will solve this.

Also, make sure that the MyFitnessPal on your Apple Watch and phone is updated because if it is not fully updated but your phone and Apple Watch are, they might not sync properly.

If your Apple Watch and MyFitnessPal app are still not syncing properly, contact Apple customer support, as there may be an issue with the software in either device that they can eventually fix.