How To Tell When Your Oura Ring Is Charged

Are you new to Oura rings? You might be having a hard time charging it. So how do you know if your Oura ring is charged?

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How Do You Know When Your Oura Ring Is Charged?

An Oura ring charger has an LED light. The light will blink when you put your ring on the dock. The moment your ring is charged, the light will stop blinking. You will also receive a push notification when the ring is charged. 

We have been using Oura rings ever since they hit the shelves. As experienced gadget enthusiasts, it is our job to educate you about the best practices, especially when it comes to charging your Oura ring. 

How Long Does an Oura Ring Take to Charge? 

That all depends on how low your battery is. If your battery is completely dead, it could take up to 80 minutes to get it back up to 100%. 

But if you’re just topping off your battery, it’ll only take 20 minutes or so. You can check your battery level by tapping the ring icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Oura app. 

So there’s no need to wait until your ring is completely dead before charging it – just give it a quick boost whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

How to Know If Your Oura Ring Is Charged?

It’s easy to tell when your Oura ring is charging. The LED light on the charger will begin to blink after you set the ring on the dock. When the light stops blinking, your ring is charged. 

You can check the battery level anytime by opening the Oura app and selecting the “Ring” tab. A full charge should last for about a week, depending on how often you wear the ring and how much activity you do while wearing it. 

If you notice that your battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, it’s probably time for a new charger. You can purchase a replacement charger from Oura or an authorized retailer.

What If the Light Doesn’t Blink? 

If the LED light on your OURA ring charger doesn’t blink, you can check a few things to ensure that the charging process is working properly. 

First, double-check that the charger’s cable is properly connected to both the ring and the power source. 

If everything is plugged in correctly, the next step is to check the positioning of your ring. The ring must be positioned correctly on the charger in order for it to charge properly. 

The charging process will be disrupted if your ring is not positioned correctly. Finally, if you still have trouble getting your ring to charge, please contact our customer support team for assistance. 

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your OURA ring charger is working properly.

What Is the Best Time to Charge Your Oura Ring?

Oura Rings are amazing pieces of technology that can track your sleep, activity, and overall health. 

However, like all electronics, they require a battery to function. While Oura Rings are designed to last for up to 7 days on a single charge, we recommend keeping your battery level above 30% at all times. 

This will ensure that you have enough power to track your sleep and activity uninterrupted. There are a few easy ways to keep your Oura Ring’s battery level high. 

First, make sure to charge it regularly. It’s best to charge your Oura Ring overnight so that it has plenty of time to reach a full charge. Second, try to avoid using high-power modes or features as much as possible. 

These can drain your battery quickly. Finally, if you know you’ll be away from a charger for an extended period of time, consider turning off your Oura Ring until you can recharge it.

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How to Enable Low Battery Notifications on an Oura Ring?

Go to the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab. Tap Settings Icon_Settings.png > Notifications. 

Enable Battery level notifications. You can also adjust the Low Battery notification threshold under Notifications settings: Set the percentage of battery left when you want to be notified. 

The Oura ring will vibrate and display a battery icon when your battery is running low. You’ll also receive a notification in the Oura app if you have an Android device. 

To conserve power, disable haptic feedback and always-on display in the Settings menu Icon_Settings.png.”

Ways to Prevent Battery Damage in Your Oura Ring 

Don’t Charge for Too Long

If you’ve ever forgotten to take your ring off before bed and felt the consequences the next morning, you know how important it is to keep your battery charged. 

But did you know that leaving your ring on the charger for extended periods of time can actually damage the battery? In general, it’s best to limit charging to once per week and to no more than one week at a time. 

This will help prevent the degradation of the battery over time. 

Of course, if you’re planning on using your ring for an extended period of activity, you may need to charge more frequently. But in general, limiting charging to once a week should help keep your battery in good condition.

Don’t Expose to Extreme Temperatures 

Oura Ring is designed to be worn 24/7, through all activities, and in all conditions – including extreme temperatures. 

However, long exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage the battery, shorten its lifespan, and potentially cause other problems. 

If you know you’ll be in an environment with extreme temperatures, we recommend taking your Oura Ring off to prevent battery damage. 

Once you’re back in a normal temperature environment, you can put your ring back on, and it should function as normal. 

Although it’s rare, in some cases, the battery may need to be replaced if extreme temperatures damage it.

Don’t Let It Drop Down to Zero

The ring has a battery that lasts for about two days on a full charge. Oura recommends that users do not allow the battery to reach 0%, as this can damage the battery. 

The company recommends charging the ring when it reaches 20%. If the battery does run all the way down, Oura recommends that you contact customer service to have the battery replaced. 

There are several reasons why it’s important to keep the battery above 0%. First, discharged batteries can lose capacity over time. 

Second, deep discharge cycles can shorten the overall life of the battery. Finally, deep discharge can lead to “voltage depression,” which makes it difficult to recharge the battery. By keeping the battery above 0%, you can prevent damage and prolong the life of your Oura ring.

Key Takeaways 

  • Keep an eye on the LED light on the charger. 
  • The moment it stops blinking, it is a sign that the ring is fully charged. 
  • Never expose your ring to high temperatures. 
  • Never let the battery drop down to zero.