Why Is My Polar Watch Not Syncing – how to fix in seconds

In an age of new technology, there are new tools and features built to enhance someone’s fitness journey. Polar watches are helpful tools that people use to help track their heart rate, calories burned, and other indicators of health. However, these pieces of technology can stop working and users need to find a solution.

A Polar Watch will not sync if there is a problem with the app, if the programming is not updated, or if the watch is paired through the phone. A quick solution is to update the app and correctly pair the watch to the phone with the Bluetooth settings on the watch.

Why Is My Polar Watch Not Syncing

With this simple fix in mind, there are a few other questions that should be answered as well. It is important to understand what causes the watch not to sync or pair, how to connect the Polar Flow watch to a phone, how to turn on the Bluetooth feature, and understanding how often it syncs.

What Causes Polar Watches to Not Sync?

The main thing that causes Polar watches to not pair is almost always a lack of connection between the two devices. All of the solutions are pointed at fixing the connection. The connection can be completed as long as both of the devices are connected to the internet.

Once the internet connection is checked, the other possible potential sources for connection issues are the software, the application, the Bluetooth ability, and the location of your Polar watch and your phone.

What Can Fix Connection Issues in Polar Watches?

There are a variety of problems that can cause a Polar Watch to not sync properly to other pieces of technology, but most are fixable. Some of them are super easy to fix. If it has been some time since the watch has paired and synced with the other device, it will likely take time for the information to be updated in the app.

Once an owner has given sufficient time for the Polar Watch to share the indicators with the app, the owner should check and see if anything has changed. If nothing has changed, then there are a few other steps that are easy to apply. The next step is to make sure the watch and the app are fully updated.

When the programming or the software on either device is not updated, there are likely to be bugs and issues. A person needs to have the most recent version for it to function correctly.

Why Is My Polar Watch Not Syncing

After doing these steps, the potential solutions can become more complicated. A person would benefit from turning Bluetooth on and off on their device. This can be the quick reset that the devices need to begin working again. Turning the devices on and off can also have a similar effect.

The next thing is to re-pair the devices together. The owner should go into the device settings on the watch and unpair the devices. The same process should be done to the phone as well. After both devices are unpaired and have forgotten the other, an owner should repair the watch with the phone through the menu.

If none of these steps have fixed it, the next two solutions involve redownloading the app and resetting the watch. When redownloading the app, it is important to make sure that the device has unpaired with the watch. If a person re-downloads the app and tries to pair it using an old connection, the device will not be able to find the watch. Once the connection is forgotten and the app is redownloaded, the watch should be able to pair with the device and sync.

When none of these solutions work, the watch needs to be run through a factory reset. This should help get rid of any kinks in the watch or the software. These solutions should fix the problem. If none of these solutions work, it is necessary for the owner to take the watch to a qualified repair person for them to try and diagnose the issue.

How Do I Sync My Polar Flow Watch to My Phone?

When both devices are working correctly, syncing becomes much easier. Sync a Polar watch to a phone, it requires having a Bluetooth connection and the Polar Flow app. After the devices are connected properly through Bluetooth, the sync process is continued on the watch.

Usually, a Polar watch has a back button. A person should hold the back button to start the syncing process. The screen on the Polar watch should show that the sync is starting and also notify when it is finished. If holding the back button is not quite working, people should try and start the syncing process through the settings.

How Do I Turn Bluetooth On My Polar Watch?

The easiest and most effective way to turn Bluetooth on a Polar watch is to go to settings or hold the back button. Holding the back button signals that the owner wants to have Bluetooth on and pair with a device or sync. If an owner goes into the settings menu, Bluetooth will be able to be accessed and turned on manually.

How Often Does Polar Flow Sync?

Why Is My Polar Watch Not Syncing

The device is programmed to automatically sync every hour if it is within a close distance to the phone or device tracking the information. If a person is noticing that their devices aren’t syncing automatically, they should make sure that Bluetooth is turned on their phone and the app is running in the background. Both of these should improve the likelihood that there is a connection between the devices.

People who use Android devices might have additional issues due to some features on their phone that might shut off the connection to save battery. Android users should go into the Polar Flow app and modify it so it is allowed to run actively in the background. They should also turn off the power-saving mode to prevent the connection from being cut off.

Now that we truly understand these different aspects of Polar Watch ownership and maintenance, people can finally be able to fix the smaller problems quickly and with less stress. People can find peace in knowing that their watch is working properly and tracking various health indicators.