How Long Does Oura Ring Battery Last?

Fitness trackers don’t always charge the same way that smartphones do. How does Oura Ring charge? Do you need a special charger?

How Long Does Oura Ring Battery Last 1

How Long Does Oura Ring Battery Last?

Your Oura Ring’s battery will often last for a week on a single charge. Many things can make it run out faster. 

If the ring is not new, it won’t last nearly as long. Activating certain features such as the live heart rate feature drains the battery faster than normal. 

Taking naps also drains the battery somewhat faster. If you take a nap, the Oura Ring will analyze your sleep, which requires computing power. Meditating also activates the sleep tracker and drains power. 

The Oura Ring also uses electricity to download and install updates. Any kind of communication between the phone and the Oura Ring uses Bluetooth, which requires power. 

How do you charge the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring charges using a charging dock that you place the ring on. You use a USB cable to attach the charging dock to a source of power. You can use a laptop, a wall outlet with USB ports, or a power bank as a source of power. 

I have had an Oura Ring for a few years, and it is still working perfectly well because I take care of it. I don’t let the battery run out completely, as that is bad for the battery. 

How Do Oura Rings Charge?

You can charge your Oura Ring with the charging dock and a USB cable. First, use a USB cord to connect the charging dock to a power source.

Then, place the Oura Ring on top of the charging dock and it will start charging immediately. 

What if the Oura Ring Won’t Charge? 

If it isn’t working (the light is not blinking on and off), make sure the ring is on the charger securely and the USB is properly connected. If you are using a power bank, make sure the power bank has some power left.

Sometimes, there might be something wrong with your USB cable. Try a different cable, or see if the USB cable works to charge a phone. You might also turn the USB cable over and try again. 

Problems With the Charger or Ring

There could also be something wrong with the charging dock. You can test a newer Oura Ring charger by plugging it in without the ring. 

If the light first turns on and then fades away the charger likely works. This means that there must be something wrong with your ring. 

Call the company, the warranty might cover whatever is wrong. 

If the charger does not light up at all, the charger is probably broken. You can order a new charger from the company. 

Different Rings Need Different Chargers

Don’t use the wrong size of battery charger to charge your Oura Ring. Rings come in different sizes, so they need different chargers. 

You can find out what kind of charger your ring needs if you look inside your Oura Ring. It will list the size near the QR code. 

Make Sure the Ring Fits Snugly

If the ring fits loosely on your finger, the sensors will find it difficult to record biometric information about you. 

This will drain your battery faster than usual. 

If your ring fits loosely, that will also make the ring’s readings less accurate. If you don’t have an Oura Ring yet, make sure you get one that fits perfectly.

What is the Best Finger for the Oura Ring?

How Long Does Oura Ring Battery Last 1 1

The best finger to put your Oura Ring on is the index finger. This is because you get the best accuracy on your index and not your ring finger. 

Since the knuckle of your index finger isn’t much wider than the space behind your knuckle, the ring fits snugly, ensuring accuracy. The ring will work on any finger, but the accuracy is best on your index.

Using Airplane Mode to Save Power

You can put your ring and not only your phone into airplane mode to conserve power. When your ring is in airplane mode, it will not communicate with your phone using Bluetooth at all. 

However, the ring will continue to collect data about things like your heart rate and activity. 

To turn on airplane mode, go to the home tab, select the ring at the top right corner, and move the “Ring airplane mode” slider to activate airplane mode.

To disable airplane mode, put the ring on its charger for a short time. Airplane mode will automatically turn off after one week. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge My Oura?

Charging an Oura Ring takes anywhere from 20 to 80 minutes. It only takes 20 minutes if you charge the ring long before it runs low on power. 

While the ring’s batteries can last for six or seven days, you should charge it up again long before then. 

The light will blink when the Oura Ring is charging and stay on when it is fully charged. 

Does the Oura Ring Come With a Charger?

Yes, the Oura Ring comes with everything you need to charge it. While the battery is not replaceable, you can get a new charger.

How to Avoid Battery Damage

The Oura Ring’s battery cannot be replaced, either at home or by the company. If the battery dies, you will have to get a new Oura Ring. 

However, you can keep the battery going for years if you take care of it properly.

All rechargeable batteries worsen over time and eventually stop working. While the Oura Ring’s batteries are high-quality, they still worsen in performance over time. 

An old phone doesn’t stay charged for as long as a new phone because the old batteries don’t work as well. 

Don’t Overcharge Your Battery

Briefly leaving your Oura Ring on the charger for a little while after it is fully charged won’t hurt it. However, don’t leave your ring on the charger for a long time with a full charge. 

Leaving it on the charger for a week straight would cause a lot of wear and tear on the battery. 

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

You can wear the Oura Ring out in the cold or in a sauna for some time without damaging it. However, repeatedly and carelessly exposing it to heat and cold leads to wear and tear. It isn’t a good idea if you want your ring to last for many years. 

Avoid Water

The Oura Ring is remarkably water-resistant. In fact, you can swim with the Oura Ring for hours and not do any damage. 

Only exposure to high-pressure water (scuba diving) or exposure to water for more than 12 hours will damage the ring in the short run. 

However, water does lead to wear and tear. If you take the Oura Ring swimming every day, it may get less waterproof over time. Eventually, water will leak in and fry the electronics. 

Don’t Let the Battery Run Out

Don’t let the battery go all the way down to 0% because that will create wear and tear. Better yet, keep the battery above 30%. Enable low battery notifications on your phone so that you are warned before the battery runs out. 

Charge your battery before you go to sleep. That way, it won’t go down too low during the night, and it won’t run out and fail to track your sleep. 

When to Charge Your Ring

Charge your ring when you aren’t doing anything that burns calories so that your ring won’t miss anything. If you are doing chores, watching TV, using the internet, or working, put your ring on the charger. 

You can also charge your ring when you are doing something that might damage or scratch the ring. 

What is Power Saving Mode?

If you want to stop using your Oura Ring for a few weeks or longer, you need to disable it by turning on power saving mode. Don’t leave the ring in a box at 0% power, that will weaken the battery.

To turn on power saving mode, what you do is:

  • First, charge up your ring. Turn on your phone and open the Oura App.
  • Open the menu at the top left of the home tab. Tap the three lines to open the menu. 
  • Tap settings and then tap back up all data. You are going to reset your ring before you put it on power-saving mode, so you will lose your data if you don’t back it up. 
  • Tap the ring icon at the top right of the home tab. Swipe left and move down to the factory reset button. Tap factory reset to wipe your ring and get it ready for power-saving mode. 
  • Finally, exit the Oura App and remove the ring from the charger. This will put the ring into power-saving mode. It is necessary to use power saving mode if you want to store the ring for weeks or months safely. 
  • To end power saving mode and use your ring again, first put your ring on the charger, then enter the Oura App on your phone and connect to the ring again. 

Key Takeaways

  • Oura Rings charge using a charging dock and a USB cable. You don’t connect the Oura Ring to a USB cable directly as you do with a phone. Instead, you put the ring on the charging dock and use a USB cable to connect the dock to a power source. 
  • Different rings are different sizes, and different rings require different chargers. Using a charger for one ring on a different ring may not work. The size of the ring is printed on the inside of it, near the QR code. 
  • You should charge your Oura Ring long before it runs out of power. Letting it go down to 0% causes wear and tear on the battery. Keep the battery level above 30%.