Why Is Oura Gold More Expensive? Explained

You can get Oura Rings in four different colors – silver, black, stealth, and gold. Why is the stealth and gold Oura Ring more expensive?

Why Is Oura Gold More Expensive 1

Why Is Oura Gold More Expensive?

The stealth and gold Oura Rings are more expensive only because they look different and are made in a different way. You do not get better technology if you buy the gold or stealth Oura Ring.

I have had a silver Oura Ring for the last year and I love the product. It is almost like having a personal health assistant. You can use it to improve your health, sleep, and fitness. 

The Four Versions of the Oura Ring

Oura Rings are not very cheap – you have to pay around $350 even for the cheaper models, or $450 for the more expensive ones. There is also a small $5.99 monthly fee for the service. The first six months are free. 

However, Oura Rings are durable and water-resistant devices that contain powerful technology. An Oura Ring can help you get in shape and improve your sleep, which is worth far more than the price. 

You can pay for an Oura Ring in installments instead of all at once. If you have more money, there are more expensive versions of the Oura Ring available. 

While all four versions use the same technology and have the same accuracy, the more expensive ones are manufactured differently. 

Paying By Installments

If you can’t afford three or four hundred dollars all at once, you can pay in installments. With a three-month plan, it may only cost you a hundred dollars a month. 

You can get an Oura Ring for as little as $25 per month for 12 months. The monthly fees do add up (it is about $72 per year) but they are still affordable. 

An Oura Ring can improve your health. If you improve both your sleep and your fitness, you will think more clearly, avoid getting sick and be happier. 

Why is Oura Gold More Expensive? 

It is only more expensive because of the materials, not the technology. The sensors won’t give you a more accurate reading, and it won’t last longer than a cheaper silver or black Oura Ring. 

Why is the Stealth and Gold Oura Ring More Expensive?

Again, it is only because of the appearance, not anything else. Stealth and gold Oura Rings are meant to look better, which may make them worth another $100, depending on what appearance you prefer. 

Is the Gold Oura Ring Actually Gold?

No, the Oura Rings are made of Titanium, not gold. The gold Oura Rings are made using a process called physical vapor deposition that makes the rings look better. 

A coating material is turned into vapor and then allowed to condense on another material to create a coating. This makes the ring look better but adds to its price. 

Why Is Oura Gold More Expensive 1 1

What is Gucci Oura Ring Made Of?

The Gucci Oura Ring is a special premium Oura Ring that costs $950. It looks better than any of the other rings, but it is still only made from titanium, not gold. 

Does the Gold Oura Ring Scratch?

If you don’t take care of your ring properly, it may end up with scratches. If your Oura Ring rubs against another ring, either or both rings may get scratched

You can put a sleeve over your ring to keep it from getting scratched. An Oura Ring doesn’t look as good with the sleeve, but you don’t have to wear the sleeve all the time, only when using your hands

Are Newer Oura Rings More Advanced?

Yes, newer Oura Rings use more advanced technology. It makes a significant difference. Newer Oura Rings give more accurate information, especially for tracking sleep. 

Are Oura Rings Worth It?

Yes, Oura Rings are worth it for most people. Both exercise and sleep are crucial for your health, energy levels, and happiness. You can keep your stress level low and your energy high if you sleep well and exercise properly. 

Oura Rings are better than cheaper alternatives. If you get a smartwatch for $150, the sensors quite likely won’t be as accurate as an Oura Ring’s sensors. 

An Oura Ring Can Tell How Much Energy You Have

If you have enough energy to take on a new challenge, your Oura Ring can detect this. It can also tell if you are worn out and need to rest before you get too tired to work effectively. 

A lot of the time, you will feel tired when you are running out of energy, but it doesn’t always work that way. You might feel like you have energy left when you are about to feel exhausted. 

Your Oura Ring tracks enough biometric information to alert you when you are about to feel tired. It can also notice when you have recovered and can move on to the next challenge. 

Do Oura Rings Have Any Disadvantages?

Oura Rings are more expensive than some other fitness tracker products. I like my Oura Ring much better than the fitness watch I previously bought for half as much, but some may be fine with cheaper alternatives.

While the Oura Ring has a return policy, shipping and handling are not covered if you return it. Another drawback is that the Oura Ring doesn’t work as a smart alarm. 

Oura Rings Compared to Competitor’s Products

Despite having a few flaws, the Oura Ring is probably still the best choice. The two main former competitors (the Motive Ring and Amazon’s Echo Loop) are no longer being produced. A current competitor is the Go2Sleep Ring, which costs only $130 but has a more limited feature set than the Oura.

You could also get an Apple Watch instead of an Oura Ring, which has many features the Oura Ring doesn’t. The Apple Watch works as a music player, works as a sleep tracker, lets you send and receive messages, and more. 

However, the Apple Watch doesn’t track body temperature, which makes it not as good of a sleep tracker as the Oura Ring.

Apple watches start at $399 and may cost $749. There is also the Fitbit, but it doesn’t give you overall scores that help you improve your health and fitness over time. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Gold Oura ring is not real gold. However, the manufacturing process used to coat the ring is different, which adds to the price. You are not paying extra only for a coat of gold paint. The PVD process makes it look better. 
  • Oura Rings are probably better than any other similar products, although they are not one-sidedly better. Cheaper rings don’t have the same range of features. An Apple Watch is not as good as a sleep tracker. 
  • If you can’t afford a few hundred dollars right now, you can pay in installments. An Oura Ring can improve your health and is not hard to afford.