Is Amazon Halo Waterproof? (Answered!)

Some fitness trackers are more resistant to water than others. Is Amazon Halo waterproof? How much exposure to water is safe?

The Amazon Halo is close enough to waterproof that you can swim with it or wear it in the shower. However, water increases wear and tear on the device. It also must be completely dry before you charge it. 

I have worn an Amazon Halo swimming several times without doing any harm. However, I only wear my Amazon Halo some of the time when swimming, because I don’t want to wear it out fast. 

Is Amazon Halo Waterproof? Can I Swim With My Halo On

Can I Swim With My Halo On?

The Amazon Halo is quite water-resistant, so you can take it swimming if you want to. It is not like a phone that will be ruined if you accidentally put it in the washing machine. Not only can you do something like wash the dishes with the Amazon Halo on, but you can usually even go swimming with it without problems. 

Amazon does not caution users against wearing the Amazon Halo in the water. You can have a shower, swim in a pool, or swim in the ocean with the Amazon Halo on. The Amazon Halo is waterproof enough for shallow water activities. 

Both the Halo Band and the Halo View are water-resistant. While kayaking, canoeing, showering, or swimming are ok, scuba diving is not. Many things can compromise the Amazon Halo’s water resistance.

Can I Swim With My Halo On

Can You Shower With a Halo On?

Yes, you can shower while wearing a Halo wristband safely. The water resistance is more than high enough to make this harmless. 

Since they are designed to work while swimming, having a shower with the band on is harmless. However, be careful when charging your Amazon Halo after coming out of the shower. 

Is the Amazon Halo View Waterproof?

Unlike the Amazon Halo Band, the Amazon Halo View has a screen. Is it less waterproof than the Amazon Halo Band because of the extra electronics?

Thankfully, both of the two versions of the Amazon Halo are equally waterproof. They are water-resistant down to about 50 meters below the surface, and you can wear either of them swimming. 

Limitations On the Amazon Halo’s Water Resistance

Don’t Dive into the Ocean With the Amazon Halo

Diving in the ocean may go beyond the Amazon Halo’s water resistance. Anything involving high-velocity water (including moving through the water quickly when diving) may get the inside of the Amazon Halo wet and wreck it. 

When diving, you will also end up deeper underwater than normal. The Amazon Halo is water-resistant up to 50 meters (164 feet) below the surface, but you can still damage it without going below that depth. The combination of moving through water fast and being more than a little below the surface is risky. 

Wear and Tear May Reduce the Water Resistance

Just because a fitness tracker you bought yesterday is mostly waterproof doesn’t mean an older one is. Normal wear and tear will slowly weaken a fitness tracker until the water can get in even if you go swimming only for a short time.

Wearing your Amazon Halo in the water will make it wear out faster. Therefore, you might not wear it in the water every time you go swimming. If you want to check your heart rate and how many calories you burn when swimming, you might use the Halo sometimes. However, you might start leaving it at home after you figure out how many calories you burn per hour in the water. 

Is It Waterproof Can It Get Wet

Don’t Charge Your Amazon Halo Until it is Completely Dry

Obviously, charging an electronic device while it is wet is not a good idea. The Amazon Halo’s water resistance does not extend to charging the device. It needs to be completely dry, or there could be a short circuit that will wreck your device. 

Again, even a small amount of moisture can be dangerous when you are charging your Halo. The charging cap has no resistance to water or sweat, so a bit of moisture can do a lot of damage.

You also probably shouldn’t leave your Amazon Halo wet after you take it out of the water. This probably won’t harm it, but it might wear it out quicker. Use a cloth to dry your Halo after you get out of the pool.

Be Careful With Liquids Other Than Water

Other liquids might find their way into the water-resistant Amazon Halo. Any liquid other than water could possibly be harmful, so you should not assume the water resistance applies to it. Amazon warns against submerging the Halo in oils, lotions, or drinks. 

Can You Use the Amazon Halo in the Sauna?

Do not wear an Amazon Halo in the sauna. Amazon warns against wearing the device in saunas. Possibly, the intense heat or the combination of heat and moisture is bad for your fitness tracker. 

Are Any Other Fitness Trackers Waterproof?

Some other fitness trackers are waterproof or very water-resistant. For example, you can usually go swimming with an Oura Ring without causing problems. The Oura Ring also cannot be taken too deep underwater without wrecking it. 

What Are Water Resistance Ratings?

There is a classification system that measures a product’s water resistance. While you can’t measure everything on a simple scale, the system works reasonably well. Many products are water-resistant these days, including phones. 

For example, an iPhone 13 has a water resistance rating of IP68. This means that it gets a 6 for dust resistance and an 8 for water resistance. Those are both excellent scores. 

The IP Water Resistance Scale

  • With a score of 0, the device has no protection from water. Even a small amount of water might damage it, although it often won’t.
  • An IP rating of 1 means vertically falling water drops won’t damage it. 
  • A rating of 2 means that even if the device is on an angle, water drops won’t damage it. 
  • At IP-3, the device is protected from spraying water.
  • It is protected from splashing water at IP-4.
  • At IP5, it is protected from water jets. 
  • At IP6, more powerful water jets won’t affect it. 
  • At IP7, it is protected from being temporarily underwater.
  • At IP8, it can be continuously underwater.
  • At IP9, it can resist high-temperature/pressure water jets
can it get wet

Is the Amazon Halo Measured On This Scale? 

Since you can go swimming with the Amazon Halo fairly safely, it must be an IP7 or IP8 on that scale. However, the IP rating is not easy to find, and it might never have been measured. Amazon says that it is water resistant up to 50M, but does not list an IP rating. 

Why Are IP Ratings Important? 

IP ratings inform consumers about how careful they have to be with their possessions. They are used for things other than consumer products. For example, an outdoor electrical box has an IP rating. 

The Amazon Halo Has Many Purposes

The Amazon Halo is a multi-purpose device. It measures how physically active you are, how well you sleep, and even how your voice sounds. 

You can use any of these measurements to figure out how healthy you are and improve your health. For example, if you are trying to sleep better, you might try different sleep aids, herbs, vitamins, or habits. 

You might try not using a computer/phone/television for the last two hours before bed to improve your sleep quality. If this works well, it will show up on the information your Amazon Halo gives you about your sleep. 

Can Amazon Halo Record Conversations?

The tone of voice tracker is designed to only record your voice, and not pay attention to other people’s voices. You must give it voice samples so that it can recognize your voice and not confuse it with another person’s voice. 

The conversations are not recorded and saved. Amazon does not record and listen to your conversations. Your tone of voice is evaluated locally, not sent to the cloud, and it is quickly deleted. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Halo is resistant to water. You can wash dishes, have a shower, or even swim with the fitness tracker on and it won’t usually damage it. 
  • Be much more careful when charging the Amazon Halo. It is not resistant at all to a short circuit. 
  • Don’t go scuba diving or diving in the ocean with the Amazon Halo on. Moving through water fast (when diving) or being much below the surface isn’t safe. 
  • Don’t submerge the Amazon Halo in liquids other than water or bring it into the sauna. 
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