How to Keep Apple Watch From Lighting up While Charging

Apple Watches are an incredible addition to a person’s Apple device collection. They have many different tools and abilities that many people treasure and enjoy. However, there can be some aspects of owning the device that can cause some concern or irritation.

Apple Watches will light up when charging if there is an unsteady electrical current coming from the charger or if certain settings are enabled. The best solution is to make sure that the charging cord is working and is plugged in correctly. Turning off Nightstand mode will also fix this issue.

The Apple Watch has a watch face that is attuned to its environment and different settings. It is important to understand why the watch face lights up in the first place, how to turn off the settings that turn the Apple Watch and its backlight on, and

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Why Does the Apple Watch Light Up?

The reason your Apple Watch randomly lights up while charging is because of a feature called Nightstand Mode. Nightstand Mode is what provides light to the Watch at night. While the Watch is charging, the Apple Watch face will light up just like a normal or older watch face does during the night.

This can be helpful for people who want to be able to keep the time as they are busy with other tasks or for people who need to get up in the middle of the night. It can also be an aesthetic choice people like. This setting is automatically turned on, so people might notice the Apple Watch face is emitting light when they don’t want it to be. Luckily, this feature can be turned off by going into settings and applying a few steps.

How to Turn Off Nightstand Mode on Charger

Nightstand Mode is what keeps the light emitting from an Apple Watch while the device is charging. In order to stop the light from turning on when it is being charged, people should follow a series of steps. The first step is to press the crown button located on the side of the Apple Watch device.

This will take you to the app’s screen. The crown button is also used for other purposes such as returning to a previous app, seeing the watch face or home screen, using Siri, adjusting the screen, and unlocking a phone after a workout.

The next step is to choose the settings icon on your Apple Watch. This app icon is self-explanatory. On the Apple Watch, it should look like a white gear on a gray background. From there, a person should select the general option on the Apple Watch.

This will open up a variety of setting options including Nightstand mode. From there, a person should press the Nightstand Mode button. The button located towards the right of the nightstand mode button should make it turn off.

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After finishing these steps, a person shouldn’t be able to not see any light coming from the Watch while it is plugged in to charge. If you have any issues accessing any of these steps, make sure to contact Apple support with your questions.

Additional Information on Stopping Screen Light-up During Charge

The Apple Nightstand Mode on the Watch is primarily used to use your device as a clock on your nightstand while sleeping. However, not everyone desires to have this feature on the Apple Watch during the night.

Usually, the reason why people don’t want to use this feature is that they already have a clock next to their bed, or they don’t want the light showing up. Many people are sensitive to light when they are sleeping, and this can create additional issues with falling or staying asleep.

This is especially with the newer Apple Watch devices and/or when an alarm is set at bedtime while Nightstand mode is enabled. Newer Apple Watches tend to have a more powerful lighting system than older models, so even long-term Apple Watch owners can find it bothersome.

Always On Feature

The Always On Feature can also be an additional reason why the Apple Watch face constantly is lit. This feature is located on the Apple Watch Series 5 by default. When this mode is activated, it makes the Apple Watch face always able to be seen and used. This is regardless of whether a person is actively looking at their watch or not.

This can also cause light to constantly be emitted by the device. This is also a setting that can be shut off. Shutting off the Always On feature does not stop a person from still being able to use their device. People just have to lift their arm or tap the screen to activate the device. They will still be able to utilize the different facets and features of the device while saving power and not having to deal with excess light.

To manage the Always On settings, a person must first open the settings app. This can be done by using the digital crown button. When the user sees the home screen, they need to select the settings app again. Once the person has access to settings, it is important to tap the display and brightness buttons.

This is where the Always On feature is. Once the user has selected the Display and Brightness section of settings, the user should be able to scroll down and press the Always on button. Next to that feature, there should be a button to turn the feature on and off. A user should then tap it to turn the feature off. This can always be reversed if someone wants it again.

If the light coming from an Apple Watch bothers a user frequently, there is also the option to turn the screen brightness down. This option should be offered under Display and Brightness. A user just needs to tone down the brightness by pulling the bar to the left.

Apple Watches are an incredible tool that can help people track different aspects of their lives, like the time, different alarms, and even stay connected to others on the go. It is incredible that this device can be personalized so much that even the brightness of the screen can be influenced by personal preference. Once a user takes all of these items into consideration, they will no longer be bothered by excessive brightness at any point with their Apple Watch.