Here’s Why Polar Watch Not Syncing To Stava

Polar Watches are another impressive addition to fitness watches. Sometimes, people can find that there is an issue with the watch connecting to other software or applications. Luckily, there are solutions to this issue.

A Polar Watch might not be syncing to Strava because the accounts are not synced. A person should make sure that the Polar flow account is connected to the Strava account that they pay for. If the accounts are synced, the Bluetooth capabilities of the phone a person is using may be malfunctioning.

This general solution can help people overcome syncing issues. However, sometimes there are additional issues that need to be resolved. In the rest of this article, we will cover how to properly connect Polar devices to Strava, other solutions for problems with syncing, what the benefits are for syncing a Polar Watch with Strava, what Strava can do, and additional software that can be good to pair with your Polar Watch.

polar watch not syncing to strava

How to Properly Connect Polar Watches to Strava

The first thing that people should be aware of is that it is necessary to connect Polar Watches to Strava correctly. Luckily, this process is super simple, and most people will get it right on the first try. To begin, a person should make sure they are logged into Polar Flow, preferably on a desktop. Once a person is signed into their Polar Flow account, they need to go to Settings.

In this tab, they will be able to see a section titled Partners. After a person has clicked on Partners, they should find Strava and press the connect button on the right-hand side.

From that point, a person will need to sign into their Strava account and authorize the connection. Then the person should be redirected back to Polar Flow and see a successful connection.

If a person has successfully done this, Strava should sync up with the Polar Watch, and workout data should be transferable. If a person has successfully connected Polar Flow to Strava and is still having issues with syncing, that is when something else is causing the issue. It would also be smart to reconnect the two services, just in case.

Additional Solutions to Solve Syncing Problems

Even when people have correctly connected the two systems, there can be some bugs that cause data to not sync between the two systems.

These issues usually revolve around the ability to connect, issues with the technology, and low storage space. Strava recommends trying to record a new session to see if the system recognizes that there are additional sessions that need to be synced.

Another recommendation is to make sure the internet connection is strong, as that is how the data is shared. As always, it is also a good idea to log in and out and turn the devices on and off again. Lastly, they recommend examining storage space and seeing if there is room for the data.

All of these solutions are built to help the syncing process. There are also some different requirements that training sessions need to meet in order for Strava to record the session.

Polar Watch Not Syncing To Stava

Strava is also a particular system that needs training sessions to meet a few different requirements before the program can upload the session.

One of the requirements is that it has to have collected data. The data is used to make graphs in Strava. The different acceptable data points include GPS, heart rate, power, altitude, or cadence. All of these are things that Strava can interpret and show visually.

If the data the session collects does not follow these categories, Strava will be unable to process them. Strava also has a few restrictions on what kinds of training sessions Polar Flow can transfer over. Specifically, if a training session follows any of the qualities of this list, Strava is not equipped for it and will not track that data automatically. Many of these will not be able to be synced at all.

  • The session is manually added.
  • The session doesn’t have data.
  • Training sessions that are already synced with another program like MyFitnessPal.
  • The session(s) that were from before the connection was started.
  • The session(s) that were shared from Polar ProTrainer 5 or

What are the Benefits of Syncing a Polar Watch with Strava?

The big benefit of syncing a Polar Watch with Strava is the fact that Strava has live segments available for running or cycling training sessions.

People typically need a route to run or bike. Yet, there are so many hidden treasures that Strava has found and crafted to allow a person to challenge themselves to beat a goal or even just allow people to have a nice place to train that isn’t overly popular or crowded.

One of the best parts is that the media library Strava has is impressive! People who use Polar Watches with their Strava subscription are allowed to sync up to 20 live segments at a time. Polar Watch users can find the best places to train and have a variety of options to pick from. The watch is also able to give tailored advice and goals for an area.

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Strava is able to do this because they have tracked and helped draw graphs of other people and their experiences working out in an area. These graphs can give a user information about their strengths, weaknesses, and how they can improve. It also allows people to be able to modify their workout to match what they need and desire.

Additional Software that Pairs with Polar Watches

There are also many other pieces of software and programs that can connect with Polar Watches that provide new resources and experiences. Some of these include additional workout apps such as Nike +, Training Peaks, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, and a few others.

Social media platforms like Facebook also can pair with Polar Watches. Connecting the Polar Watch to social media also can help people share their progress with their friends online. It can be motivating and encouraging to share progress with others who will give continuous support. All of these options allow a user to be able to pick which programs they use.

Now that people can understand all the different facets of syncing a Polar Watch with a variety of programs and the benefits, they can fully utilize the device. People will be able to get and track more information. Hopefully, people will be able to see improvement in their health over time.