Here’s Why Oura Stealth is More Expensive

Health is an important aspect of life. Many people get different accessories and tools that help them with their health goals, including the Oura ring. However, as new versions and accessories come out, it is important to understand the differences between each version.

The Oura Stealth is more expensive than other Oura rings because the shade requires more precision and layers to create than the other shades. The Oura Stealth ring has the same design and abilities as the other colors of the Oura ring. The color of the Oura Stealth is slate gray, similar to black.

This shows that the main reason why the Oura Stealth ring is more expensive than other models is the color. But it is vital to know what the Oura Stealth ring can track, how the Oura Stealth tracks different factors of health, and why it isn’t worth investing in the stealth version.

Here's Why Oura Stealth is More Expensive

What Makes the Stealth Shade More Expensive?

Most of the Oura ring colors, except silver, are coated titanium. The coating can be made of different materials that go through a vaporizing process and are spread onto the titanium ring.

The process is called Physical Vapour Deposition. Typically rings and jewelry is coated through the electroplating process. The benefits of Physical Vapour Deposition are that the coating is stronger and less likely to corrode.

The stealth color is known to be a harder color to achieve. It is likely that the material might also be harder to obtain, or the shade is made out of more than one material. The cost is comparable to the gold-colored Oura ring. The materials that go into the color of the coat are not clarified any more than titanium.

What Can the Oura Stealth Ring Track?

The Oura ring in the stealth shade can track many different factors regarding activity, sleep, and how ready a person is for different daily stressors. These are large groups, so here are some of the specific things that the Oura Stealth tracks.


  • Activity levels
  • Heart rate log
  • Activity goals
  • Recovery time
  • Calorie opt-out


  • Sleep score
  • Nap Detection
  • Bedtime Guidance (tips on when to sleep, when to wake up, etc.)
  • Blood Oxygen Sensing (makes the user aware of sleep struggles)


  • Readiness score (assesses how well a person is prepared for a day physically)
  • Tracks rest days/restful moments

How Does the Oura Stealth Ring Work?

The Oura Stealth ring works with several different sensors. Some of the sensors include an Infrared LED sensor, an NTC body temperature sensor, a 3D accelerator, and a gyroscope.

The sensors rest on the skin of the finger and measure different the different factors previously mentioned. The most important thing to consider is the fact that the sensors need to touch the skin to be accurate. If a ring is not the correct size, the measurements will likely be wrong.

After tracking and recording different groups of information, the information is sent to the Oura app. The app then collects all the data and helps make graphs and assessments.

These tables and graphs make it so the user can assess their lifestyle choices and see the impacts of changing different aspects of their lives, like getting more sleep or trying to meditate more.

Why a Consumer Should Not Invest in the Oura Stealth Ring

Here's Why Oura Stealth is More Expensive

There are many reasons why people should not invest in any of the Oura rings. The main three are cost, durability, and a lack of unique factors it tracks.


Regardless of the shade, the Oura ring starting cost is around $350-$550. The average health tracker usually is less than $200. If a consumer is feeling fancy, they could get a proper smartwatch that has GPS, phone calls, apps, and messaging for less than an Oura ring. The only thing going for the Oura ring is its compact design and style.


One of the main reasons the Oura ring, even the Oura Stealth, is not worth the investment is because the ring is easily scratched and damaged. One consumer recommended buying the silver shade because the coating easily scratches off and reveals the titanium base.

Considering the fact that the stealth or gold shade costs $100 or more than the silver Oura ring, this seems like a waste of money. It is waterproof and can withstand some wear and tear, but most would feel better spending $100 on something more useful than a mediocre coat of paint.

The other thing to consider is the fact that the Oura ring is a ring. Rings receive the most wear and tear of any type of jewelry because they are on a person’s hands. Hands are constantly being used, and the ring will go through some knocks and get scratched.

A watch or tracker is better at staying out of harm’s way. A wrist tracker is bound to last longer than a ring, which is why many people choose not to purchase an Oura ring and instead purchase a watch fitness tracker.

Lack of Unique Factors

The biggest reason that Oura rings may not be worth the purchase is the fact that there are other trackers that cover nearly all of the same health factors. The Oura ring covers activity, sleeping, and heart rate. These are all factors of health that every other health tracker covers including Fitbit, Garmin Watches or Trackers, Apple Watches, and others.

The only truly unique factor it offers is temperature logs. This can be cool for predicting illness or menstruation. Beyond that, a person could get a $100 tracker and be perfectly satisfied while saving money.

Another thing that is rough is that people with Oura rings have no display. Usually, trackers and watches have a display that shows the heart rate as it happens. People with Oura rings can only see the results after they are collected on the app. That can be a big inconvenience.

With all of this in mind, it becomes clear that the Oura Stealth ring is more expensive because of the color difference. There are a few additional changes in the design that might make it worth the additional investment. Regardless of what a consumer invests in, the most important thing to remember is that it is all about tracking body processes and making the healthiest choices.