Here’s How To Cancel Fitbit Premium (SOLVED!)

Fitbits are fitness tracker that is worn to track an individual’s heartbeat, breathing, daily steps, and many other things. Fitbit offers a premium service that personalizes ways to manage stress, stay active, and get better sleep, in addition to many other things; however, individuals struggle with figuring out how to cancel this service. So, how does an individual cancel their Fitbit premium?

The easiest way for individuals to cancel their Fitbit premium is by visiting the Fitbit website on a web browser. By clicking the “My Account” page from the home page there is an option for “My Subscriptions.” On this page, individuals who are wanting to cancel their premium can do so.

It can be challenging for individuals to figure out the easiest way for them to cancel their various subscriptions. Individuals interested in canceling their Fitbit premium may become frustrated when trying to figure out which method is the easiest option for them. After conducting research pertaining to canceling a Fitbit premium subscription, the following information has been compiled below to help individuals cancel more smoothly.

Cancel Fitbit Premium

Canceling Fitbit Premium

Navigating the cancelation of a subscription can be extremely overwhelming for some individuals. Depending on the subscription, there can be multiple steps before the subscription cancelation is finalized. For Fitbit premium, it is easiest to cancel their subscription by logging into their Fitbit account on a web browser.

For individuals who have canceled their Fitbit premium, they have discovered that canceling through a web browser on their computer is the easiest method. Once an individual is logged into their Fitbit account, they can click on the tab labeled “My Account.” After an individual is redirected to this page, there is an option for “My Subscriptions.” This is where an individual is able to actually cancel their Fitbit premium.

Once an individual makes it to the “My Subscriptions” page, there is an option for canceling Fitbit premium. This process requires an individual to enter the password associated with their Fitbit account in order to confirm the cancelation.

Can Fitbit Premium be Canceled in Mobile App?

Cancel Fitbit Premium, Can Fitbit Premium be Canceled in Mobile App?

If an individual purchased their Fitbit premium in the Fitbit mobile app, it is possible for an individual to manage their subscription in the mobile app. An individual is able to see their subscription in either the Apple store or the Google store. It is here that an individual is able to cancel their subscription or simply select an option to not renew their subscription.

The steps for canceling in the mobile app directly are similar to the method of canceling on a web browser on a computer. Individuals must go to their account where they find an option to manage their subscriptions. There is then an option for these individuals to cancel their subscription to Fitbit premium. The cancelation is finalized by entering the password that is associated with the Fitbit account.

While this seems that this might be extremely easy, for some individuals it is extremely difficult. For some individuals, it is not as simple as canceling the subscription on their subscription page in their account. Rather, when they try to cancel their Fitbit premium in the mobile app or their app store, it gives an error that requires them to contact customer service.

Can Fitbit Premium be Canceled in a Mobile Web Browser?

Many individuals want to know if Fitbit premium can be canceled on the web browser on their smartphones. For some, having to log into their Fitbit account on their computer is another step that they do not want to have to do.

In theory, Fitbit premium can be canceled in a mobile web browser. However, it actually, does not work for most individuals. Rather than being as simple as canceling a Fitbit premium subscription by entering the manager subscription page, this method typically results in an error occurring.

When contacting customer service, individuals who attempt to cancel their Fitbit premium on a mobile web browser are typically directed to cancel this service on their computer rather than their phone browser.

Issues Individuals Experience with Canceling

Like canceling most subscriptions, there have been many individuals who have experienced issues when it comes to canceling their Fitbit premium subscription. Rather than being able to follow the simple steps that many individuals have directed them to do, some individuals are required to spend time on the phone with Fitbit’s customer service department discussing their cancelation.

When canceling with a customer service representative, an individual is asked for the specific reason they are canceling this service. The cancelation process through a customer service representative takes more time than when an individual cancels on their web browsers.

In addition to being unable to cancel in the mobile app or the web browser on their computer, an individual may be given errors when they attempt to cancel their subscription. This forces the individual to wait until a later time to attempt to cancel their subscription, which can be frustrating.

Is Fitbit Premium Worth the Monthly Subscription?

Is Fitbit Premium Worth the Monthly Subscription?

Fitbit premium offers its users more detailed data when it comes to tracking various aspects of their health and fitness. Individuals are able to access a detailed sleep log after each night’s rest. However, most individuals do not feel that the detailed data makes Fitbit premium worth the monthly subscription.

Most individuals who use Fitbits typically have experience with Fitbit premium as a result of a free trial. Once they experienced their free trial, most individuals do not feel that the benefits of this service are worth paying a monthly subscription fee.

Why Do Individuals Want to Cancel Fitbit Premium?

When the Fitbit premium free six-month trial ends that they were offered once creating their Fitbit account is often the reason an individual is interested in canceling their subscription. Most Fitbit users do not wish to continue their subscription to Fitbit premium once they are required to begin paying.

For Fitbit users who enjoy the extra data that is available with Fitbit premium, the main reasons that they cancel their subscription is their financial situation. In some situations, it can be too expensive for individuals to afford this subscription, as it costs $9.99 per month.