Do Garmin Watches Work With Tattoos? Answered!

Do you have tattoos and are concerned that your Garmin watch will not program appropriately? You’re not the only one! It’s one of our most-asked questions.

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Can A Garmin Watch Read Through My Tattoos?

Yes, your Garmin watch can very well read through your tattoos. It is built to scan through all your tattoos. The watch uses a heavy-duty beam that can pierce through your skin and read the tattoo underneath it. This beam is so precise that it can even read minor aspects comprising letters and numbers. 

Nevertheless, if the tattoo is exceptionally large or detailed, it will take much longer for the Garmin watch to read. However, overall, the Garmin watch does well regarding reading through tattoos.

Still, some users have reported concerns about theirs not operating properly. It is best to speak with a tattoo artist to get accurate insight into whether your watch is compatible with your tattoo.

We are a group of fitness experts helping individuals dealing with difficulties in Garmin fitness products and have assisted in several concerns about Garmin watches and their accompanying gadgets.

Therefore, if you’re looking for solutions to complicated questions or have some related to Garmin watches, read on to learn more. 

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Do Tattoos Interfere With Scans?

One of the biggest fears of individuals with tattoos is whether or not they will delay and interrupt their medical scans. Although it is factual that some darker inks can cause problems with certain types of scans, it is, however, not a problem for many individuals. 

The ideal technique for defining whether the tattoo on your wrist will interfere with your scan is to ask the radiotherapist or operator performing the scan. They will be able to tell you if there is anything to be worried about. In the majority of cases, it is not a problem.

If you are becoming uneasy about getting a scan with your tattoo, you can only do a few things to prevent new problems.

You must ensure that your tattoo is at least six weeks old. It will give the ink time to adjust well to your skin and reduce the possibility of it creating any issues for you.

Thus, ensure you don’t ink yourself in areas not covered in front of a scanner. It includes areas such as your neckline, chest, and back. Lastly, if achievable, you must wear loose outfits that do not tighten the space across the tattoo.

So when there are slight chances of tattoos interfering with your scans, it is not something you need to worry about. If you still have any more concerns, you must speak to your radiotherapist or technician well ahead. They will be able to counsel you on what to do to limit any risks.

Why Does a Smart Watch Not Work With Tattoos?

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One of the most frequent queries is why smartwatches do not work with tattoos. If your smartwatch can track your health, fitness, and sleep, why can’t it assist you when you have a tattoo? Unfortunately, the answer to that is complicated. 

It is because of how they measure your heart rate. Most smartwatches nowadays use optical heart rate sensors that rely on a specific light to identify changes in your blood flow.

However, when this light shines on your tattoo, it is highly likely to be absorbed or scattered so there is no true reading.

A few tattoo-friendly optical heart rate radars are available on the market. Nevertheless, they’re still not ideal. 

Even if you discover a radar that works with your tattoo, there’s no guarantee that it will connect well to all the features of your smartwatch. Thus, if you’re considering a tattoo-friendly way to trail your fitness, you might be out of luck.

However, this does not mean you will never wear a smartwatch if you get inked. Several individuals get inked but manage to work something out when they want to wear a smartwatch. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to make the most out of a smartwatch, it is best to find one that does not rely heavily on optical heart rate sensors.

Can I Wear My Garmin Watch If I Have a Tattoo?

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When wearing a Garmin watch, you need to consider the length of your tattoo and its location on your body.

If you have a large tattoo on your wrist, you might require switching certain functions on your watch that go well with your tattoo. 

You can do this by going into the “Settings” menu and selecting the option for “Tattoo Adjustment.” Then you can add in or remove any space area that’s around your tattoo. It will help the watch fit around your wrist and prevent it from falling.

Try out different placements for your Garmin Watch until you find a good spot on your wrist. You must know that tattoos are likely to fade over time, so you might need to adjust a few settings again on your watch as your tattoo fades. 

With the tattoo fading away, your watch will work better as now it will read better.

How Accurate Is a Garmin Watch With a Tattoo?

The accuracy of a Garmin watch on a wrist with a tattoo depends on several factors. They include the type of tattoo, where the tattoo is located, how big the tattoo is, and even the depth of the ink. 

Nevertheless, a Garmin watch will work just fine with a tattoo as any other watch. If you are worried about accuracy, you should speak with your physician before using any fitness watches.

Key Takeaways 

  • A Garmin watch will work with all tattoos.
  • Yet, you must consider a few things when using a Garmin watch with a tattoo.
  • Ensure that your tattoo is healed fully before putting on the watch.
  • Be mindful that the watch won’t be as accurate as it would be without the tattoo.
  • Lastly, ensure that you disinfect your tattoo repeatedly to prevent any infections.