How Can I Find My Lost Polar Watch [Solved!]

So you have gotten a Polar Watch to help you exercise. The watch has been with you for a while tracking your movements and body to ensure that you have the best training possible when one day you realize your watch is missing. Is there a way that you can track where your Polar Watch ended up, or another way to find a lost watch?

Polar does not provide any way for an owner to track a lost Polar Watch. There are third-party options for someone to locate a missing Polar Watch, but they require prior setup. A Polar Watch connected to a Google Fit account and connected with a smartphone can record its last known location.

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While it can be stressful losing a watch as long as you have made the proper preparations you should be able to find your lost Polar Watch quite easily. We have included some tips below to help setting up these recovery options easier. Among these are some ways that you can try and find your lost Polar Watch, as well as add some additional security to the watch once you do find it.

How Do I Find My Polar Watch?

While your watch will tend to be found on your wrist at most times, the time may come when you do not know where your watch is. This may be because you took it off to go swimming or in order to switch it out for a different watch. Whatever the reason, you have misplaced your watch and you do not know where you last left it. Is there a way for you to find this watch easily?

Unfortunately, the Polar company does not provide a dedicated way for users to find misplaced watches. The company does not offer support for the watches, which would include a location tracking service or something similar to a find my phone feature that many smartphones have. However, this does not mean that there is no way to find a lost Polar Watch. It just means that you will need to use another party’s services or find a way to track your lost watch.

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The first of these ways to use use the location services with a Google Fit application on your smartphone. Something to keep in mind is that you will need to have Google Fit set up on your Polar Watch before it is lost in order to use this.

If you have connected your Polar Watch to your smartphone, go into the Google Fit app and into the Location section of the menu. Here you should be able to see the last location where your watch and Polar Watch were synced. Note that this will only help if you lost the watch right after syncing with your phone, like if you took the watch off after a workout to shower.

If you do not have Google Fit set up on your Polar Watch there is not much that you can do to find the missing watch. Some users have had luck using their phones and trying to connect their phones to their watches through Bluetooth. Once the connection is made, they know their Polar Watch is nearby.

However, this is a slow process and only really works if you know the general area where the watch was lost, such as in your home or at a nearby park. It also only works if your Polar Watch still has battery life, as a dead watch cannot connect to your smartphone.

Can Polar Connect to Google Fit?

As we discussed above, connecting your Polar Watch to a Google Fit account is one of the best ways to track down your watch if you misplace it. While it is not a guarantee of success it is the most reliable of your options, especially if you have a habit of misplacing things.

This is not Google Fit’s only use, however. Google Fit can enhance the information you are already getting from your Polar Watch as well as make this information easier to access.

Google Fit is an application that allows you to import information from a sports device like a Polar Watch to a smartphone or a computer. It is usable with any of the watches that are part of the Polar lineup, including the Polar Vantage V2, Vantage V, Grit X Pro, Vantage M2, and the Polar Ignite 2.

Google Fit can also integrate with many fitness apps that have different specializations and allow you to get the information and workout that you want. Many of these apps are also compatible with Polar Watches.

Does My Polar Watch Have GPS?

Does My Polar Watch Have GPS?

All Polar Watches have access to GPS services. This allows the watch to track your movements and inform you of how active you are. It also allows you to track your activities from how far your last run was to where your last hiking trip took you.

In order to use the GPS function you will need to enable location tracking on your Polar Watch. Once GPS is enabled, your watch will connect to the satellites and will begin recording your movements. Be aware that while the GPS services are active your Polar Watch will consume more battery life than while they are inactive.

Why Is The GPS Not Working On My Polar Watch?

Another problem that you might run into is that the GPS services are not working on your Polar Watch. If this is the case, there are a couple of things that you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

The first thing that you will want to do is to make sure that you have location services updated. Even if you have had these enabled in the past, sometimes updates or bugs can cause them to be turned off. Make sure that you are in an area where your Polar Watch can connect cleanly to a satellite.

Polar Watches may struggle to connect to signals while you are inside or while you are surrounded by large buildings.