The Ultimate Guide To Charging Your Oura Ring

Some fitness trackers have long-lasting batteries, others have batteries that run out fast. How long does Oura Ring charge last?

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How Long Does Oura Ring Hold A Charge?

Your Oura Ring often lasts for as long as a week on a single charge. This is great because you can wear it on your finger away from home for quite a while without having to worry about it losing power. Heavy use can drain the Oura Ring’s battery faster. 

I have been using an Oura Ring for about a year and while I bring a portable power bank around to charge my phone, I hardly ever use it for the Oura Ring. The Oura Ring has such a long-lasting battery that you hardly ever have a situation where it runs out of power. 

The Oura Ring has a long-lasting battery that might last for up to a week before you have to charge it. However, it depends on how you use the ring. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge the Ring?

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Charging the ring takes about two hours. You can charge it with any USB port.  

You might carry a portable power bank around with you to keep it charged. However, I don’t bother with this as the ring stays charged for so long. 

How Long Does a Fully Charged Ring Battery Last?

Again, it can last for a whole week before you have to charge it again. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, similar to what many other electronic devices do. Smartphones also use lithium-ion batteries. 

Lithium-ion batteries are much more powerful than alkaline batteries. They can keep much more powerful devices charged for much longer. They can also recharge faster. 

Ion batteries don’t have problems with acid leaks, and they are not as easy to damage. They last much longer than alkaline batteries. 

Bluetooth Drains the Battery Faster

The Oura Ring uses Bluetooth to send information back and forth between the ring and your phone wirelessly. This technology uses up battery power. 

The Oura Ring also connects to the internet using WiFi. This is another energy drain. However, the Oura Ring will still last for seven days a lot of the time. 

You can enable alerts that tell you when the ring’s battery is about to run out. 

How Long Do Oura Rings Last?

Oura Rings can last for years even if you use them often. Possibly, they last for 10 years of continuous usage. If you use them roughly or just get unlucky, they won’t last for that long. 

Can Oura Battery Be Replaced?

No, you cannot replace the Oura Ring battery. Some websites say that you can “unscrew the back cover and remove the battery” but you cannot do this. 

The Oura Ring has a long-lasting battery, but if it ever fails, you will have to get a new ring. 

Can You Shower With Oura Ring?

Yes, you can shower or even swim with the Oura Ring without wrecking it. The Oura Ring is waterproof down to 100 meters (330 feet) below the surface. 

It is not completely waterproof, so don’t expose it to water for more than 12 hours. Diving into the ocean with it isn’t a good idea, and you should not bring it into a sauna. 

Make sure the Oura Ring is very dry before you charge it. When it is charging, it is not water resistant at all. Water or sweat can short-circuit it and destroy it. 

Wear and Tear On Oura Rings

The Oura Ring may get scratched if you aren’t careful with it. I take my Oura Ring off when weight lifting and only use it for other exercises. You can easily scratch the ring when holding a weight in your hand.

The Oura Ring is remarkably water resistant, so resistant that you can go swimming with it and not wreck it. 

Only things like exposing it to heat, exposing it to high-pressure water (for example, scuba diving), or exposing it to water for more than 12 hours will wreck it. Never charge your Oura Ring unless it is completely dry. 

However, just because you can go swimming with the ring many times without ruining it doesn’t mean this is a good idea. 

Frequently exposing it to water may slowly wear out the ring’s water resistance until the water eventually leaks in. Use your Oura Ring reasonably gently if you want it to last for a long time. 

Keep Your Oura Ring Charged

Keeping your Oura Ring charged instead of letting it get low is a good way to make sure your Oura Ring keeps working. Charge your ring once a week and don’t let it drop below 30% power too often. 

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Clean Your Sensors

You should wipe the sensors on the inside of the ring weekly. This will help them last as long as possible. 

Use a dry cloth or a small amount of dish soap and water to clean them. A small amount of dirt on the inside of the ring can interfere with the signal. 

Avoid Repeated Exposure to Heat and Cold

Usually, you can wear the ring in a hot tub or put it in cold water without damaging it. However, repeatedly exposing the ring to heat or cold may gradually wear out the ring. Extended exposure to temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius / 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit / 35 degrees Celcius may damage the battery. 

Charge Your Battery a Little At a Time

Since the battery is irreplaceable, you have to take care of it. If you don’t like charging the ring for a couple of hours because you always want to wear it, charge it a little at a time. Keep the battery above 30% at all times. 

Avoiding Scratches

A scratched ring is better than a ring with a broken battery, but you should still try to keep your ring new-looking. Even though things like typing, washing dishes, showering, swimming, or handling pots and pans won’t damage your ring, they might scratch it. 

To keep your ring new-looking, wear it on your left hand if right-handed or the other way around. The more you use your hands with the ring on, the sooner you will scratch the ring. The warranty does not cover scratches or other wear and tear damage. 

When you take your ring off, pay attention to where you put it. You don’t want to lose your ring. 

Don’t Overcharge Your Ring

Don’t leave your ring on the charger for a week straight. When you don’t need to charge your ring, remove it from the charger. 

Use Power Saving Mode Before You Store Your Ring

If you don’t want to use your ring for a long time for whatever reason, you may put it away somewhere. Normally, this will lead to the battery reaching 0% which is bad for the battery. However, you can keep your battery above zero for a long time using power-saving mode. 

How to Use Power Saving Mode

You should only use power saving mode if you want to stop using your ring for quite a while. You have to fully reset the ring, so you need to backup your data first. 

First, charge your ring fully or at least up to 60 percent. Then, open your Oura app, go to your home tab, and tap the menu (three horizontal lines) at the top left. Go from there to settings, and then go to backup all data

Go back to the home tab and tap the ring at the upper right of the screen. Swipe left, go down to factory reset, and tap OK. Wait for the factory reset to finish. 

After the Factory Reset

After the reset is complete, remove the ring from the list of devices that connect to your smartphone. You can find the list of devices under settings

It will prompt you to reconnect to the ring. Don’t do this – you want to keep it disconnected. Close the Oura App.

Remove the ring from the charger and it will enter power-saving mode. This is the only safe way to store your phone for more than two weeks without increasing wear and tear on the battery. 

How Do You Start Using the Ring Again?

Turning off power saving mode is easy. Simply put the ring on the charger, open the Oura App, and reconnect the ring. 

Use Airplane Mode to Conserve Battery Power

If you can’t charge your ring and don’t want the power to get too low, try turning on airplane mode. Just as airplane mode on your phone disables its connection to the internet, airplane mode on your ring disables its connection to your phone. 

To use airplane mode, go to your home tab and tap the ring at the top right. Move the “Ring airplane mode” slider to the right to activate it. To disable airplane mode, put the ring on the charger for a few seconds. 

Key Takeaways

  • An Oura Ring lasts for as long as a week on a single charge. You don’t usually have to worry about your ring running out of power when you need it. 
  • Oura Rings use lithium-ion batteries, the same used in smartphones, laptops, and tablets. These batteries last a long time and recharge quickly.
  • If your battery dies, you cannot remove the cover and replace the battery. The battery is irreplaceable and you have to get a new ring when it dies. 
  • You should keep your ring charged instead of letting it run out. Letting the power run low increases wear and tear on the battery. 
  • While the Oura Ring is mostly waterproof, always make sure it is dry before you charge the ring.