Can Oura Ring Get Wet? (Explained!)

The Oura ring is one of the most compact and easily portable pieces of wearable tech out there. The biggest draw of this ring is that it only needs to be taken off about once a week for charging and can otherwise be left on your finger for pretty much any activity. But does this universality extend to activities in and around water?

The Oura ring is water-resistant up to 330 ft. It is rated to be used during every underwater activity except scuba diving, and it is safe to keep it on one’s finger while one showers or washes their hands. It remains waterproof when exposed to extremely hot or cold water.

There are a lot of specific circumstances that, understandably, could cause someone to wonder if their Oura ring could remain unharmed through them. Nobody wants to throw several hundred dollars down the drain, so to speak. That’s why this article will help explain how much water-related abuse the Oura ring is designed to be able to take.

Can Oura Ring Get Wet

Are Oura Rings Waterproof?

Oura rings are technically just water-resistant (the reason being that you are not supposed to keep them underwater for over 12 hours, and anything that is water-proof can be submerged indefinitely without damage). However, they are very robustly water-resistant. Their water resistance is rated up to 330 ft. underwater, which is pretty impressive.

For comparison, the deepest swimming pool in the world is 170 ft deep. And while they are technically only rated to resist plain old water, many Oura ring users report that they can wash their hands with soap and such just fine without causing damage to their rings. It is unclear if saltwater will damage your Oura ring.

Can I Wear an Oura Ring in the Hot Tub?

You can indeed wear an Oura ring in the hot tub. In fact, you could also wear one in an icy cold lake. Your Oura ring can be worn and still operate in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, as cold or as hot as water you can stay in without being burnt or frozen to death gets, your Oura ring can be worn while you are in the water.

However, it is not recommended to keep the Oura ring exposed to heat for long periods of time.

Can I Swim with an Oura Ring?

Swimming with an Oura ring is very much possible. Its robust water resistance means that swimming fast or slow will not do anything to damage the ring. In addition, it is pretty resistant to getting patina (green or brown film), especially the newer titanium ones.

Although, while you certainly can swim with an Oura ring, the fact remains that its swimming workout tracking (and workout tracking in general) is relatively lackluster, as mentioned by several wearers. One user even mentioned that Oura never even began to record his swimming workout.

However, these rings do benefit from the fact that you don’t need to do anything to prepare them for use in the water, unlike some other fitness watch models that risk being water-damaged if you do not put them into swim mode first.

Snorkeling and free-diving are also things you can do while wearing the Oura. However, it is not recommended to wear it while scuba diving. It is only rated as being water-resistant for recreational purposes according to the manufacturer’s website.

Can I Wear my Oura Ring in the Shower?

Yes, you can. If you take showers that last less than 12 hours long, then you will have no problem showering with an Oura ring. Its water-resistant properties will prevent it from being damaged by soap.

However, it is somewhat vulnerable to scratches, so try not to rub it with anything super abrasive like some shower sponges. As with all jewelry, try to dry off both the skin under where you wear it and the ring itself after you are done showering.

This will help to slow down the patina of your ring and can help prevent chafing from moisture trapped underneath it.

Does the Oura Ring Scratch Easily?

Oura rings are pretty tough, both the older models and the newer titanium ones. However, they are not completely invulnerable to dings and scratches. The ring can also scratch other, softer jewelry, so you may not want to wear it next to a ring you already are wearing. Phone cases made out of metal are also vulnerable to being scratched.

One way to keep your Oura ring from getting scratched is to wear your Oura ring on your non-dominant hand, thus avoiding scratching it when you go to pick things up or carry things with that hand.

Another option is to get something like the O-sleeve, which is a protective sleeve for the Oura ring that will prevent it from getting scratched by barbells, concrete, and more.

This sleeve can also help to prevent the pinching that can occur when handling certain things like handles, barbells, and more while wearing the ring.

Can I Wash my Hands with the Oura Ring On?

Can Oura Ring Get Wet

You can indeed wash your hands with an Oura ring on, as it is very water-resistant. However, if you are more thorough when you wash your hands, you can remove the Oura ring while you wash them.

Just make sure to dry your hand off before putting the ring back on. Hand sanitizer also is safe to use while wearing the Oura Ring.

Other Use Cases: When Should I NOT Wear my Oura Ring?

While the Oura ring is designed to be a 24/7 kind of accessory, there are some activities that make it more practical or safer to not wear your Oura ring. These activities include:

  • Using heavy tools like a shovel or pickaxe
  • Using a piece of heavy machinery
  • Strength training such as Olympic lifting and powerlifting.
  • Carrying or working with heavy pieces of metal, stone, ceramics, diamonds, or similar items.

How to Clean the Oura Ring

Cleaning the Oura Ring is really simple. All you have to do is get some mild dish soap and use that in conjunction with water to rinse and wipe the ring down. The ring should be dry before you put it back on your finger.