Can I Do Fitbit Challenges With Apple Watch?

Can I Do Fitbit Challenges With Apple Watch?

Do you have an Apple Watch? Do you prefer to do the Fitbit challenges but have an Apple Watch instead of a Fitbit? If you are wanting to know if you can do Fitbit challenges on your Apple Watch, this article can help you learn whether or not you can do Fitbit challenges with an Apple Watch.

Fitbit challenges cannot be done with an Apple Watch. Other fitness challenges can be done through third-party apps on an Apple Watch, but Fitbit challenges cannot. However, the data collected on a Fitbit can be transferred to an Apple Watch so the progress can be kept.

To learn more about whether or not you can do Fitbit Challenges with an Apple Watch, keep reading.

Why Can’t Fitbit Challenges Be Done with an Apple Watch?

While you can pair a Fitbit and an Apple Watch to your iPhone, they aren’t directly associated with one another. In fact, Fitbit is one of the Apple Watch’s competitors. This causes the Fitbit app and capabilities to only work on the Fitbit device, thus leaving the Apple Watch without those capabilities.

The devices are designed this way so that you will pay more money because you want to buy each individual device on its own so you can have both options and benefits that come with the individual devices. While that is not the most convenient financially, it is worth it in the long run to have both.

There are some third-party apps on the Apple Watch that you can download to count towards your data on your Fitbit, but you cannot complete a full Fitbit challenge on the Apple Watch alone. This is helpful if you are completing the challenges on your Fitbit but you want to still be able to view the data and information about the challenges you’ve completed on the Fitbit on your Apple Watch.

Sometimes, if you don’t have your Fitbit on and need to be able to look at the data from your challenges, you have the capability to do that on your Apple Watch. This is a huge benefit of having both devices instead of just one of them.

How Do I Transfer Fitbit Data to My Apple Watch?

In the case that you decide to get both the Fitbit and the Apple Watch, or if you already had one and decided to add the other to your collection, you may need some direction on how to transfer your data on your Fitbit to your Apple Watch.

The process is fairly easy, and if you are already familiar with the settings of both your Fitbit and your Apple Watch, this shouldn’t take long. If you aren’t familiar with one or the other, the directions that come with the device should be able to tell you where to go to find the settings that you will need to transfer the data.

To start, you will want to have both devices near you and signed into. After you have them signed in and opened, go to the Settings app. Once you’re there, you will want to select all the credentials and data you want to be transferred from your Fitbit to your Apple Watch.

Next, select all the fields of data that you want to be transferred. After those are selected, you can hit the “sync now” button, and all your Fitbit data will be transferred to your Apple Watch.

How Do You Complete a Fitbit Challenge on an Apple Watch?

While you can’t turn on the Fitbit challenge and complete it on an Apple Watch, you are able to track your completion and progress of the challenges that you start and complete and view that data on your Apple Watch.

When you have synced your Fitbit and your Apple Watch together, the Apple Watch keeps track of the data the same way the Fitbit does as if you had completed the challenge on the Apple Watch itself.

As stated before, the benefit of having both devices is that you have at least one of them on at all times, as long as the devices are synced, you always have access to that data from your challenge.

When you start a challenge, your Apple Watch will keep track of the progress you’re making the same as the Fitbit so it is always updated and accurate.

Throughout the 24-period, the Apple Watch will receive that data from your Fitbit and then enter it into a chart that will keep all that data throughout the duration of a week, and at the end of the week, you will be notified if you won or lost the challenge. If you won the challenge, you will be given a virtual badge as an award.

Do Apple Watches Have Fitness Challenges

Can I Do Fitbit Challenges With Apple Watch?

One of the top features of Fitbit is its fitness challenges. If you are choosing between a Fitbit and an Apple Watch, you might be wondering if Apple Watches have fitness challenges as well.

Apple Watches do have a variety of fitness challenges that you can compete for. Some of these challenges can be done by yourself. Others can be done by using apps to compete with friends or coworkers.

While there are dozens of different fitness apps that you can use on your Apple Watch, you are likely most interested in challenges specifically coming from your Apple Watch. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most popular Fitness Challenges Apple has developed for its watch.

  • Workout Record: Most Calories burned in a single workout type (minimum 5 workouts)
  • 7-Workout Week: 15-minute workout every day of the week (weeks start on Monday and go through Sunday)
  • New Move Record: Most calories burned in a day
  • Move Goal: 200%, 300%, 400%
  • Longest Move Streak
  • Monthly Challenges

Something that you may be looking for is whether an Apple Watch has any fitness challenges for step counting. Currently, your Apple Watch does not have any fitness challenges based on steps. However, you can use third-party apps to track your steps and challenge your friends.

This forum from Apple lists several of these apps that Apple Watch users found helpful for hosting a step challenge with their Apple Watch.