Can An Apple Watch Be Connected To Two Phones (ANSWERED)

You’ve got two phones, and you want to know if you can connect your Apple Watch to both of them. Here’s the answer to that question.

An Apple Watch can only be connected to one device at a time. While it is possible to disconnect the watch from one phone and link it to another, it’s a tedious process. An Apple Watch cannot accept phone calls and texts meant for two different phones.

Can An Apple Watch Be Connected To Two Phones

So, unless Apple changes something in the coming years, you’re going to need to find a different solution for your problem. Here are some solutions to the various problems that you might have been trying to solve by connecting one watch to two phones.

How to Connect my Apple Watch to a Different Phone

So, while you can’t connect your Apple Watch to two phones at the same time, you can unpair your watch from the phone that it is currently connected to and connect it to another. It’s simple enough to do, but it takes long enough that you wouldn’t want to do it multiple times a day.

First, you’re going to open up the Apple Watch app on the phone that’s connected to the watch. From there, tap “Unpair Watch.” Then, the Apple Watch settings will start backing up. After that is done, you can pair your watch to a new phone in the same way that you paired it to the first phone.

If you want to change back to the first phone, repeat the same process.

This can be a useful procedure if, for example, you use different devices for personal and work purposes. Some people like to keep their personal and work lives separate, allowing them to focus completely on one without worrying about the other, and an effective way to do that is to use separate devices for work and home.

If you like to do that, switching your Apple Watch’s connection from one device to another can be a useful way to perpetuate that while still keeping your fitness progress for the day intact.

Can I Accept Calls and Texts for Different Phone Numbers on One Apple Watch?

If the reason you want to connect your watch to two phones is so that you can accept calls and texts for multiple numbers, then you’ll be happy to learn that there is a way to do that’s much cheaper than getting two phones.

The way to do this is by using Google Voice, or something like it, to forward calls to a single number. Google Voice is a tool that you can use to manage multiple phone numbers. It does that by forwarding all the calls to all of your numbers to a single number, which allows you to answer any call from one device. If you set it up right, you can answer from your watch.

If you set up Google Voice so that it forwards the calls to your phone’s number, the same number from which your watch receives calls, you will be able to answer all of those calls from your watch, no matter which number the caller meant it for.

When you do that, you might want to disable VoIP calling, which is the Google Voice setting to prefer WiFi and mobile data. That will make sure that calls are being forwarded to your actual number, and your watch will be able to pick up calls for that number.

Can I Get Continuous Data on my Apple Watch?

Another reason why you might want your Apple Watch to be able to connect to two different phones is so that you can always have data on the watch no matter which phone you have on you. But, while that specifically is only possible if you always unpair and repair your watch when you switch phones, there is still a way to have continuous data for an Apple Watch.

This solution is to choose a cellular Apple Watch over one that isn’t cellular. Yes, it’s more expensive, and yes, it doesn’t really help if you already have an Apple Watch unless you’re willing to get rid of the non-cellular one, whether that means trading it in, selling it, or giving it to someone else.

Check to see if your cellular carrier supports the use of a cellular watch. If they do, you should be able to easily add it to your plan, but if not, you’ll want to look for a separate carrier for the watch.

Can I Pair Multiple Apple Watches to One Phone?

While you can’t pair one Apple Watch with two phones at the same time, you can pair two watches with the same phone. This should allow you to use one watch to call another, but it won’t guarantee that both watches have a cellular signal when you need to make the call.

To set this up, you’ll want to open up the Watch app. Assuming you’ve already set up the first watch, tap “All Watches,” which you will find at the top. Then select “Add Watch.” From there, choose the additional watch and add it to the app.

When you do this, it might be helpful to rename both of the watches so that you can easily keep track of which is which. To do that, go to the “My Watch” tab of the Apple Watch app. Select “General,” then “About.” At that point, you can tap on the name of the device and change it. It might be helpful to do this before connecting a second watch.

If you want to always be sure that both watches have data, especially when one is separated from the phone they’re connected to, you may look into using a cellular watch. The one that won’t be staying with the phone all the time should be cellular so that it can receive calls without depending on the phone.

This is an especially useful combination when you want to give your child a means of communicating with you without outright giving them a phone. If you give them a cellular watch that’s paired to your phone, they will always be able to contact you and you can monitor the allowed features from your phone.