Are Polar Watches Waterproof

Polar watches double as wrist-based heart rate measurement devices and are made to be worn comfortably during exercise. But many individuals are unaware if these watches are waterproof or simply water resistant. So, are Polar watches waterproof?

Polar watches are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. This means these watches are able to get wet and spend a short matter of time in the water, however, submerging Polar watches in water for an extended amount of time will result in water damage occurring.

It can be challenging for some individuals to know how much water their watches can be exposed to. Unless they read the instructions that come with their watch, they may assume that water-resistant is the same as waterproof. After conducting research pertaining to Polar watches, the following information has been compiled to help individuals learn more about their watches.

Are Polar Watches Waterproof

What are Polar Watches?

Polar is a brand of athletic watches designed to help an individual monitor their heart rate throughout their workout. There are millions of users relying on Polar brand watches to collect data relating to their health. The comfortable wristband can easily be worn throughout rigorous movement which makes it perfect for individuals who spend a lot of time exercising to better their health.

This company began designing athletic watches over forty years ago, wanting to provide individuals with a way to monitor and track their health throughout their various exercises. Rather than simply sticking with the same technology, Polar is constantly researching ways to improve its watches in order to better help its users.

There are many different models that allow individuals to select the watch that is best fit for their specific needs. In addition to watches, Polar sells accessories and sensors that can help its customers continue to monitor their health throughout their workouts.

Waterproof Vs. Water-Resistant

There are a few differences between waterproof and water-resistant despite the fact that many individuals use these words interchangeably to describe watches. Waterproof watches are able to be completely submerged in water for an extended amount of time.

Because of the way these watches are designed, no matter the time spent in the water no damage is obtained. Waterproof watches are simply impenetrable by water. However, Polar watches are not created to be waterproof, rather, they are designed to be water-resistant.

Water-resistant watches are designed to be able to come in contact with water under certain circumstances. Rather than being submerged in water for any amount of time, water-resistant watches typically have some sort of limitation in which they can be in the water. For some, this is a timeframe while for others it is a depth in which the watch can withstand without obtaining any water damage.

Water-resistant watches are able to be worn in the rain or during activities where they might get wet from either water or sweat. This makes water-resistant watches perfect for being worn during workouts or while you are in the shower.

Polar Watches and Water

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As previously stated, Polar watches are water-resistant rather than waterproof. When wearing a Polar watch, it is important that an individual is aware of its limitations. If an individual is unaware of their watch’s limitations, it is possible they will ruin their watch without intending to do so.

Polar provides its customers with instructions that help them care for their watches properly. These instructions clearly state the limitations that a specific model of Polar watch can endure, so make sure that you read the instructions or owner’s manual before getting water on your Polar watch.

Many users have been able to successfully wear their Polar watches while kayaking and exercising without exposing their watch to too much water.

It is important that individuals using Polar watches are aware that they do not need to panic if their watches get wet, as long as their watch is not exposed to water for an extended amount of time. If a Polar watch does get wet, an individual can easily wipe off the water without having to worry about whether or not there will be water damage.

Activities to Wear Polar Watches During

Many individuals love wearing their Polar watches during their at-home workouts as well as when going to the gym. This allows them to monitor their health for the entirety of their workout, which can be extremely beneficial.

Individuals like enjoy being able to check their heart rate and oxygen levels while running. Polar watches are also able to track the distance in which these individuals run.

In addition to running, many individuals find wearing their Polar watches during hiking to be extremely beneficial. This allows these individuals to be able to track how far they’ve hiked. It also allows individuals to track the elevation in which they’ve hiked. If you need to cross a river while hiking, you can easily wear your Polar watch, even if you are afraid that you will slip, causing the watch to go into the water for a short period of time.

As a result of these watches being only water-resistant, many individuals have discovered these watches are not the best for tracking distances when swimming. Individuals have given their watches water damage when wearing their watch while swimming, so avoid doing so.

Other Things to Know About Polar Watches

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Polar watches provide people with a way to track many different aspects of their health. Individuals can monitor their heart rate throughout their workout, which can help them ensure that they are not pushing themselves too far. Individuals are also able to monitor their oxygen levels, which can allow them to make sure that they are getting enough air.

In addition to providing users with data throughout their workouts, individuals are able to get data on their sleeping patterns. This allows users to be able to change their sleeping patterns in order to better the sleep they are getting. This allows individuals to be able to get ensure they are well-rested enough to make it through their day-to-day activities.

Users appreciate the long battery life that accompanies Polar watches. This allows individuals to be able to use their Polar watches for an extended period of time.

Overall, Polar watches can get wet because they are water resistant, but they shouldn’t be submerged in water for a long period of time.