Amazon Halo Will Not Charge: How To Troubleshoot Fast

Sometimes, it is a hassle to get an electronic device to charge. What do you do if your Amazon Halo won’t charge?

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Why Won’t My Amazon Halo Charge?

Sometimes, the band is not in the charger securely. The power outlet might also be faulty, and the charger might not be clean. You can sometimes fix problems by doing a factory reset, though this will wipe your settings. 

I have been able to fix my Halo a couple of times by doing a factory reset. This won’t work if the device is damaged, but it may fix minor problems and make the device work again. 

How Does the Amazon Halo Charge?

You can’t directly plug the Amazon Halo into a power source with a USB cord. This works with a smartphone, but the Halo doesn’t charge that way. 

The Halo comes with a charging cradle that you have to fit the Amazon Halo into. You then plug the charging cradle into a power source and it will start charging. 

Why is My Halo Battery not Charging?

Possibly, the power outlet the charger is plugged into isn’t working. When anything from a microwave to a lamp doesn’t work, it is sometimes because there is something wrong with the outlet. 

For example, there might be a blown fuse. Try a different outlet and there’s a reasonable chance it will start working right away.

Make Sure Your Band is in the Charger Properly

Amazon Halo Will Not Charge 1 1

Your Halo Band must be in the charger the right way. The button has to face out, and it has to be fully and securely in the charger. Make sure everything lines up properly. 

Keep Everything Clean

Don’t let the charging clip get dirty. Wipe it periodically, and dry it before you charge the band. 

Your Halo Band can get sweaty. Make sure you keep it clean, don’t try to charge it while it’s still wet. 

Take the Band Out and Put it Back In

Sometimes, removing the band from the charger and then putting it back in again carefully is enough to fix the problem. Just like turning a device on and off again can make it work, you can also make something charge by briefly removing it from the charger.

Pressing down on the clip after you put it into the charger can help. 

How Do You Know When it’s Charging?

If the light turns red, that means the Halo is charging. If the light turns green, that means the battery is fully charged. 

Why is My Halo Band not Working?

Sometimes, your Halo band won’t even pair with the Halo App, making the band useless. 

What if You Can’t Find the Halo on the List of Devices?

Sometimes, your Halo Band won’t notice the Halo device right away. If you can’t find your Halo on the list of devices, it might take about a minute to locate it.

How Do I Restart My Amazon Halo?

Sometimes, a factory reset can fix your Amazon Halo. This will reset all of your settings, but it can make your Halo work as good as new again. To restart your Amazon Halo, press and hold the button for 15 seconds.

For a factory reset, what you do is: 

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Device and then go to Halo Band
  • Go to Deregister Band.
  • Press the button twice, holding the button down the second time. The light will blink. Then, go back to the Amazon Halo app and complete the setup again.

What if Your Phone Gets Stuck on the Connecting Screen? 

Your phone might also get stuck at the screen that says “connecting” and not actually connect to your Halo. You can solve this by temporarily forgetting the Halo device and then finding it again. 

Go to your Bluetooth Settings, pick your Halo from a list of devices, and have your phone forget it. Then, do a factory reset on your Halo device.

After that, set your device up again and your problem may disappear. 

Amazon Halo Will Not Charge 2

Possibly, Your Band is Broken

At worst, your Amazon Halo band is broken and needs to be replaced. If there is no good reason for your Amazon Halo to be broken, the warranty might cover it.

Call customer support and try to fix the problem before you give up and throw away your device. 

How Do I Charge My Halo Phone Charger?

You can charge your Halo Portable Phone Charger using any USB charging cable. People often plug the USB cable into their laptops.

If you don’t have a laptop, you can charge it with a wall adapter that the charger comes with. Plug the wall adapter into a wall outlet, and then plug the USB cable into the wall adapter. 

Amazon Halo Band vs Amazon Halo View

The Amazon Halo Band is the original version of the Amazon Halo, which does not have a screen. There is a wristband that measures your activity and sends the information to your smartphone. 

All of the information the Amazon Halo Band records shows up on your smartphone screen. 

Not everyone had any problems with the Amazon Halo Band not having a screen – that allowed it to be relatively cheap without lacking features. However, the lack of even a basic display scared some customers away. 

Amazon responded with the Halo View, which has a basic display showing your heart rate, activity, and sleep quality. 

The Halo View is not drastically different from the Halo Band and is not very much more expensive. Both of them offer roughly the same features. 

Is the Amazon Halo Worth It? 

Yes, the Amazon Halo is roughly equal to and significantly cheaper than most other fitness trackers. The Amazon Halo performs very well as both a fitness tracker and a sleep tracker. 

You can use the Halo Band’s fitness/sleep tracking tools to improve your life and become a healthier, less stressed, more focused, and more energetic person. 

The Amazon Halo also goes beyond that and tracks your body fat and tone of voice. The Amazon Halo helps you improve in five different core areas.


The Amazon Halo can understand the quality of your sleep in detail and not only how long you stay asleep. By tracking your heart rate, movement, and temperature, the Halo can tell if you are in light sleep, deep sleep, or REM sleep. 

It tells you how much of each type of sleep you get and allows you to improve your sleep


One thing that makes the Amazon Halo stand out is the tone of voice analysis. Learning to speak well can give you a huge advantage, but it’s not easy to do, especially if you aren’t quite sure how you sound to others. 

The Amazon Halo can listen to your voice and tell you how you sound, so you can learn to sound more confident, respectful, positive, or cheerful. 

The machine learning algorithm does an impressive job of understanding the human voice. 


The Amazon Halo grades your physical activity with an algorithm based on the American Heart Association’s latest guidelines for physical activity. The more you move, the more points you earn, and more vigorous physical activity is better than lighter activity. 

Since sitting still for too many hours of the day is bad for you even if you exercise, the Amazon Halo deducts points if you spend more than 8 hours each day sitting (while awake) and not moving. 

Body Weight

You can also use the Amazon Halo to measure your body fat more accurately than smart scales do and more accurately than many methods used in doctor’s offices. 

While the Amazon Halo is not the most accurate method of estimating body fat, it is accurate enough for someone trying to get in shape.

First, you will use your smartphone to take four pictures of yourself. 

Amazon’s AI will then turn the photos into a 3D model, and then use the 3D model to estimate your body fat. 


Labs are fun and sometimes difficult challenges that Amazon offers you to improve your fitness and build healthier habits. There are plenty of different challenges to do, so you can find challenges that are right for your health goals. 

The labs are often made by experts, such as the American Heart Association and Harvard Health Publishing.

Key Takeaways

  • Taking your band out of the charger and putting it back in again securely can make it work. 
  • You may also need to clean the charger or the band.
  • Make sure everything lines up properly.
  • Sometimes, a factory reset can make your Amazon Halo charge again or fix other problems.