Does Amazon Halo Connect To Apple Health (EXPLAINED!)

There are a lot of fitness tracker watches out there, and there are also a lot of fitness tracker apps. It’s important to know if your watch is able to sync with the app that you are most comfortable using. Can an Amazon Halo fitness tracker connect with the Apple Health app?

An Amazon Halo fitness tracker can share heart rate data with Apple Health but cannot directly sync to the app or any other third-party apps. The Halo App is the only app that can directly connect to an Amazon Halo fitness tracker and display the data from it.

It’s good to know how different Amazon Halo products can connect and sync with Apple products and what kinds of capabilities these connections have.

Does Amazon Halo Connect To Apple Health

Can Amazon Halo and Halo View Sync with Apple Health?

Amazon Halo Bands have an interesting design; they don’t have a screen or watch face, but rather send data to your phone so that you can view it. The intention is for you to sync your fitness tracker to the Halo app to view your workout data.

An Amazon Halo View fitness tracker is similar to the Amazon Halo Band, but this model comes with a screen so that you can view your information on your fitness tracker directly and use it as a watch. Both types of fitness trackers connect with the Halo app, which collects, displays, and extrapolates the data.

However, the Halo app may not be your cup of tea. You may already use a different fitness tracker app that already has much of your fitness data, or you may like the design of one fitness tracker app over the Halo app. If you use an iPhone, you may be familiar with the Apple Health app.

Many people wish to use Apple Health or another third-party app to track their fitness data instead of the Halo app. The question is: can an Amazon Halo watch connect to Apple Health?

Neither the Amazon Halo Band nor the Amazon Halo View can directly sync with Apple Health. If you want the Apple Health app to collect the data from your Halo watch, you are out of luck. Halo watches can only directly connect with the Halo app.

While your workout data cannot be directly sent to the Apple Health app, the Halo app can now be set up to share your heart rate data with many third-party apps, including Apple Health. There is a setting in the Halo app called Heart Rate Sharing, which you can use to share your heart rate with any of the compatible fitness tracker apps that you have downloaded on your phone.

Though this setting isn’t as convenient as being able to connect the watch to any fitness tracker app that you want, if you want to cross reference your heart rate data with older data stored in another app, this is a convenient solution.

What Apps are Compatible with Amazon Halo?

The only app that Amazon Halo watches are directly compatible with is the Halo app. Halo watches are not set up to work with any third-party apps, which can be very inconvenient if you prefer a different app. If you are thinking of getting an Amazon Halo watch, be prepared to use the Halo app for your fitness data.

However, many third-party apps are compatible with the heart rate-sharing feature of the Halo app. Some of these apps include Nordic Track/iFit, CLMBR, and Openfit. Unfortunately, heart rate data is the only information that can be automatically shared with another app as of yet.

Does the Halo App Work with an Apple Watch?

Does Amazon Halo Connect To Apple Health

You may find that you like the way that the Halo app is designed, or you don’t want to have to start all over with your fitness data. Perhaps connecting an Apple Watch to the Halo app may be convenient. Even though you can’t connect a Halo watch to another app, can you connect the Halo app to another watch?

Unfortunately, the Halo app cannot directly connect to another watch like the Apple Watch. It is designed to work with Halo watches only, so the app isn’t able to collect data from other types of watches. Even if you are using an iPhone with an Apple Watch connected to it, the Halo app won’t be able to collect fitness data from the watch.

In fact, you can’t even use the app properly if you don’t have a Halo watch to connect it to. The app is designed to work with Halo watches, not just as an independent fitness tracker. If you find you can’t stand using a different fitness tracking app, you’re going to need to get ahold of an Amazon Halo Band or View to use with it.

How Do I Connect My iPhone to Amazon Halo?

While an Amazon Halo watch cannot connect to the Apple Health watch, Halo watches are compatible with iPhones. However, connecting a fitness tracking watch to a phone is not always intuitive, so it is helpful to know the steps to connecting a Halo watch to an iPhone so you can start using it.

Remember that Amazon Halo fitness trackers are only compatible with iPhones with iOS 13.0 or greater. Earlier iPhone models are not advanced enough to connect to Halo watches.

The first thing you’ll need to do to connect your Halo watch to your iPhone is download the Halo app on your phone. You’re going to need the app to complete the setup of the watch and view the data from your watch.

Once the app is downloaded, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. Bluetooth is going to be what connects the watch to the phone and will allow them to exchange data.

Next, put the Halo watch in the charging clip. The button on the watch should be facing out. Make sure that the pins on the bottom of the watch line up with the pins on the charger. After a few moments, a white light will begin to flash on the side of the watch with the button. This means that the watch is ready to pair.

Finally, open up the Halo app. The app will finish instructing you on how to set up your Halo watch. Just follow the steps on the app and you’ll be able to use your Halo watch soon.