(ANSWERED) Does Amazon Halo Have An Alarm?

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Amazon Halo to help improve your sleep, you may be curious whether or not it has an alarm. An alarm can help you wake up on time for work or school or just to get started early on your daily tasks, but a non-traditional alarm that involves things such as vibrations or lights that often come with smartwatches can help you wake up more naturally. So, does Amazon Halo have an alarm?

Amazon Halo fitness trackers have many sleep features, but only the Halo View has a vibrating alarm feature. All Halo watches, however, can connect with Amazon Alexa, which has alarm features. Amazon offers an alarm clock called the Halo Rise, which wakes users up gradually with a wake-up light.

To learn more about this smart alarm feature, as well as the other sleep and sound features that come with the Amazon Halo watch, continue reading.

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Can You Set an Alarm on Halo?

Yes, you can set an alarm on Amazon Halo, but it depends on which edition of fitness tracker you have. You can set an alarm with Halo View, but not on Amazon Halo Band.

You’ll be able to access the alarm feature directly on the screen on the same settings page where you would find the timer and stopwatch features. You’ll first want to tap on your wake screen, swipe up or down on that screen, then tap Tools.

This will bring up a list of items including the Alarm, Timer, and Stopwatch. You’ll then want to tap Alarm and follow the prompts that come up to set your alarm time for when you want the device to wake you up or remind you of something important.

Does Amazon Halo Have An Alarm?

Amazon Halo Band, unfortunately, does not have an alarm feature. This is because it is designed to be a non-disturbance fitness tracker, so you won’t get any sort of vibration, alarm, or notification from it.

You’ll have basic features directly accessible on the band, but a majority of the data that you want to view will be available through the mobile app on your phone. So, if you want an alarm to wake you up while you are wearing the band, you’ll have to use your cell phone’s alarm or your alarm clock instead.

The Halo Band, along with the Halo View, works with Amazon Alexa almost like a companion device, and you can use Amazon Alexa to set an alarm. Once paired, Alexa will also be able to give you a summary of your sleep quality and an overview of your activity based on the data Alexa gets from your fitness tracker.

What Sleep Features are Available on Amazon Halo?

The Amazon Halo View and Band each have various sleep features. The Halo Band measures the quantity and quality of your sleep by tracking how much you sleep and your heart rate during your sleep.

The band has a feature that will help guide you in your meditations so that you can get better sleep. The band can track how often you wake up at night, and it will analyze your stages of sleep throughout the night.

Amazon Halo View will provide you with a daily sleep score each morning by using its sleep-tracking features while you sleep. It’s able to measure your heart rate and your blood oxygen levels to help you understand the quality of your sleep, while also tracking how long you sleep and how often you wake up through the night.

With these sleep tracking features the View can detect what stage of sleep you are in while you are sleeping, which helps it determine how well you slept.

You’ll wake up each morning with not only the sleep score but with personalized insights and suggestions based on the sleep quality that will help you to sleep better. An overview of your sleep will appear, including how long it took you to fall into a deep sleep, how many times you woke up through the night, and how long each stage of sleep lasted.

What Does the Amazon Halo Rise do?

Does Amazon Halo Have An Alarm?

The Amazon Halo Rise smart alarm is meant to simulate the sun and wake you up as if the sun rose and peaked through your window. It’s got a built-in yellow light that is paired with the smart alarm to wake you up at either your set time or at the ideal time according to your sleep pattern for that morning. Whether you need to wake up at a certain time for work or school or you want to wake up more naturally on your mornings off, the Amazon Halo watch can help you with that.

For those who want to wake up more naturally without a set alarm, the alarm will begin waking you up using its wake-up light feature when it senses you are in your lightest and final stage of sleep to prevent you from falling back into REM sleep, which can actually cause negative issues for your sleep health.

The alarm will wake you up within a window of a set time if you set one, but because it works to wake up at the ideal time within that window, it may not get you up at an exact time. It can also help ease you to sleep by illuminating its wake-up light and slowly dimming to the natural progress of a sunset to naturally put you to sleep.

Does Amazon Halo have a Vibrating Alarm?

Only the Amazon Halo View has a vibrating alarm to wake you up or alert you with reminders. The Halo Band, however, does not have any sort of alarm. It is unclear, however, whether the Halo View’s alarms only vibrate or they also make sounds to help you wake up.

Does Halo View have Sound?

With the Halo View, you can receive text messages and notifications from your phone directly to your fitness tracker. These notifications will make a sound, but you can easily turn them on or off through the Amazon Halo App. Once you have the app open, go to Settings, then tap app Notifications, then toggle on/off each type of notification, including text messages.

Can Amazon Halo Record Conversations?

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Many people were concerned about the Amazon Halo Band tone analysis feature. There is a built-in microphone in the band that captures your voice while you talk to other people so that you can hear those recordings back and hear how your voice sounds in conversations.

This feature, however, will only record your voice, and not anybody else’s. The tone analysis is processed by the watch to give you a brief analysis and one-word description of how your voice sounds and changes at various points of the day so that you can better notice patterns in your tone. Keep in mind that this will only work once you have it set up through the app.