Best Smartwatches 2020 – Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide

As I want you to know that smartwatches is not a new invention. There are many companies that already in this industry like Samsung and Apple created best smartwatches from a long time.Best Smartwatches

They created many smartwatches by  time to time but because of some circumstance most of them are disaster and few of them became hit.

Most of the people still finding comfort in analog and digital watches but in 2020 you need more things too look after rather than just time.

After some ages we have to upgrade our self, because its mandatory to survive in this competitive world.

What we have to do know? we should push our self from traditional comfort to advance and realistic comfortable life.

Whoever use smartwatches in their life, for sure its a pure addiction because they make your work as easy as approachable too.

Best Smartwatches 2020

NameWeight (OZ)Operating SystemPrice
S928 Smartwatch1.94 ouncesAndroid 4.3+ / iOS 8.0+Check Price
Samsung Gear S32.22 ouncesAndroid 4.4+ / iOS 10+Check Price
Apple Watch Series 30.98 to 1.62 ouncesiOS 11+Check Price
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch2.01 ouncesAndroid 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+Check Price
Garmin vívomove HR5.6 ouncesAndroid 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+Check Price
Doko Watch4 ouncesAndroid 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+Check Price
ASUS ZenWatch1.69 ouncesAndroid 4.3+ / iOS 8.4+Check Price
Kate Spade New York Scallop8 ouncesAndroid OS 4.4+/iOS 9.3+Check Price
Polar M430 GPS Running Watch6.2 ouncesAndroid OS 4.4+/ iOS 6.0+Check Price
Pebble Time Smartwatch1.58 ouncesAndroid 4.3+ / iOS 6.0+Check Price
Xiaomi Amazfit1.89 ouncesAndroid 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+Check Price

When we are writing this type of reviews, so the brands has compare their product with other their competitors and trying to beat them by create more better and qualitative product.

Consumers spend their money to buy a product to use for some years and months. But if they don’t get the quality product then their trust on the brands will blow away.

These smartwatches buyer guide for 2020 will help you to find the best smartwatches around the whole market.

S928 Sports WatchBest Smartwatch For Fitness

If you are enough of budget in this month but smartwatch is due to buy, then S928 sports will be the best choice for your wrist. It is one of the cheapest smartwatch but its quality force consumer to buy.  Mostly cheap smartwatches are low in quality but S928 Sports Watch is just worth your money.S928 sport watch

Here I just want to disclaim one thing, S928 Sports Watch is not build with high resolution display – Just a simple monochromatic display that suits your gentle personality.

Mostly men and women are widely in favor for gentle watches because of their simplicity and gentle design. If you really need to upgrade yourself but don’t want to leave the simplicity then S928 smartwatch will be the better choice for you.

If we don’t talk about a display of S928 Sports Watch then there are two many things that energize you to buy this simple design smartwatch. Here I am explaining you some qualities that will surely increase your potential for buying this simplest S928.

Now you can easily read your heart rate by using S928 Sports Watch heart rate monitor, and it’s real time measurements.

You can also track every move you take while doing gym and workout because of its built-in 3D accelerometer and gyroscope 3D.

By using S928 sports watch you can track or measure outdoor data, like you can easily compute outside weather by using your sports watch. Even you can easily plan your workout.

You can control your sports smartwatch by using IOS and Android apps. Here I just want to tell one things, that application needs to upgrade by the providers. Because there are many things you can’t do by using their apps. You can’t change the time format for 24 hours to 12 hours.

 If you don’t understand English language then S928 smart watch is not for you. Unless its app have 12 language to apply but watch can just support one single English primary language. 

But here you want to remember one things, that the application developers of S928 smart watch are in action and they constantly upgrade their app and trying to provide their best.

But the thing is, this sports smartwatch doesn’t have to many features because eventually it can drain your battery in a quick manner. It’s a decent watch with decent design and features.

Yes, I know there are some flaws in S928 smartwatch but if we see in an inexpensive way then you will surely don’t regret after purchasing this simplest smartwatch.


  • Simple design
  • Quality product
  • Plethora of sensors
  • Android acceptable


  • No extra features
  • App is too basic and full of bugs
  • Just support English language

Samsung Gear S3 – Best Smartwatch For Samsung

As we all know about Samsung, and we blindly trust on their quality gadgets from ages. If we talk about Samsung smartwatches than it also have been dominating for the right reason.

They put much effort on the creation of product and also put a big amount of money on marketing. Both of these things combine and eventually provide a better and advanced quality product in the most competitive market.

You can also take this watch as a best smartwatch for Samsung phones, because their every creations has some better features and adaptation. It can cost your more than any average smartwatch but your money will surely worth it.

It was build with extreme quality and premium features. They continuously move their self to the better construction. You can use this watch as a symbol of rich fashion style because its premium look.

Samsung Gear S3 is not work with simple Android Wear, but Samsung invent their own OS called Tizen. You can trust on this OS too.

Every new thing is not build with perfection for first, it takes some time for the improvement. Tizen need some update of Apps and features. They are forcefully working for the advancements.

They provide many updates including their offline Spotify playlist with the 4GB storage.

Now you don’t need to be always online for listening the latest playlist of your choice. But now you can use its 4GB storage for your music needs.

Gear S3 is blessed with gorgeous animated display that looks marvelous. Eventually, it will also attract you to buy this finest gadget.

Gear S3 is loaded with trackers of all sorts, but most of the users can use it correctly because its looks difficult to operate.

Its interface is highly attractive that make it different from others. Because of its tremendous features, I decided to place it on my list of best smartwatches.


  • Best in quality
  • Marvellous interface
  • Lot of features
  • Many sensors and trackers


  • Less apps
  • Its design is too big but for some users

Apple Watch Series 3Best Smartwatch For iPhone

As we all know, Apple has their own class. They cannot compete with the market, rather then they compete with themselves.

They are trying to bring the product in the market with more interesting way and their gadgets addiction are increasing day by day.

By using Apple Watch Series 3, life are moving in a better smoothy way. They created all of their gadgets with immense use of quality assurance.

By creating standard products from ages, this time they follow their tradition too by providing a better path to drop Apple Watch Series 3 in the market.

They created far better watch than their older Apple watch generation. Mostly people think after UN-boxing series 3 that it looks same like before, but its a different story under the tunnel.

Its OLED display will surely blow your mind, because its look marvelous when you first see it. More brighter and beautiful as usual.

The brightness of Apple Watch Series 3 hits at 1000 nits of brightness. Its looks awkward but you feel stunning afters its first look.

While talking about the display, you have to focus on its fitness tracking abilities, because its totally charged and make their self best smartwatch for Apple.

Built-in features of tracking and their sensors availability will blow your mind too.

Not just these things, but Apple also making effort in the fitness tracking circle and trying to make their product as efficient as possible.

You can track your moves by using their GPS technology, it’s more versatile than we expect.

If we talk about battery then its similar to the Series watch and that is around 18 hours. If you’re not using smartwatch too much then its highly beneficial backup for you, by the way battery backup times depends on users and their usage.

Apple is a name of performance and quality, they spend much money and time to make their product as efficient as possible.

It works fast, extremely well and you can buy Apple watch series 3 without any hesitation.

There are many models of Apple Watch Series 3 are available in the market that includes:

Model – 38mm & 42mm Aluminum

Specification – Silver, Space Grey, and Gold

Model – 38mm & 42mm Nike+

Specification – Silver and Space Grey aluminum with custom Sport bands

Model – 38mm & 42mm steel

Specification – Silver and Space Black steel

Model – 38mm & 42mm Edition

Specification – White and Grey Ceramic with Soft White/Pebble and Grey/Black Sport band

Model – 38mm Hermès

Specification – Marine Gala Leather Single Tour Eperon d’Or, Indigo Swift Leather Double Tour, Fauve Barenia Leather Double Tour

Model – e42mm Hermès

Specification – Noir Gala Leather Single Tour Rallye, Indigo Swift Leather Single Tour, Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour, Ébène Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle, Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle)


  • OLED display
  • Superb battery life
  • Lot of features
  • Plethora of fitness tracker
  • Long list of apps


  • Similar to the previous generation

Huawei Watch 2Best Smartwatch for Android

If you’re a tech geek and love to upgrade yourself towards the new generation, but don’t like the design of smart watches then Huawei brand is a best part in your life because they created traditional design with the enhancement of technology.

Its available in the market with Android Wear 2.0, a far better and advanced features than a previous Huawei watch.

A better approach for the person who need quality with light weight facility.

You don’t need extra effort to handle this watch on your hands because of its light weight quality. It looks little expensive but because of extraordinary features its worth your money.

They provide several options in this light weight to make its user more comfortable then before.

Now you can use Huawei Watch 2 for your fitness solution because they build it for lot of sensors and you can also enjoy its features of real-time workout guidance.

Huawei watch 2 also works with you like your own workout assistance.

You can almost track everything by using this Huawei watch. Its adorable battery backup of 2 days will surely enhance your usage and makes you more comfortable .

Also included with Bluetooth and NFC. You can also use Android Pay in a more easier way.

No one wants to carry a cash in this high tech world.

 A little bad things about Huawei and that its design, while creating more pleasant and decent smartwatch they forget to give it a more inspiring look. They will surely do some enhancement when they launch a new watch series. 

If we talk about overall conclusion about Huawei Watch 2, then they created with all of their passion and seriously wants to attract the customers.

That’s why I put this watch Huawei watch in my best smartwatches list. If you really need smartwatch for features and can do some sacrifice with design then Huawei Watch 2 will be the best choice for you.


  • 2 Days battery life
  • Android Wear 2.0
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth
  • Better display


  • Large bezels
  • Tiny screen

Garmin Vivomove HRBest Hybrid Smartwatch

If we talk about Garmin Vivomove, then its not false that Garmin Smartwatch mixed two people together. One is classic and the other one is stylish.

They create a hybrid technology by using the two generations of watches. Why do this? Because everyone want to upgrade their self but smartwatch is little odd for some gentle people.

This idea of maker works, and Garmin Vivomove HR is one of the best selling smartwatches.

You can use this little screen to check your notifications, exercise measurements and etc.

Obviously it doesn’t works like other high tech smartwatches but it prove itself as a one of the best hybrid smartwatches in the whole US market.

Their main design goal is to create a simple watch with some advancement for the people who don’t like the shine of smartwatches.

You don’t need it to use as a smartwatch because of its design, its doesn’t looks odd while wearing gentle three piece suit. They usually created premium watches and Garmin Vivomove HR is one from them

Fitted with LED below its facia. You have to double tap on the display area to turn it screen or you can also make it active by flicking your wrist.

You can easily looks its screen border when the screen is not active.

There is no button found in the Garmin Vivomove HR watch, you have to use it by using touch screen.

Garmin mostly created electronic watches but its too new from them to create smartwatch for the very first time. But they created in a very epic way, hide the LCD under the dial and it display when you need it.

You can use it while swimming or you can also track your sleeping habits too. It’s too rare because most of the smartwatches are not accurate in fitness tracking. You can also use its for stress tacking and heart rate checking.

If you’re fitness freak and need some hybrid watch then Garmin is a best smartwatch for you. It doesn’t include GPS inside, but you can track speed and distance and also continuously checking heart rate.

Battery backup is about 5 days, it is less but greater than most of the highly advanced and expensive smartwatches.


  • Looks smart
  • Better gym tracking
  • Average battery life


  • Screen is not clearly visible in sunlight
  • GPS N/A

Doki WatchBest Smartwatch For Kids

Doki watch is a product of Doki technologies for kids from the age of 6-12 years. It’s a complete fun ground for a kid and also help parents to keep an eye on their children. A complete win situations for both parent and kid.DokiWatch-V3-SmartWatch

Doki watch is able to do voice calls, video calls, messages, fitness or location tracking by using of GPS.

In this article of best smartwatches, this watch is entirely made for kids and use for many purposes.

A most beneficial gadgets for parent because by using Doki Watch they can schedule their kid bedtime and classes time too.

If we assign Doki Watch a crown of Best Advanced Kids Watch then its not false from any side.

Previous version of Doki Watch are just beneficial for parents for video call purposes but now kids also do video call to their parents.

By using their front camera kids can save their photos and memories in the gallery, parents easily access Doki Watch by using Doki application.

You can track your kids location by using advanced GPS. Its a smartwatch with sim enable, you can also use this watch with 3G too.

Not just that, there are many features in the Dokiwatch that I am going to describe here:

You can access Doki official website to learn their features clearly, and for the professional level technical support too.

You can use this Doki smartwatch as a phone, video and voice call options are available on both ends.

Its GPS locator is just outstanding, you can track your kid by doing one simple click and easily get to know where they are.

Parents can also set a Geo-fencing parameter for their kids, and when they go out from the radar then parents get notification from the Doko mobile app.

By using SOS alerts, kids now send their locations to the predefined (parents) numbers for the safety reason just by using one single button.

Its tracking meter is working great, best way to track the fitness activities all around.

Every kid needs some pet to care, by using Doki watch now your kid take care virtual pet and enjoy their time with Doki smartwatch.

Its applications is just overwhelming, parents can use it to do the conversation with your child by using video call, voice call or any medium as they want.

Doki watch class mode features is just mind blowing, parents can setup class mode with respect to time, rather to focus on class more than a watch.


  • Tracking & Safety
  • SOS mode
  • Alert area
  • Parents can easily manage kids device
  • 3G connectivity


  • Little problem with microphone sometimes
  • Doki support take a long time to respond
  • Little lagging in video call

Asus ZenWatch 3Best Smartwatch For Men

There are many brands that work bad in some industries but some gadget circles are just made for them. Same in Asus, they are not growing great in smartphones industry, but smartwatch growth is just with them. They are continuously growing with their series of smartwatches from couple of years.

If you really want to upgrade yourself and want some high tech new era lookalike watch then Asus ZenWatch is just made for you. It looks good, better hardware trust as compare to other smartwatch brands.

There are many smartwatches are available in the market but just some of them have bezel-less design that Asus ZenWatch 3 have. If you need smartwatch with future design and wants to get rid of simplicity then Asus is a game changer for you. You will surely feel comfortable after wearing Asus zenWatch 3.

They don’t overdose of anythings specifically with design, it look elegant. Its display looks more big, bright and beautiful as compare to other smartwatches. If I say that smartwatch with best display then Asus ZenWatch will surely win the race.

For your kind informations, its build quality is just tremendous. They created Asus with steel construction. Using of plastic material will decrease the premium scale for most of the watches.

Asus ZenWatch 3 covered with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass. Don’t have fear of useless scratches. If you need more protection then extreme protectors are also available on Asus stores.

If you expect a best battery in this watch then you’re following the wrong path, what I say it has a decent battery. It works best for the 48 hours with full charge but this thing totally depends on the usage of users.

ZenWatch 3 is blessed with basic features like fitness tracker and plethora of sensors that make this smartwatch a little boost. But what I feel that its fitness tracker function is not deep like other premium smartwatches.

If you are not a fitness freak and easily can survive with little information then you should buy Asus ZenWatch 3 now. It will be the best buying decision of your life.

One thing is very old school for me to use and that is charging dock that just feels cheap to use. I don’t know why they do that otherwise previously they created one of the most high tech products.

I am recommending you to buy Asus zenWatch 3 but I am not in favor with the accessories they packed with smartwatch. The body of watch looks solid and elegant but I don’t know why they use low quality material to create the accessories.

Overall Asus zenWatch 3 looks great to buy and wear because of its premium screen, decent battery timing, full proof construction material and elegant design.


  • Better construction
  • Amoled screen
  • Comfortable design
  • Decent battery backup


  • No detailed fitness tracker
  • Charging dock are cheap in quality

Kate Spade Scallop TouchscreenBest Smartwatch For Women

If you wear smartwatches before, then you know smartwatch with big screen looks too elegant. Most of the women in the united states turn their mind from simple to smartwatches nowadays.

There are many smartwatches available in the market, some from Apple and some from Samsung – But if we talk about women then Kate Spade Scallop is the best choice for them.

It is one of the oldest and only smartwatch with touchscreen that includes Google wear operating system. They also created hybrid watches before but now they give a try to create touch screen watches for the first time.

You can compare this watch with any touchscreen smartwatch, and it will surely not getting you in regrets.

Its screen display is about 1.19 inches and resolution is approximately 390 x 390 pixels. Ambient light sensor is just adorable because it can easily brighten of the screen and save the battery life as much as possible.

Whenever you get any notification of voice calls, text or weather updates then you can see some beautiful animated screen with leading lady that is winking with the notification.

It also have tracking ability, will track your sleep, calories and distance you covered.

If you are really interested and making a plan to do exercise and walks then Kate Spade Scallop is more than a better option for you. You can easily manage to view your statistics on Google fit app or Kate spade New York connected that is easily available in both android or IOS stores.

This touchscreen smartwatch is water for about 30 minutes, but don’t take it too seriously and please remove it before taking baths and swimmings because when the guarantee ends then there is no one who claim your watch.

There are many customization options are available for you according to your moods and occasions. You can also use New York exclusions app called “Choose Your Look” to custom the smartwatch screen as  same as your dress or car.

By tapping just icons you can easily change the display color scheme and make a match with your cloths, jewelry and handbag.

You can also use your smartwatch as a Google Assistant, it’ll give your all answers by using a voice. However voice assistant feature looks little limited because of the lackness of 4G and built-in speaker.

Its battery backup is a biggest glitch because they give you just 24 hours battery backup, if you’re using it daily then you have to recharge it regularly.


  • Amoled Screen
  • Iconic scallop design
  • Multiple Watch Face apps
  • Google assistant


  • Extra large dial, not looks good with smaller wrist
  • No Google play apps

Polar M430 – Best Smartwatch for Running

There are many smartwatches are available in the market, but my aim is to define a specific watch for different people. Here I want to show you advanced GPS running watch Polar M430.

If you know about the Polar brand then you should know that its an advanced version of m400, there is a major difference between both of them and that its wrist based heart rate monitor.

When you look it first time, it looks same as like M400 which includes bold, rounded square module design with silicon strap. They got a great different by using more ventilation strap because eventually its a best smartwatch for running.

If you’re finding white color, then you don’t get it. Because its available in 3 colors that includes grey, black and orange. Lighter in weight around 53g because you will usually use it while running.

Polar M430 design is more sporty than any high tech smartwatch.

You can also use Polar M430 as a heart rate monitor, even they put sensor in strap that look more elegant and practical. As you know most of the Heart Rate or Blood pressure checking machine get a reading by using your wrist, its strap works same as heart rate monitor machine.

Polar M430 have 6 LEDs that more than any other runner or sport watch, they created Polar for the most accurate heart rate monitoring.

It’s a waterproof watch, if you love swimming and want to measure your heart rate in the water then Polar M430 is the best fit for your sporty needs.

Are you thinking why I take Polar M430 as a best smartwatch for running? Because other watches like Garmin Vivoactive HR or Fitbit Surge give you the reading of heart rate and calories but M430 give you the coaching/instructions too.

As you know its made for runner then you can also use it as a stop watch with heart rate monitor. Means you can check your speed, distance and heart rate at the same time.

Polar M430 has a 30 hours battery backup in low power GPS. It will make you happy after buy this watch for running purpose because Garmin Vivoactive and Fitbit Surge can give your around 13-10 hours battery backup at most.

Polar M430 watch is waterproof because you will get sweaty while running even you can also take it in the swimming pool too.

Polar M430 is little less in sleep tracking technology because it just give you a data of total sleep and actual sleep.


  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Better website support
  • Ventilation in straps
  • Good battery life


  • Trouble syncing
  • Difficult to setup

Pebble Time Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch Under $100

There are many tech companies in the market who doing their best to create the best smartwatch ever. They research each and everything needs of people and trying to combine in a smartwatch. But most of the people need simplicity too,  and Pebble found this things correctly.

Pebble launch smartwatch that is simple and cheap too, it the cheapest smartwatch ever. But if we talk about quality then pebble never compromise it yet, it comes with steel strap and looks premium same like expensive smartwatches.

Its reflective colors display is just stunning and looks good enough, but sometimes heavy direct sunlight prevents you to see the screen correctly – You need to use your hand for a shadow.

You can also wear this watch in heavy rains because its comes with water resistant availability.

As I want to say you about its battery life, its pretty decent and around 4 days. Battery is really good, most of the times you don’t need to charge for full however it work for more than 4 days.

Pebble Time Watch also have in-built storage that holds some mandatory apps in your smartwatch, mostly it doesn’t available in most of the smartwatches but pebble put some extra effort to make them different.

There are many apps are found in Pebble store and most of them are free. I found one most interesting app about Watch Faces, helps you to customize your watch color scheme with your dress, bag or occasions.

Pebble has all the things that any smartwatch user need even fitness tracker with all the sensors but its app are not looks good and because of its dim light you can’t clearly see the smartwatch screen in hardcore sunlight.

However there are many watches are available in the pebble apps but Watch Faces are my favorite, don’t panic if you find a wrong app better to install those who got maximum good reviews from the consumers.

For your kind information, their is no touch screen option in smartwatch so be prepare for that. While navigating different options touch play a wide role.

If you’re really interested in smartwatches and out of budget at the same time, then pebble smartwatch is just available under $100 better to buy it today.


  • Water resistant for swimming and rain
  • Highly impressive battery life
  • Works on Android & IOS


  • IOS functionality is limited
  • Fitness app are not professional as compare to other smartwatches

Xiaomi Amazfit – Best Smartwatch under $200

Xiaomi is a company that highly in grow from some years because of creating quality and affordable products.

But today here I want to talk about smartwatches, they created Xiaomi Amazfit with incredible features and unexpected price as well.

Everybody love Xiaomi products because they created thousands of products by using great material and also sell in an affordable price.

If we talk about their design, then they created with too much elegance and affordable shape of Xiaomi Amazfit. They also use same trans-reflective display as most of the expensive smartwatch created are using nowadays.

If we see the display so its look bright enough and bit elegant. You can use Xiaomi after full charge for almost 5 days.

Even most of the expensive watches do not extend for 5 days. One of the best battery timing for the smartwatch I have ever seen.

You can compare Xiaomi smartwatch with other expensive smartwatches, and if you’re on budget and need some cheap solution then Xiaomi will be your great buy.

There are many features available same as like expensive smartwatches such as GPP, Bluetooth, Plethora of sensors and fitness trackers too.

 Here I just want to disclaim one things, that Xiaomi app is very basic, fitness activities are also limited. You have to use charging dock that is proprietary. 

Every smartwatch have some issues, but these things will not completely hurt your usability. No one will deny the fact that Xiaomi smartwatch is the most compatible watch for everyone at this cheap price.

It just need to have some advance features and app should be improve otherwise all the others features looks interesting.


  • Cool design
  • Great display
  • Better battery life


  • Firmware need some little adjustment
  • Companion apps doesn’t have necessary features
  • Not detailed fitness activities

Best Smartwatch Buying Guide 2020

There are many things you have to know before buying any smartwatch for you. Before smartwatch you have to know many things because all these combine and helps you to find the best smartwatch for yourself.

In this buying guide, I am trying my best to help you while finding the best smartwatch for yourself. Better to read again and again before buying any smartwatch. Delay in buying is far better than buying a wrong smartwatch.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartwatch

As you know we are going to buy a smartwatch. If its your first time then I welcome you in the smartwatch user circle and if its not then this guide will help you to buy the more better smartwatch as per your need.

Every watch is not build in a same way, every watch have different app store and different features. Here I am going to tell you about the most important things that should available in any smartwatch.

As per features, smartwatch have different operating systems (OS) too. Like, If we talk about Huawei, LG, Asus and Samsung smartwatch then they are using Android Wear and Apple use watchOS as their operating system.

There are many smartwatch that are expensive but having all the features and there are some that is cheap but lacking of mandatory features. Here is our aim,  we are going to find the best smartwatch for every person and professional. As you seen by my best smartwatch list.

You know that I write specific people who are the best fit for the watch.

Voice Commands

Voice commands is the future of technology specially in the era of query. Query are the questions that people asked on search engines. Google is mostly based on the queries, even Google Ads search and shopping ads earned by showing ads with respect to people queries.

In 2020, Google assistant and Apple Siri working incredibly strong to solve the queries of the people who asking by voice commands.

By using voice command function now you can make your watch extra smart. For example, your smartwatch read people text for you and type whatever you said to them.

Even until 2020, voice commands will increase about 50%. Every 1 from 5 people search queries on Google by using voice commands. Most of the people don’t use this feature now but voice command will be the new era of technology and Google Assistant and Apple Siri will be the leader for sure.

Your smartwatch should have Voice Command options, its better for you to do your task in couple of seconds.

Media Playback

Everybody love music specially when they do workout and gym. Most of the smartwatch are sporty in my best smartwatches list. Many watches have 3G, 4G and WiFi nowadays to get the best music for you from the internet stream.

Other way, smartwatches has also an option of NFC or Bluetooth to connect your wireless earbuds with the smartwatch. Better to know about this options and find at least one thing to enjoy the music while doing gym or running.

You have to check your smartwatch before buying for the option of Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi. Anythings that makes you more comfortable while doing workout in the gym.


There are many smartwatches in the market that have different sensors available. Its mandatory to know about the sensors before buying any smartwatch.

Most widely available sensor are heart rate sensor because every user of smartwatch need this. You can use these sensors to make your life more comfortable and known.

If you’re doing workout in the gym then Heart Rate Monitor is beneficial for you because it tells you about the beats per minute. Many sensors are available in the smartwatch like calories burned and steps taken etc.

Better to know about the sensors before buying any smartwatch, because every smartwatch are created for some specific group of people.


Customization is the best thing that I found in smartwatch, because we humans easily get bored by using or wearing the same things again and again.

Customization feature in smartwatch will make your mood too and now you can match you color scheme of hand bag with your smartwatch.

Do you know what I mean about customization? It is the display faces of the watch that can be made by designer or developers. You don’t survive with the same face for years.

Customization make customer happier, because they are getting bored after some time. Even you can also change the belts and dial rings of most of the smartwatch watches. Change is not just limited to software level.

If you’re not comfortable with your smartwatch strap then you can change it from steel to leather or rubber as you want. There are many multiple options are available in the market with respect to materials even different strap of colors are also available.

Whenever you’re going to buy smartwatch. Better to know about its face watch apps that more than one should be available in the app store. Change of straps options should be enable too because mostly people getting bored by using the same things again and again.

Fitness Tracking Feature

There are many smartwatches available in the market, but some of them have detailed information of fitness tracking. If you’re going to buy a watch just for fitness tracking then it should have detailed one, other wise fitness tracking in every smartwatch is mandatory.

Don’t put any smartwatch in your cart that don’t have fitness tracking options available. Fitness tracking watches are little expensive but it will worth your money because it plays an important role in your workout routine or even normal person can aware about their heart rate and calories etc.

There are many smartwatch that has built-in fitness tracker option that includes Garmin Fenix 3. There are many Samsung and Apple watches available in the market that includes fitness tracker option in their gadget.

Best Smartwatches – Conclusion

If we talk about some year back then digital or analog watches are available in every market.

In 2020, analog and digital sports watches are also available but people prefer smartwatch more than ever. Growth of smartwatch in sales increase by 50% every year.

Every smartwatch has some incredible features that made them more elegant and intellectual. Millions of people upgrade their self to smartwatch because they know about the benefits and comforts on their wrist.

Few people don’t like high tech watches that’s why most of the companies create simple design with typical smartwatch features for them. Every smartwatch made for different specific people.

You will surely get confuse after see many options in the market but first you have to know about your need, then after you will choose smartwatch for sure. We are moving in the new era of technology, upgrading yourself with the newest things are mandatory for us.

As for your information, I don’t put all the best smartwatches in the list – I know there are many other that I left to capture. I will surely upgrade this list when I get an experience with another best smartwatches in the circle.

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