Best Smartwatch for Women 2020 – Detailed Review

Women is one of the best creation of God because they aren’t just multi-tasking but efficient worker too. They easily carry all the burden on their shoulders as the name of responsibility. Here at Smart Watch Journal, I am writing a complete list of best smartwatch for women 2020. I am writing this featured list to make them feel special and tech giants also manufacturing specific women gadgets too.

If I advice to Men, then you can use it as a gift for you wife, sister, daughter or any female you want. There are many useful features in smartwatch as compare to other traditional watches.

If you’re a fitness freak and need some guidance related to fitness then I featured many smartwatches below that works as a fitness adviser. It has features like fitness tracking, heart rate tracking etc.

There are many smartwatches in the market, but just few tech giants like Apple that think about the women and manufactured a women friendly smartwatches. Today is my mission to find that smartwatch and write a review about it.

While before buying any women smartwatch, you should know about your needs before. Because by just looking good you can’t accomplish your need by buying it.

If you want to buy smartwatch for your kids, then you can read this detailed guide about best kids smartwatch.

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Best Smartwatch for Women

NameItem WeightPrice
Fitbit Versa11.36 OuncesCheck Price
Fossil Jacqueline4.54 Grams
Check Price
Kate Spade Scallop8 Ounces
Check Price
Fossil Gen 38.80 OuncesCheck Price
TicWatch E1.44 ouncesCheck Price
Amazfit Bip3.52 ouncesCheck Price
Michael Kors Access Sofie8 Ounces
Check Price
Amazfit Verge1.6 ounces
Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active0.96 ouncesCheck Price
Misfit Vapor 22.68 ouncesCheck Price

There are many features in the smartwatches that you know about like apps, battery life, messaging and calls features etc. Like if you’re a fitness freak then you should buy a smartwatch that was launched with all fitness features.

If you need tracking smartwatch then many women smartwatch will surely accomplish your needs. Some have GPS IP67/IP68 certified. Some are water resistant and some are water proof because both of the things are different from each other.

Fitbit Versa – Best Women Fitness Smartwatch

There are many smartwatches that was created by Fitbit like Fitbit Ionic, its is one of the best smartwatch for men and best selling now. Now Fitbit launched a specific female smartwatch with the name of Fitbit Versa.Best Women Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit versa created to see the needs and lifestyle of women. It is also a best selling smartwatch under the supervision of Fitbit. If you want to buy Apple smartwatch but because of its overrated price you can’t. Then Fitbit versa is the best alternative of Apple. It is affordable and comparative at the same time.

There are many features in Fitbit versa like Less weight, GPS and range or variety of colors available in the market. The colors includes black, peach, rose, silver, charcoal and rose gold.

You can switch between bands easily. There are many types of band available including classic, leather, metal and women accessory bands. If you’re going to party and want to change your watch face then you can, because it has a feature of watch swapping.

If we talk about battery life, then it will work like for about 4 days. So you don’t need to charge every day. Because of inbuilt storage you can also store your personal media.

Because its a fitness smartwatch specific for women, that’s why it have dozens of features related to fitness.


  • Highly customization
  • Better battery life
  • Many fitness features
  • Better screen
  • Affordable


  • No GPS
  • No NFC payments

Fossil Jacqueline Watch – Best Women Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Jacqueline Watch is a hybrid smartwatch for women. Means that it looks like a traditional watch but works like a smartwatch. There are many features and functionalities in Fossil Jacqueline Watch.Best Women Hybrid Smartwatch

They made Fossil in 6 colors and with the material of stainless steel. There are many buttons on the smartwatch that works for the navigation, and it make it easier.

It looks same like a traditional watch but works like a smartwatch because of its notifications, activity tracking, goal setting or sleep monitoring features. You don’t just need Android or iOS to use with this Fossil Jacqueline Watch because it is compatible with both.

You don’t need to charge the battery because its non-rechargeable and work for about 12 months.

Made up of stylish stainless steel design, and blessed with 12 months of battery backup. Also support with Fossil Q App. One of the best smartwatch for women that doesn’t have a battery to recharge.

If you need to buy some hybrid smartwatch then you can check best hybrid smartwatch detailed guide here.


  • Hybrid smartwatch
  • 12 months battery backup
  • Stainless steel design


  • For reading the message or call you need your smartphone

Kate Spade Scallop – Best Women Smartwatch with Touchscreen

If you need hybrid smartwatch for women with the functionality of touchscreen thenn Kate Spade Scallop is the best choice for you. Because of its flashy appearance, it looks cool on the women wrist and vachetta leather attached is just look stunning.Best Women Smartwatch with Touchscreen

By the way it looks too expensive, but if you can afford the quality then Kate Spade Scallop is the best choice for you. Because of its large size mostly women do some complaints but instead you can wear because it looks charming and adorable at the same time.

If we compare Kate Spade Scallop with any smartwatch then it is not less. Because it have Bluetooth, you can connect your phone with it. Kate Spade Scallop comes in different variety including rose gold, leather strap and bracelet design.

My favorite is yellow gold toned watch case with black belt that comes with high quality stainless steel. Its a fully fashionable design for every type of women and also support wireless charging.

Not just that, you can also respond the calls by using smartwatch and it also show notification and support third party apps.

If you’re getting bored by wearing the same smartwatch again and again, then you can also change it faces according to your outfit.


  • Touchscreen design
  • You can change watch faces
  • Google assistance with voice activation feature


  • No Google play app
  • Dial is little big for women wrist

Fossil Gen 3Q – Best Slimmest Smartwatch for Women

Fossil Gen 3Q is one of the best smartwatch for women who are busy with their family, as what I say its best for mothers. A most slimmest smartwatch with stylish design and comes in 45 mm casing and thickness of 13.5 mm.Best Slimmest Smartwatch for Women

Blessed with Gemstone but if you don’t like then Fossil Gen 3Q also created a model that doesn’t have Gemstone. A 1.2 resolution ambled screen with a perfect resolution of 454 x 454. If you have android or iOS phone then no worries because Fossil Gen 3Q is compatible with both.

You can also see notification on your smartwatch and by using a touchscreen you can also do texting, calls and emails. You can also use this smartwatch as a fitness machine, because it can track steps, calories burned and covered distance.

While it is compatible with 18 mm straps and its battery die after about whole day. So you don’t need to charge twice or thrice in a day.


  • Better and attractive design
  • With Gemstone and without Gemstone available
  • Less price
  • Fitness features


  • No NFC
  • Less battery life

Mobvoi Ticwatch E – Best Women Smartwatch for Android Wear OS

There are many best smartwatches in the market that launched by Mobvoi Ticwatch but Ticwatch E is the new release and blow the mind of the reviewers and consumers. If you think its also a hybrid smartwatch then obviously its not, its pure smartwatch.Best Women Smartwatch for Android Wear OS

Its made up of stainless steel and leather strap. Also available in three colors that includes Platinum, Onyx and Rose Gold. Also have a feature of built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, gyroscope and accelerometer and also works with Google Wear OS.

There are many built-in necessary apps that I found in Mobvoi Ticwatch E that includes Uber, Map, and many other fitness apps. Mobvoi Ticwatch is more accurate in reading as compare to other smartwatches in the market. Also have the feature of Google Pay.

As for you kind information Mobvoi Ticwatch battery backup is around 1.5 days and it is also certified with IP68 for the water resistant feature.

You can run it on Android Wear OS, While its working with all the Google Apps and you can also change the faces of your Mobvoi TicWatch E smartwatch.

If you need a complete smartwatch with heart rate tracker, fitness tracker, better battery life, and it should be just smartwatch then Mobvoi TicWatch should be the best choice for you.

If you need some information related to Android smartwatch then you can find here.


  • Affordable smartwatch
  • Many fitness features
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Also integrate with third party apps


  • Less battery life
  • Plastic construction
  • Not recommended for swimming

Huami Amazfit Bip – Best Cheap Smartwatch for Women 

If you’re on budget and need some cheap smartwatch for your wrist then Huami Amazefit Bip is the best choice for you. There are smartwatch I featured in this list but battery life of Huami Amazefit is unexpected and have around for 30 days.Best Cheap Smartwatch for Women 

Even most of the expensive smartwatch are not comparable with the battery life of Amazefit Bip. There are many features that are non-comparable too that includes Heart Rate Measuring, Pedometer, GPS, Barometer and it can also show the notification of your smartphone on smartwatch display.

You don’t need to get scared about water and dust because Huami is dust and waterproof for sure. You can go for shower, or for swimming or any water related activity. It is one of the cheapest smartwatch for women ever manufactured. You can also change it straps because its changeable.

Huami Amazefit Bip is too lightweight even around 1.1oz, its looks comfortable after long time wearing. One of the best smartwatch for women and its cheapest too.


  • Always ON screen
  • Long battery life
  • Better in quality
  • Strong Vibration
  • Affordable


  • No MIC and Speaker
  • You can reply for messages
  • No remote camera function

Micheal Kors Access Sofie – Best Attractive Smartwatch for Women

Micheal Kors Access Sofie is successful because of its incredible stunning design. It is also slimmest and lightweight too and also blessed with pave bezel and full round display. It have a beautiful display with extra features, that’s why it is one of the complete smartwatch for women.Best Attractive Smartwatch for Women

Micheal Kors Access Sofie is too attractive, because of its bezel stone is clearly visible from any direction. You can’t resist yourself from staring it for too long. Also have a color of silver that increase its plus in the circle of attraction.

If we talk about processor, so it is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdraogon 2100 professional with incredible 512 MB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

If you want to take Micheal Kors Access Sofie in the water then you can because it is certified with IP67 and also compatible with OS 4.4 and iOS 9.3+. If you need some customization then you can because it have a facility of face changes.

Works more than good with Google wear OS. Battery takes 24 hours to die, but it totally depends on the usage of the women.


  • Beautiful design
  • Having all the features of Android Wear 2.0


  • No NFC
  • No heart rate monitor

Huami Amazfit Verge – Best Sports Smartwatch for Women

If you need a sports smartwatch for women or even for men then Amazfit Verge is the best choice for you. Because it looks sport and flashy by its appearance. If we talk about display then it comes with 1.3 inches AMOLED display with plastic casing and silicone strap.Best Sports Smartwatch for Women

A more than a perfect combination of tech features and sporty design. It comes in three different color schemes including Blue, Grey and White. Like smartphone it have one button that is used for power on/off and for home navigate too.

Like if you compare Amazfit Verge with other Samsung and Ticwatch then its not less because it have all the features that Samsung have. It have around more than 10 fitness specific features that include Running, Indoor running, Walk, Training, Climb, and some sports etc.

You just use it like a smartphone because you can see notifications and also you can make calls and sends text for sure. You don’t need hands free to listen music or for answer your phone calls because Amazfit verge have a mini built-in speaker in it.

If we talk about battery timing, then it work for about 5-6 days with a single charge, so you don’t need to charge this sporty smartwatch again and again.

A perfect design of AMOLED display with incredible gorilla glass protection.


  • Trendy display
  • Better battery life
  • 11 sports mode
  • Texting and calling features
  • Mini built-in speaker
  • Affordable smartwatch for women


  • Less RAM

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – Slimmest Smartwatch For Women

If you’re searching a perfect women smartwatch from Samsung then Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will totally worth your need. Because of its features I featured it in my best smartwatches for women list of Smart Watch Journal.Slimmest Smartwatch For Women

If we talk about its weight then its around 23 grams and thickness is about 10.5 mm. If you take this smartwatch as a slimmest then its not wrong for sure. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active have highest resolution and display is around 1.1 inches.

We don’t find a navigating button at Samsung Galaxy Watch Active but it is touchscreen and and also have two button. One for the back and one for the home. It is made up of stainless steel and comes with leather strap. Its looks more stunning with these combinations.

Samsung adjust on board tracking features in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active that contains more than 39 sensors for accurate tracking and detection. It can track calories, sleep cycle, cycling and many others like fitness tracker to achieve your fitness goals.

It looks like a classic traditional watch but works like efficient smartwatch because of its high tech features. If we talk about battery time then it takes around 2 days to die. It totally depends on the usag but you can charge once in a day for better performance.


  • Vibrant display
  • Long batter life
  • Many fitness features
  • Two variants available, one for large wrist and one for small
  • Sleep tracker


  • 42mm models have small battery
  • LTE model cost more
  • Low internal storage

Misfit Vapor 2 – Best Selling Women Smartwatch

If you question most of the experts about women best smartwatch then they always said “Misfit Vapour 2”, and its recommended too. Because of its round display it looks good on women wrist.Best Selling Women Smartwatch

They are pioneer in women fashion, even their vapor 2 is also a best selling product on Amazon.

A perfect elegant design and having all the features that any women smartwatch should have. It is also slim, with 41 mm case. It is made up of stainless steel and silicone strap but you can switch it as you need.

Misfit Vapor 2 comes in two different colors including black and rose gold. According to my recommendation every women love Misfit Vapor in a color of rose gold. There are trackers that you need the most in your daily life that includes accelerometer that tracks steps, calories and distance too.

Having heart rate tracker and GPS tracking for location. It is water resistant up to 30 meters. You can also go for swimming along Misfit Vapor 2 but don’t go more in depth.

Because of its built-in storage, you can store your media files in it without having a memory card. By using a smartwatch you can answer your call because it has a mini microphone in it. It can easily sync with your phone.

Their battery life is not so good, but you can use a whole day with a single charge. Misfit vapor is the best choice as a women smartwatch.


  • Slim and classic design
  • Built-in GPS
  • Customize watch faces
  • Flexible rotating button


  • Not having a sim slot
  • One day battery life
  • Not swimming proof

Best Women Smartwatch Buyer’s Guide

Its a proper Buying Guide for women who actually need smartwatch for them. In this guide, I cleared about the facts and Pre-buying checklist that helps every women to choose the best smartwatch.

Which External and Internal features you have to consider before buying any women smartwatch and why you have to purchase a female friendly smartwatch.

How to Choose the Perfect Smartwatch for Women

Indeed, in the world of technology, women also become smarter and active. Therefore, most of the women looking for the perfect smartwatch which is not just trendy but also have spectacular internal features.

According to me here are some facts that you have to look before choosing a smartwatch for a woman.

Ask yourself what you exactly want

  • First and foremost, an important thing you have to do is, clearly think what features you exactly want in a smartwatch. No doubt, modern-day smartwatches has lots of amazing features you ever imagine like a fitness tracking system, Health measurement, get notifications directly from your phone, listen to your favorite music track on the go, and much more.
  • After that, you need to find one perfect smartwatch which is in the trend, and you want to wear it all the time.

In this modern world, we have unlimited choices. Therefore, with my own experience, I am going to list down quick checklist which defiantly helping you to make a perfect choice.

Checklist to Choose the Best Female Smartwatch

Indeed, buying a perfect smartwatch for a female is not exactly the same as buying a smartwatch for a man. Both have a different preference.

Majority of people think, for a woman, one of the most important things is appearance while purchasing a wristwatch.

As a girl, I do not think so; it is a true fact. According to me, beautiful appearance and amazing internal features give excellent meaning to the smartwatch.

External Features

While purchasing smartwatch you should look over external appearance include case size, thickness size, color, and strap size which perfectly suits to your wrist.

Strap Size

Interesting thing is smartwatch companies offer customized external features that avoid any risk. Before buying a smartwatch measure your wrist.

The strap should be thinner. Most ideal strap size is 18 mm and 20 mm or 175 to 190 mm longer.

Case Size

The ideal size is less than 44 mm for ladies or depends on the wrist. Majority of ladies have thin wrist as compare to male.

Thickness size

For slim and smart ladies, slimmer smartwatches give spectacular look to the wrist. The ideal size is 13 mm is better for women.

Trendy colors

For the adorable look, colors matter a lot and have a special corner in the consumer.

Most attractive colors are pink, black, rose, gold, white, or flashy colors best suitable for women.

Internal Features

Below quick review is listed which shows the most important internal features before buying a smartwatch.

  1. Should work with your smartphones.
  2. Heart rate measurement and GPS tracker system.
  3. Maximum battery timing with touch screens.
  4. Customized choices of Apps.

Why Purchase Female Friendly Smartwatch

Interestingly, females also have varieties of options in friendly smartwatches which are packed with smart features.

The smartwatches came into different designs which are best suitable for females.

Manufacturers striving hard to come with unique design, amazing features, fast performance smartwatches for women.

Before buying a smartwatch for female you should need to understand the reasons why you should invest in it.  With my own experience, I am going to tell you the reasoning.

Friendly Features and Functionalities

Manufacturers design these smartwatches which are a friendly user. When I bought my first smartwatch, I was not sure how to use its features but with the passage of time, it was no longer stranger to me. It great fully influences my life with its great features. You know how?

Give a Sense of Responsibility and Comfort  

Having all significant notifications right on the wrist gives me a sense of smartness, responsibility, and comfort. Now, I do not need to look at my phone every minute because I have all the updates right on my wrist.

All Updates Right on the Wrist

I love its features like I received every single update of my smartphone right on my wrist. I quickly knew every notification like calls, text, email, music, Facebook messenger, and every social media contact. My smartwatch broke the chain.

Advance Technology Makes Me Smarter

There are much more than notifications, smartwatches provide advance technology like GPS tracker system, voice commands, ECG measurement, and Near Field Communication (NFC). With my own experience, let me tell you, these advanced features of the smartwatch.

  • GPS is a tracker system which gives accurate measurements. In short, it tracks my outdoor activities like weather conditions, runners, road maps etc.
  • NFC payment sensor helps me to touch with retailers which allow me to make purchases which mean I do not need my credit card.
  • Voice commands are one of the coolest features which come with Siri or Google assistant. It helps me to immediately interact with my contacts. Even I can set my alarm with this amazing feature of voice command.

Health Measurements and Fitness Tracker

No doubt, people buy smartwatch because it provides spectacular activity tracker system which has the ability to track each and every fitness count.

ECG Measurement & Outdoor Activity Tracker

This tracker system almost every smartwatch has which helps a person to track activity time, ECG measurement by monitoring the heart rate etc.

Built a Healthy Sleeping Habit

If you also have a problem with the sleep like me, then you need to choose multi-day battery life which helps you to build sleeping habits by setting accurate data on various stages. Therefore, you can accomplish your routine wise sleeping objectives.

Track Burn off Calories and also Predict Periods

You can also set the alarm for your diet plan with notes which helps you as a reminder. You can also able to track your burning calories. Moreover, some smartwatches also come with wonderful features like predicting female periods when it is due.

Things to Consider Before Buying Women’s Smartwatch

Ironically, people do not have much knowledge about the high-tech world; it is harder to understand market dynamics.

Every person has different choices and perspectives. Therefore, I am going to list down some certain aspects that people should consider before buying a smartwatch for a female.

These aspects defiantly help you to find a smartwatch which best suits to your wrist and standard of life.

Trendy Smartwatches in the Market

It is very important to ascertain market trend while purchasing a smartwatch. Indeed, branded smartwatches lessen the customers’ headache. It is advisable always choose smartwatch from well reputable companies like Fitbit, Apple, or Samsung.

Keep remember, buy a smartwatch for those foreign companies who give warranty on quality and performance. Moreover, also update the new operating system.

Trendy Female Smartwatches

Nowadays, Fit bit Versa, Fossil Jacqueline, Kate Spade Scallop watch are the best-selling smartwatches for females in 2020. In the high-tech market, there are much more options you need to do proper research over the smartwatch that you are looking for.

Determine Cost

Indeed, on any purchase cost factor influence the consumer buying behavior. No doubt, branded or well-reputable smartwatches come with expensive rates.

One thing keeps in your mind before making a purchase, the most expensive smartwatches have more features and quality of performance but not in every case.

Therefore, before making a purchase read clearly all the specification.

Quality of Screen

It is also one of the essential aspects that you should keep in mind while choosing a smartwatch for female. The type of screen determines the color and visual appearance of the display.

You have two options in which you can choose LED or OLED. Ultimately, these help to consume the power of the battery.

OLED screen comes in expensive smartwatches because it is advanced technology which gives excellent black display performance.

Battery life Span

This factor totally depends on consumer use. On average, female smartwatches have 18 to 36 hours battery life span. It gives you the advantage to do not charge it overnight.

You can easily track your sleep. So, before choosing smartwatch you should determine the battery life span you are looking for.

OS, IOS, and Android System

You should find out the best operating system (OS) smartwatch like Apple’s watch OS 5 or Google’s wear OS. These have customized options for the consumer. It is advisable to select a smartwatch which has more customization options.

Keep remembering the IOS system helps to connect with third-party support. Apple watch has the highest compatibility to support the third party by Apple’s WatchOS 5. Interesting thing is, with limited functionality, it is able to connect with I Phone.

Smartwatch Android system only does not work with Apple watch. Its Bluetooth connection only with Android smartphones like Samsung.


If you are planning to wear smartwatch all the time then you should check the Water Resistance feature before buying it. It helps to protect the smartwatch from water damage.

It is unable to get damage whenever it wet like taking a shower or during swimming. Most of the smartwatches come with waterproof feature.

LET Functionality

It is an amazing and coolest feature that you should take into account. The advantage of this feature is, you can easily connect with your smartphone through SIM card and receive calls, text messages right on your wrist.

This feature is in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Moreover, if you want this specific function then you need to pay cost per month which is depending on your smartphone carrier.

Conclusion – Best Smartwatch For Women

In this best women smartwatch guide, we featured all the smartwatch that looks stunning and incredible to women wrist. If you’re going to buy any of the smartwatch above then its obvious that you don’t get any regret of purchasing in future.

If you think about any women smartwatch, then you can tell me in comments. I will surely featured here with unbiased reviews.

Here is first thing that you should figured it out before buying any smartwatch here is your need. You should know about you goals for buying a women smartwatch. Every smartwatch has their pros and cons, that’s why you want to know about the things that really matters.

You want to know about the case size, because women actually need a thinner case size (should be less than 44 mm) because as compare to men, women wrist looks smaller. Buying bulky smartwatch will not the best choice for women.

If you’re a women then its obvious that you need a slimmer smartwatch that should be below then 13 mm. Slimmer smartwatch on women wrist looks more adorable.

Because majority of women have thinner wrist as compare to men, then strap should also be thinner around 18 mm to 20 mm.

While buying a smartwatch you need to know about your color requirements. Mostly women like flashy and light colors. There are many smartwatch above with stunning colors available in the market.

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