Best Smartwatch for iPhone 2020 – Detailed Review

Are you a person who’s looking smartwatch for their iPhone? So you’re at the right place. We are doing our best to find you the best smartwatch for iPhone in 2020.

There are many smartwatches are available in the market that includes LTE untethered music streaming, or with a GPS for tracking. A wide range of smartwatches is available in the market according to your needs.

As we all know there is no boom of iPhone in the market previously and no one expects incoming of another tech giant, but Jobs innovate some phones by solving the problems of users and grab the wide area of the market after some years of healthy struggle.

As you’re using iPhone, or we talk about the latest version of iOS 11, because it’s the latest one. We wrote best smartwatches in-depth buyers guide before but now here we’re writing best smartwatch specifically for iPhone users.

Around 50-55% of mobile users are caught with iPhone in the USA. If they are using iPhone then compatible Apple watches needs to be covered too at Smart Watch Journal.

Best Smartwatches For iPhone 2020

Apple Watch Series 31.65" OLEDCheck Price
Apple Watch Series 41.78" OLEDCheck Price
Apple Watch Series 21.53" OLEDCheck Price
Apple Watch Series 11.53" OLEDCheck Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch5.6 1.2" or 1.3" 360 x 360 Super AMOLEDCheck Price
TicWatch Pro1.4" 400 x 400 OLED paired with LCD screenCheck Price
Ticwatch E1.4-inch OLED (400 x 400)Check Price
Misfit Vapor1.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 326ppiCheck Price
Ticwatch S1.4" 400 x 400 OLEDCheck Price
LG Watch Style1.2" 360 x 360 P-OLEDCheck Price

There are hundred of smartwatches are available in the market but it’s just a dream to find the best smartwatch for your specific brand phone.

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Every smartwatch is not comfortable to use with iPhone, That’s why here I am writing about best smartwatches for iPhone. Hope you like my top 10 list and appreciate me in comments.

In this buyer’s guide, I am supposed to list about 10 smartwatches that are highly compatible with your iPhone and you can buy them freely without any inconvenience.

Apple Watch Series 3 

Few years back Apple launched third series of Apple smartwatch that boom the market with its demands. As you know, smartwatch is just like the smartphone but it’s usually landed on wrist.

If we talk about its design then its same like previous ones, basic rectangular shape with rounded corners. They follow same shape in Series 1 or 2.

They launched Series 3 smartwatch too as highly finish product same as like they produce iMac or iPhone previously.

They are believing more in smartwatch and trying to create smartwatch with all the capabilities of smartphone. According to my opinion in future they will create dependent features in smartwatch or iPhone to increase both of their sales.

You can put major carrier like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and some others. All are sync with you iPhone and you won’t miss any of the notification in future.

If you want to use Apple smartwatch cellular service then you have to pay $10 every month and it will topup in your normal phone bill.

They create hierarchy of connections. You can connect your iPhone with Apple smartwatch in three ways. The first one is Bluetooth, then WiFi and the last is LTE.

As I want you to know that Apple discontinue iPod shuffle and Nano from now onwards and they are trying to build incredible experience of music in their smartwatch series.

You can easily sync your Apple watch with the music, even more faster than any other normal smartwatches.

One another thing here I want to disclose that, previously you just have iTunes options for music but now Apple Music streaming is a far easier to use and sync.

You also need Apple Music Subscription in third series of Apple watch.

There is no headphone jack in the Apple Smart watch series 3, now you need to wireless headphone to experience a best music of your life.

There are many smartwatch for fitness are available in the market but Apple smartwatch series 3 left many fitness watches behind. They include many trackers that contain stairs climbing, heart rate and exercise statistics.

You can also get your smartwatch in the swimming pool because Apple can allow upto 50 meters depth for Apple Smart Watch Series 3.


  • Barometer to GPS
  • Waterproof
  • Mind blowing build quality
  • Faster process


  • Battery decrease upto 20% more while calling
  • Similar with Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series is far different and advanced than Series 3. It comes with bigger display and that is about 35 percent bigger than previous one.

If we talk about mm then Series 3 is around 740 sq mm and series 4 is around 977 sq mm display area.

I just want to add Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch in this list because it’s our 2 second best smartwatch for iPhone. Because in which Apple add up some different design skills to make it more elegant and adorable.

There are many smartwatches in the market but Apple Smart Watch Series is the best options available. Its big screen, comfortable hardware, reliable battery life and fitness tracking features will surely win your heart.

You can also use third party accessories, chargers, or even watch faces too with your Apple Smart Watch Series 4.

You iPhone sync together and you don’t left any notification from now and even you can answers your text messages directly from smartwatch.

You can also use it as a speakerphone if you need it, best way to control music playing by phone. One more things about Apple Smart Watch Series 4 have their own Apple Pay so you don’t need any wallet even not your phone too.

Help you to detect your heart rate problems and notify you when they measure some problem in your heart beats.

As I said before, battery life is mostly depend on the usage, how many times you use tracking and for how much time you playing music, all these things combine and totally depends on your battery life.

Mostly you don’t need to charge twice or thrice in a day, it will continue for the whole day and sometimes two days.

There are many smartwatches that shows time all day, but Apple Smart Watch Series 3 will show when you touch the screen or lift your wrist. Eventually, it will also increase the battery life.

Every product is not the best in every options, there are little to no complains with smartwatch series 4. Otherwise it is one of the best smartwatch for iPhone till now.


  • Extreme large display as compare to other series of Apple smartwatches
  • Lightweight


  • Battery is average or what we say decent
  • Little expensive as compare to other smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series has their own standard in demand in the market, as compare to other smartwatches because it has built-in GPS, now you can track you workout measurements without carrying an iPhone.

You can also wear Apple Watch Series 2 for sporty outings, even it is water resistance up to 50 meters that is incredible.

If we compare Smart watch series 1 with smartwatch series 2, then it is 50 times faster than series 1. Its S2 chip can increase your performance, a more brighter display at 1,000 nits and a GPC can increase graphics performance.

There are many apps for Apple Smart Watch Series 2 that includes free sports apps to access Mails, Maps, Weather, Messages and Music too. You can use it more as like a smartphone too.

Don’t get it? It comes with speaker and build-in microphone to give a better performance on voice calls and you can also use take assistance with Siri too.

They also integrate augmented reality games in it, that includes Pokemon Go and some others. Its watchOS 3 is too fast that assist you for instant opening and shutting down the apps.

Apple Watch Series 3 comes up with sensors that can easily track you heart rate and steps too, you can also measure your daily activities which includes walking and exercising too. They can also suggest you health instruction to make you fit and strong.

Carekit and ReaserchKit health apps also assist you to predict seizures.

There are many smartwatches available in the market but because of small interface you aren’t comfortable to control. But now Apple introduce a new dial on the side of Apple Watch Series 2, now you can easily scroll around the icons.

For your kind information, Apple Watch Series 2 available in two different dial sizes and and with three different casings that includes Steel, Sport and Ceramic colors.

They also came up with the partners design that includes Hermes and Nike. Around 34 different models are available in the market so now you can easily find your choice of Apple Smart Watch Series 2.


  • Track workout with GPS
  • Water resistant
  • Better performance
  • Useful apps
  • Wide variety


  • Small battery life
  • Little expensive

Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1 is the first step in smartwatches from apple and it has all the features that standard smartwatch need. They fit accelerometer to detect your speed and also track steps, walking and running distances too.

You just swipe away to see your stats, you can also schedule your walking or workout timings by using Siri.

Apple Watch Series 1 blessed with heart rate sensor for accurate  monitoring and you can also get the stats of burned calories while doing workout.

You can wear Apple watch in raining but you can’t do proper swimming. Also have ambient light sensor for brighter or darken the display light at day and night.

Apple watch have a gyroscope to detect direction and its map also direct you a way but you have to connect it with your iPhone GPS.

If you want to check or use smartwatch accuracy meters, then it works great in ideal conditions. They use infrared LED lights to detect the blood flow and beats. If you’re moving continuously then it will not give you accurate results.

But the accelerometer having good accuracy and you can use it during indoor or outdoor activities. Apple Smart Watch Series 1 use GPS by using a bluetooth that is connected with your iPhone. Mostly the figures are not accurate when the connection is bad or your phone is far away.

Apple Watch Series 1 is purely comfortable and give you a proper smooth feeling with its rubber silicone. The band is flexible enough because its allows to work for heart rate monitoring.

Its case weigh around 25g for the smaller size and 30g for the large size. All combine weight around one ounce. Mostly smartwatches that have effective fitness tracking options are widely used for sports conditions. That’s why it’s lightweight is the biggest pros for the runners or workout geek people.

Apple Watch Series 1 build with aluminium and a curved Ion-X glass cover over the display. Its rounded rectangular display screen is around 1.3″.

You can also change its faces and match with respect to your dresses or handbags.



  • Not to use while swimming
  • Not build-in GPS
  • Not scratch or crack resistant like the newest series
  • Less battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apple smartwatches is not just the only compatibility with iPhone. Even Samsung also get that fact that there are some people who like to use smartwatch with iPhone but they don’t want apple watches to buy because of any related reason.

At that time Samsung Galaxy Watch will surely win the race. There are many best selling smartwatches created by Samsung including Gear S3 and Gear Sport but Galaxy Watch is far improved version than any other Samsung creation.

As if we compare battery life with iPhone watches then Samsung will surely win the race because it can give you 4 days battery backup that is 4 times better than any iPhone Watch Series. Even this much battery backup is rare. Most of the high expensive watches didn’t gave 4 days battery backup.

They also include vast numbers of Apps in their store, but if we compare with most using app store like Wear OS or watchOS then they have less apps for sure.

But still they are offering many necessary apps that make every smartwatch effective to use, their fitness tracking system is highly accurate, their design and many features that make Galaxy Smart Watch best selling.

As if we talk about the look wise then Apple watch literally looks so fake as compare traditional watches but Galaxy smartwatch looks more elegant and more related with simple traditional watches.

If you wrist is medium size or even small in size, then it will look fine and adorable at the same time because of its 46mm size.

Its circular screen is just best rotating bezel make it stylish, durable and functional.

Samsung Galaxy watch takes around half a second to refresh whenever you wake up the watch.

It comes with two sizes, larger one is around 46mm and comes with silver and black color scheme. On the other side 42mm size watch comes in black or rose gold color.

If we talk about better watch from these two, then 46mm version is increabile because of large display and long time battery.

If we compare Galaxy watch and Gear S3 together then battery of galaxy watch is little better and give you more one day to experience a dreamy life. Its additional health apps are just incredible and efficient to use.


  • Display with rotating bezel
  • Better battery life
  • Water, dust and shock resistance
  • Swift performance


  • Less comfortable during exercise
  • Tracking abilities should be improved

Tickwatch Pro

If we talk about Tickwatch material quality then for your kind information it is made by solid aluminium, large or little heavy too.

If you have too small wrist then this watch little heavy and awkward for you, but if you have average wrist or even above average then Tickwatch Pro is just a premium choice for you.

Display screen is about 1.39 inch and 400 x 400. Memory is about 512 MB RAM with 4 GB storage. Give you more pleasant feel with its 415 MAH battery.

Ticwatch pro manufacturer use two materials for creating wrist band, to give you comfortable and elegant look at the same time. Leather look on the upper side and comfortable silicon look on the inner side.

Now it’s possible for wrist watch for the ventilation and provide some comfort zone to the wrist. Ticwatch have OLED display, brightview at everytime. You will find a new things on the top of the standard OLED panel, also Film Compensated Super Twisted  Nematic LCD panel. A layered display on the top for the good reason.

Essential mode typically works for protecting the battery life by applying “always-on-display”. They can show Time, Date, Steps count or Battery level.

There are two button found on the right hand side of the watch that works effectively for many purposes.

If you press top button once then App List will appear and when you press for long time then it will go for the Google assistant.

While same, lower button single press will direct you to your favourite app and by doing double press it will direct you to the Google Pay.

Otherwise you have to press and hold the lower button for Essential mode, Restart or Power off.

What I feel bad about the Tickwatch pro is its design and its Wear OS. Battery life is incredibly good, at about 2.5 days of the usage with Pro Running its “standard mode”.


  • Dual layer display
  • Google assistant, Pay and Google apps.
  • Later Wear OS version
  • Affordable
  • Incredible battery life


  • Little bulky
  • Not a very elegant design

Tickwatch E

As we all know iPads rule the tablet world and Apple smartwatch rule the smartwatch zone but Google try their best to get the market back. Its not mandatory that iPhone just need Apple smartwatch to work efficiently, Tickwatch E has their own standard and class.

There are many modern smartwatch features found in WearOS, a better lightweight polycarbonate design, heart-rate monitor, Google assistant, GPS and 48 hours battery.

Tickwatch E is water resistant upto 1m. But not recommended to use in shower or swimming but if it is mistakenly then there is no problem but otherwise you have to care about this.

If we talk about hardware wise, then Ticwatch E is one of the most powerful smartwatch because its powered with MediaTek MT2601 1.2 GHZ processor, 4 GB storage and 512 MB RAM.

Display is about 1.4″, OLED display of 400 x 400, and WiFi or bluetooth too. According to the reviews Ticwatch is better than Moto 360 smartwatch. Even its battery have an extreme long life.

TickWatch E comes in many smartwatch faces, because everybody getting bored after wearing same things again and again.

There are many apps available in the Wear OS play store, every necessary apps are available here. Even most of the apps are official by the Play Store. You can easily find same as like a Google Play Store.

If we talk about their wrist band then it comes in silicon material and magnetic charging cable. Tickwatch E is far better than any other watches in the market.

Its battery life is incredible, easily take 48 hours to die. Mostly battery life depends on the usage otherwise you can also extend it to two days.


  • Affordable price
  • Better fitness features
  • Good heart rate sensor
  • Lightweight & comfortable


  • Not waterproof specially for swimming
  • Plastic construction, looks cheap

Misfit Vapour

Misfit Vapour is the newest smartwatch from Misfit with Android Wear 2.0 and Oreo update. Its frame is about 44″ steel with around 1.3″ display. Also 4GB memory, heart rate sensor or Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor comes with Misfit Vapour.

If you wear this smartwatch on your wrist then it will looks stunning and its stainless steel frame is just elegant. Misfit Vapour display screen is much brighter as compare to other expensive smartwatches.

Misfit Vapour comes with always on feature, not like an standard Apple smartwatch. Its virtual touch bezel is tremendous and swiping black bezel around the screen looks stunning and easy to navigate.

There are many smartwatches with different OS  but Misfit Vapour operating system have smart watch faces app and you have many customization feature to match your costume and handbags, not like Apple Face app that has just limited customization features.

If we talk about Misfit Vapour battery life then it is less than any average smartwatch that is around 20 hours and its charged is not compatible with smartwatch most of the times.

If you really need smartwatch with less budget, then you have to try Misfit Vapour for sure. Unless it has limited functions but best smartwatch for apple if you’re really curious about smartwatch.

They also use impressive sensors for the fitness tracking, even you can use Google Fit or Misfit activity tracker. You can take this watch as a better fitness tracker watch.

Misfit Vapour have no speaker and NFC but in this affordable price it’s quite acceptable. What we say, its embedded with faster OS and notification vibrations is just incredible.

Misfit Vapour screen is wide and clear and you can easily read or write the text messages, but it might be some thick that its from one of the cons.

You don’t just need Apple Smartwatch to run with Apple iPhone. You can also buy Misfit Vapour if you’re on budget and just some curious about using smartwatch with your iPhone.


  • Solid quality
  • Average fitness tracking
  • Wide and clear screen


  • Poor battery life
  • No NFC or GPS

Mobvoi Ticwatch S

Mobvoi Ticwatch have a wide range of third party apps to increase their performance and customization. You can use their apps for fitness tracking purposes and even for different corporate purposes too.

Now you can install Google Fit app for fitness destinations and purposes. There are many fitness apps are available in the market in the app store. Almost all the things related to fitness you can track like training sessions, heart rate, runs, walks and jogs.

You can also get benefit by using personal assistant, no matter you’re at work or home. You can press power button to trigger the personal assistance feature.

There is one incredible thing and that its warranty, its comes with 1 year warranty and three days money back guarantee.

Ticwatch S also work as a fitness coach, you can create your fitness goals and track calories burned, steps taken, monitor your heart rate monitor and many other things that can help to accomplish your fitness goals.

Ticwatch also have GPS feature in this price, because this feature is rare and mostly not available in expensive watches too. You can use it for route planning.
Many fitness features are also relate with GPS like steps takes, calories burned and overall progress.

Ticwatch screen display is about 1.4 inches OLED display with wide screen interface that helps you to navigate easily. Its screen is also readable in bright sunlight too.

You can also track your sleep and find the hours of your activeness and sleep for health control and quality sleep.

They can track your turns while sleeping and notified you in the morning about the quality of your sleep.

If we talk about battery then 300 mah battery comes with Ticwatch, they work same as like a Apple series watch 2 about 18 hours with full charge. You need more battery while using the GPS and sleep monitoring feature, that’s why it totally depends on the usage of the person.

If you want to save your smart watch charge, then don’t or less use GPS or sleep monitoring system.

There is a big difference between waterproof and water resistance. Water resistance watch can work in rain or in little foggy weather. But waterproof watch can work in every type of water activities.

Ticwatch S is water resistant Smartwatch, you can use it in water but should never be fully submerged.


  • Well building material
  • Run on android wear version 2.6


  • Fixed strap
  • Just water resistance

LG Watch Style

There are many smartwatches in the market, but I choose LG Style Smartwatch to be in my best smartwatch for iPhone list. It’s pretty good looking. They created LG smartwatch design in three layers. The top one is matte silver, the middle, the lugs and the crows are polished metal and if we tell about the bottom then its matte plastic.

The casing of LG style watch is 316L stainless steel but aside with plastic bottom because of wireless charging. Its slim like most of the smartwatches because it looks elegant and adorable at the same time.

Its display is 360 degree. Resolution is about 360 x 360. It’s not best in the market but because of its less 1.2 inch size, It looks little crisp. Have an ambient light sensor under the display. There are many smartwatches has all these features already but LG style watch is more focused on style so they combine all these things in a very elegant way.

They are using P-OLED technology, LG using this technology from a long way ago. They also use Gorilla Glass 3 for the extra protection. LG style watch got some boost in brightness, little irritating sometimes.

One of the best creations by LG in term of design and simplicity. Its slim and minimalist aluminum case houses a vibrant 1.2 inches P-OLED. Pixel density is about 299 PPI. Far better than Huawei and Apple smartwatch.

If we talk about processor then they use 2100 processor, better and more faster than 400 series because of its IP67 water and dust rating.

By combining all this, LG watch style is one of the best smartwatch that you can use with your iPhone and its 1.2 inch P-OLED screen display is just incredible.

There are many smartwatches in the market but LG watch style is the slimmest and smartest in the US market. Also available in both silicon or leather as you want.

You can also charge it wirelessly, charger placed in the box. Charging backup is around 24 hours. For your kind information, it is one of the best smartwatches for women too.


  • Better navigation because of rotating dial
  • Water resistant
  • Slimmest smartwatch
  • Affordable price


  • Less battery life
  • Less stylish design
  • Android wear 2.0
  • No NFC

Conclusion – Best Smartwatch for iPhone

There are many smartwatches available in the market but here we talk about compatibility. If you have an iPhone then it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice rather than to buy Apple Smartwatch.

These smartwatches that I mentioned above are also comfortable to use with iPhone. Even some of them are far better because of Apple limitation towards their app store and usage.

You can also use non-Apple watches for android too. I think that’s the better option rather than buying Apple smartwatch that is restricted to just iPhone.

Spending some hundred of dollars is not easy, better to read some reviews before buying anything related to any niche, It gives you some more confident towards the product you want to buy.

These best smartwatches list for iPhone will never feel you regret in the future, Because I created this list after deep research.

According to my recommendation if you really want to buy smartwatch from non-apple manufacturer then Samsung Galaxy Watch will be the best choice for you.

If you need any guidance related to smartwatches for iPhone, then you should comment below. I will answer all the comments once in a day.

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