Best Smartwatch For Android Users 2020 – Detailed Review

If we talk about smartwatches for the iPhone users then its pretty simple and straightforward. But if we tell you about the best smartwatch for android users then we have large range available in the market. Each and every smartwatch have their own pros and cons.

Before you’re going to pick the smartwatch, it’s better to know about your requirements and usage, better to identify your daily lifestyle. There are many things you found new or what I say rear in many smartwatches. Like you want to see the notifications without touching the phone. Or you need a fitness tracker?

Or If you need specific app to use with your smartwatch. After knowing all these, now you’re ready to pick the smartwatch for your android phone that will accomplish your maximum needs.

Like what I say, if you need best smartwatch for your fitness tracking solution then Fitbit is the best choice for you. But it just associated with fitness tracking, you don’t get advance features after getting Fitbit on your wrist.

If you need smartwatch with bundle of app features then you need some Wear OS or Samsung Gear device. Because both of the OS created just for smartwatch for giving the better experience to the user.

Best Smartwatch For Android 2020

NameItem WeightPrice
Fossil Q Venture HR249 GramsCheck Price
Huawei Watch 22.08 ouncesCheck Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch2.88 ouncesCheck Price
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro10.9 ouncesCheck Price
Mobvoi Ticwatch E28 ouncesCheck Price
Kate Spade Scallop 28.80 ouncesCheck Price
Skagen Falster 28.80 ouncesCheck Price
Samsung Gear Sport2.4 ouncesCheck Price
Samsung Gear S32.24 ouncesCheck Price
Fitbit Versa Smart Watch5.12 OuncesCheck Price

There are many smartwatches in the market but here I am just putting what I think the best smartwatches for android. If you have any better options then you can also suggest me on the comments.

In this smartwatch list, I am purely filter just for the android phones or android wear. You don’t see Apple or any other limited specific brand OS smartwatches there.

By using this list of android smartwatches, you can easily detect your most need gadget. This guide will help you to suggest the best from the market.

As you know many products launched in the market every year. But we have to make sure which product is better for the people according to their needs. 

Fossil Q Venture HR

If you know about Q Explorist HR, Fossil Q Venture HR is almost same but its new in design that’s why I put it here. Both of them created with metal build but Fossil Q Venture HR is bit little in size than Q Explorist.Best smartwatch for android

You can use its crown for the navigation purpose, it’s easy and very friendly with your hand.

There are many colors of Fossil Q Venture HR, including Rose Gold, Silver and Gold. Also a vast range of straps also available. So you have many variety of articles to choose from.

Its metal and leather straps are just incredible in design and also available in many color combinations. Just bezel is different otherwise overall body have same in construction.

Fossil Q Venture HR is different from its 2017 model, because it’s more water resistant, you can also wear it while swimming.

Also have heart rate tracker, this is one of the major update. You can also track your steps, even sleep tracking and GPS tracking too.

According to my recommendation, you can use Fossil Q Venture as a fitness watch but don’t just buy as a fitness tracker watch.

If you’re buying Fossil Q Venture then you got Google Pay too, so now you can also handle your payments by just using a smartwatch. This feature is just found in new Fossil watch otherwise its not available in the previous one.

If we talk about Chipset, then they use Snapdragon 2100 Chipset inside. Its battery life is little less than any other smartwatches in the market. You can use it for about whole day without any charge and if you don’t use heavy application that needs tracking, then it will obviously end upto two days or more sometimes.


  • Heart rate tracker
  • Google pay available


  • Less battery life

Huawei Watch 2

If you’re on budget but need smartwatch for your Android phone, then Huawei Watch 2 is the best choice for your needs. Also have heart rate monitor with in depth measurements.Best smartwatch for android

Huawei Watch 2 is popular in fitness freak people because of its fitness instruction. They track your lifestyle or even calories too. After they instruct you workout plans that will surely give you benefits in the long run. You can also create goals for your fitness goals.

You can also track the quality of your sleep by using its TruSleep feature. They can tell you about the quality of your sleep by using the terms Light, Deep or REM.

Huawei Watch also have a feature of built-in GPS, now you can track the way by using the navigation map.

Its storage is incredible, you can store files in your own smartwatch built-in storage without any external memory card. You can pay it by using its NFC android pay application. You don’t need a phone to get notifications or text messages.

Battery life is totally depends on the usage, but they assigned three different modes for the smartwatch that contain, Watch mode, Smart Power Saving and GPS mode.

Battery life depends in those three modes. Watch mode give you 3 weeks backup, 2 days on Smart Power Saving and just 7 hours when you’re continuously using the GPS.

Processor of Huawei watch 2 is more faster than any other smartwatch in the market, they use Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. Now you can use it effectively and smoothly. A better investment from your side, if you”re going to buy Huawei Smartwatch 2.


  • Watch mode battery backup is about 3 weeks
  • 4G mode available


  • Little inaccurate sensors
  • Crown fails to use

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with rubber strap that looks little sporty too. Galaxy watch comes in two sizes. The first one dimension is about 1.8 x 1.9 x 0.5 and weighs around 2.2 ounces. While other variation have a dimension around 1.6 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches and weight around 1.7 ounces.Best smartwatch for android

Both of the smartwatches have their own class with circular shape that give some sporty look and got a AMOLED and fluent 360 x 360 display.

They use Corning Gorilla Glass that easily resist shocks and scratches, because of its color display you can easily read the screen without any inconvenience.

Samsung created galaxy watches in many colors, first model available in black, blue or silver color and second model available in many colors including purple, black, silver and red etc.

You can take your watch at pool too because it is water resistant for about 165 feet. Now its mean you can use it while swimming, due raining and also take you with water park picnic.

They use extended or in-depth heart rate monitor tracker and take measurements in 6 different types. These heart rate setting also travel around all the apps that your smartwatch have.

You can also calculate calories you burned during the workout by using its altimeter. Their built-in GPS also tell you about where you’re standing and where you have to go.

There are many options available with Samsung Galaxy Watch, now you connect your watch with many apps like Spotify, Strava, Glympse, Uber and many others.

There are many incredible smartwatches available in the market but Samsung Galaxy have automation hub that control your appliances and devices according to your daily activities.

Battery life is three days with 270-mAh battery and around 4 days with 427 mAh battery models.


  • Vibrant OLED display
  • Better battery life
  • Good fitness feature
  • Fitness and Sleep tracker
  • Own pay support


  • Smaller battery in 42mm model
  • Small internal storage

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is one of the best smartwatch for android. They created this watch with in-built calories counter, heart rate monitor so now you can keep your fitness data with you and make your life style more professional and healthy.Best smartwatch for android

Mobvoi Ticwatch have two modes that directly related with battery usage, first one is Smart and second one is essential.

By default its on Smart mode, but when your battery is getting low then it will auto switch to essential mode because it will extend your battery and keep your watch alive for more hours than expected.

Its battery life is about 2-30 days, but it totally depends on the usage of a person.

Like if you’re using Smart mode with GPS tracking then your battery will die around 10 hours or If you switch your smartwatch mode to essential then it it will give you extra life of about 5 days.

You don’t need credit cards to pay with your smartwatch because Mobvoi Ticwatch pro has a function of Google Pay that manage your payments just by doing one single click.

There are many other apps available for Ticwatch pro that includes Google Play Music, Google Fir and Spotify too.

There are two types of display screen available with Mobvoi Ticwatch pro, the high resolution one is AMOLED or you can also use FSTN LCD when you’re on power saving mode, it will extend your battery life for about 30 days.

Its design is incredible, comes with steel bezel and cover, fiber carbon body and italian leather straps. All these things make Mobvoi Ticwatch different from others.

You can also use its Google Assistant with voice commands for sending text message, calls and also for the directions too.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro battery life and design make its different and standing as compare to other smartwatches, it is one of the best smartwatch for Android and also an award winner too.


  • Incredibly stunning screen
  • Superb design
  • Extended battery life for about 30 days


  • Less battery life in smart mode
  • LTE version N/A

Mobvoi Ticwatch E2

Mobvoi Ticwatch comes with an incredible design features. You can make yourself gentle by wearing Mobvoi stylish and coolish design smartwatch.Best smartwatch for android

Mobvoi other model like Ticwatch E looks to cheap but E2 steel maintains 1.39 inches that gives you more style and pleasure, but little less visibility in sun light mostly.

You can navigate easily by using a single button on the side. Ticwatch E2 doesn’t have a option of ambient light means it cannot adjust the brightness by their self.

There is a big difference in E2 as compare to E version, it has expandable battery with 2 days backup. They use lithium ION battery with around 415 MAH capacity for maximum performance.

You can use Mobvoi Ticwatch for around 2 days or sometime more because it totally depends on the usage. If you love workout session, then E2 will be your great companion.

You can compare Ticwatch E2 with other tech giant smartwatch makers like Samsung, Huawei or Apple because now you can easily track your active life.

They created Mobvoi Ticwatch with an accelerometer, multi navigational system GPS, automatic 24 hours a day heart rate monitor. Better to use heart rate monitor when you need it, otherwise for continuously tracking your battery will drain away.

You can easily track steps, distance or calories too. While swimming you can also track lap time and your speed too.


  • Affordable price
  • 24 hours battery life
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Less stylish design
  • No NFC

Kate Spade Scallop 2

Kate Spade Scallop is the latest design of Scallop previous version that they launched last year, But now you get push-in button for better navigation. Otherwise both have similarity in design.Best smartwatch for android

They created Kate Spade Scallop 2 with great potential with beautifully carved scallop design and designed spade on the rotating crown button.

Kate Spade Scallop 2 launched in stainless steel with 16mm strap with the material of leather in black, rose gold and rose gold tone steel. They give you the choice to choose.

If you are finding slimmest watch, then Kate Spade Scallop 2 is jut 9mm thick. You can call it as one of the slimmest smartwatch.

You can get benefit of its customization by using their “Choose My Look” app feature. You can make it customize at its peak, by changing their faces and make it relevant to your outfit or handbags.

If I talk about battery life then its impressive. They launched Kate Spade Scallop 2 with 300mAh battery that last about 5 days, or if you use continuously then it will take around whole day to die. You need to charge it at least once in a day.

You can also use Kate Spade Scallop 2 as a basic fitness watch because it comes with accelerometer, inbuilt GPS and HRM. You can also use it for heart rate sensor.

It comes with GPS feature too to track your activities, routes and locations. By using its features, you can also track distance, sleep and calories.


  • Beautiful and Fascinating smartwatch
  • One of the slimmest watch
  • Swim proof
  • GPS and NFC features
  • In-built microphone


  • Less battery life

Skagen Falster 2

Skagen Flaster 2 is one of the stylish smartwatch with incredible design and features. It has screen size around 1.19 with bezel in a larger display for more elegant look.Best smartwatch for android

There created Skagen Falster 2 in more advanced way, because it is touchscreen and also have 3 button in which one is digital crown and two others for more functions.

They use non-removable battery which give you  backup around 2 days mostly on an average. This backup is much more than any other competitive expensive smartwatch that are available for android.

Skagen Falster 2 have 4 GB built-in storage with 2.5 GB availability. You can use it to store your favorite media files and apps. It also has loudspeaker too.

If you have fitness goals and need some basic fitness watch then Skagen Flaster 2 is the best choice for your fitness goals. You can track almost all the events by using its features and system. It has GPS feature to track your location, distance and routes.

Skagen Falster 2 have heart rate monitor (HRM) for whole day monitoring. You can also use its accelerometer for tracking steps and calories.

Skagen Falster 2 is a best choice for your android phone because it keeps you updated with the notifications. You just need to pair your phone for getting notification and usage of third party apps.

You can also download its face customization app for the play store, because everybody know that you can’t live with one face watch for many years.


  • Stunning smartwatch
  • Highly customization from straps to watch faces
  • Many tracking features
  • Swim proof
  • built-in NGC


  • Power by Snapdragon (Outdated)

Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport showing with their name that it is one of the best smartwatch for android in the circle of sports. You can use its heart rate sensor and GPS mapping too.Best smartwatch for android

A complete fitness management tool who tracked your calories, weight management, nutrient balance and also your daily lifestyle and progress.

You can also create your personal fitness goals by using Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch. You can balance your intake. Also give you instructions about your fitness and guide your for the most appropriate workout.

For your kind information, Samsung Sports Gear is water resistant watch, you can use it in rain or for swimming too. As I said its sports watch, so you can also track lap time, pace and stroke type.

You don’t get just paired you smartwatch with smartphone but also with smart devices too. That includes doors, TVs or with any compatible things like Samsung Connect Home WiFi router.

You can check notification, review calendar, receive and recalls without having your phone in your hand.

While using Samsung Sport Gear you can also send payments by using their Samsung Pay. There are many apps available for you including catch rides, scores and for music too.

Battery life of Samsung Gear Sport is about 3 days, but you can charge it by using a wireless dock. It gives you sometimes more than 3 days because it totally depends on the usage.

It is one of the best smartwatch for android because its compatible with 4.4 and above and with iOS devices too but some features of iOS is not compatible that’s why I don’t recommend this smartwatch for iOS devices.


  • Spotify music unlimited
  • GPS available
  • Better and Sleek design
  • Samsung Health


  • Small battery life

Samsung Gear S3

There are many smartwatches in the market but Samsung Gear S3 has their own class because it passed military specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing for rough conditions.Best smartwatch for android

They dropped Samsung Gear S3  from 4.9 feet height and doesn’t seem any hurt. You can use it for extreme temperatures, in dust, shock and in different altitudes and pressure. It is water and dust resistant too.

Most of the army and military person use this watch because you can also send your exact location using its GPS real time tracker.

Samsung Gear S3 can connect with Bluetooth for texting, emails and alerts. You can also use it as a phone because it have a brilliant microphone without any destruction.

It has in-built Samsung Pay so now you don’t need your phone or paper money for send payments and buying. By rotating their bezel, you can get access of notifications and apps too.

If we talk about battery life then its about 3 days or your can also carry wireless charger for better performance while travelling.

Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best choice as android smartwatch because of its design and tested features. But it sensors should be improve and their limited apps collection too. But you can buy it because it is also a budget smartwatch for android too.


  • Always on display
  • Better and finished rotating bezel
  • Extremely durable


  • Little problem with tracking accuracy
  • Limited apps

Fitbit Versa

If you need fitness smartwatch for android then Fitbit Versa is the best choice for you. There are many fitness smartwatches in the market but due to some solid features Fitbit versa is one of the best from all smartwatches.Best smartwatch for android

You can easily find steps count, track of your all activity, how much calories you burned and how much floors you climbed in a whole day.

Its a complete sports watch because you can do Multi-sport tracking for the running, hiking and other sports like football etc.

You can also use the Smart Track technology for automatically reorganization purpose.

Fitbit Versa will also support your heart rate tracking and give you the warning notification when your heart having some problems.

You don’t need expensive personal trainer from now on-wards because Fitbit Versa will work like a charm and give you instruction about your health to achieve the fitness goals.

Also have GPS function but you need to connect it with your phone for the location purposes.

Fitbit Versa track your sleep too and give you the overall instruction about your sleep, and quality of your sleep too by using Light, Deep and REM terms.

Fitbit Versa is a water resistant watch up to 50 meters. You can take it along in the rain, or for swimming too without having any problem.

If you’re having some mental stress or anxiety problems, so you don’t need to hire a doctor but Fitbit Versa give you assistant about breathing sessions.

If you’re female then Fitbit Versa is a better option for you to track your periods time. It gives you complete evaluation about when you period will expected and when you have to stop all the workout. It will also update you with notifications.

If we talk about the display then it comes with 1.34 inches screen with 300 x 300 resolution.

Battery life is about 4 days. While it totally depends on the usage but you can expect around 4 days. It is quite satisfactory with all the features that Fitbit Versa have.

It also have NFC chip to send payments by using Smartwatch now you don’t need your phone and paper money.


  • Light weight
  • Affordable price
  • Female health tracking feature include periods


  • Built-in GPS
  • Lack in some design features

Conclusion – Best Smartwatches for Android

There are many smartwatches in the market but if you need android wear then there are less smartwatches as compare to quality. In my smart watch journal list, I am trying to feature all the best smartwatch that is compatible for android.

If you got another smartwatch that I ain’t listed in this list then you can tell me in the comments so I will update this guide including that smartwatch too.

Every smartwatch has their own pros and cons. But if you need specific smartwatch with specific features then you should buy some relevant smartwatch. Like I recommend Fitbit Versa as a best fitness smartwatch.

These 10 smartwatches are all compatible with android phones and some of them you can also use with iOS too but its not recommended.

If you need any assistance while finding a best smartwatch for android then you can add a comments. I will reply you with the assistance as soon as possible.

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