Best Hybrid Smartwatches 2020 – Detailed Review

As we all know, that there are many smartwatches in the market available but due to their design and flashy style many people don’t need to wear it. That’s why tech companies invented best hybrid smartwatch to deal with this problem.

What is Hybrid Smartwatches? Hybrid smartwatches mean that it is simple in design but also have the qualities and functionalities of smartwatches.

If you need to wear smartwatch in your corporate life then Hybrid Smartwatches is the best decision for you. You will get same tradition watch design with enhance feature of smartwatches like heart tracking, GPS etc.

Many smartwatches was not made as a hybrid smartwatch but because of their functionality and design, you can use it as a Hybrid Smartwatch.

There is one big difference between Hybrid and normal smartwatches are their design. You don’t see hybrid smartwatch with colorful and brighten touchscreen and it looks same as like a traditional smartwatch.

By using Hybrid smartwatch you get a same functionalities like a smartwatch but get a design of simple elegant and adorable traditional watch.

Hybrid smartwatch are not expensive like iPhone smartwatches but Apple has their own class and standard.

Best Hybrid Smartwatches 2020 

NameItem WeightPrice
Emporio Armani8 ouncesCheck Price
Fossil Q Accomplice8.80 ouncesCheck Price
Michael Kors Slim Runway12 ouncesCheck Price
Diesel Mega Chief4.96 ouncesCheck Price
Garmin Vívomove HR5.9 ouncesCheck Price
Nokia Steel HR1.44 ouncesCheck Price
Skagen Jorn8 ouncesCheck Price
Misfit Wearables8.8 ouncesCheck Price
Fossil Q Commuter4.16 ouncesCheck Price
Kate Spade Grand Metro11.20 ouncesCheck Price

Many tech giants invented or launched hybrid watches, but what we do? We compare all of the smartwatches and trying to find out the best hybrid smartwatch for you to overcome your needs.

Each and every hybrid smartwatch has their own pros and cons. So when you need hybrid smartwatch then you should know about your requirements in your hand. Otherwise you will end up buying a wrong smartwatch.

In this best hybrid smartwatches list, I am trying to in-list best 10 hybrid smartwatch that I think it will be best for you as a hybrid smartwatch. Most of the authority websites have their own choice but here I am writing just my recommendation.

Emporio Armani

best hybrid smartwatch

There are many hybrid smartwatches but Emporio Armani is one of the best and adorable smartwatch ever. But there are some limitations and extra weight but overall it is the best hybrid smartwatch.

Emporio Armani is not a waterproof smartwatch but it is water resistant up-to 100 meters and its material is stainless steel too.

You can receive notifications, play music, and activity tracking too. But its app receive some bad reviews because of its limitations. But if we talk about its interface then it is one of the best smartwatch with respect to visual design.

Emporio Armani silver toned indexes perfect with gunmetal case, and its leather strap and blue interior.

Emporio Armani battery last for about 6 months with integrated cell battery but as I said before its totally depends on the usage of the person.

It is heavier than any other smartwatch but due to its leather band its quiet comfortable. A beautiful hybrid smartwatch that looks like an expensive traditional watch but works like a smartwatch.


  • Time zone automatically converted
  • Cell battery don”t needs to be charged
  • Beautiful visual design


  • App is limited in functionality
  • Little heavy as compare to other smartwatches

Fossil Q Accomplice

Fossil Q Accomplice is too flashy and blend. Its stainless steel and comes with superb hybrid smartwatch

Its not a waterproof but water resistant up-to 165 feet. It is also have a customization button for control music and you can capture photos too.

By using Fossil Q Accomplice you can also track your daily lifestyle activities like calories burned or steps too. You will love this watch by checking out it stainless steel body and luminescent because its glows in the dark.

As I said before that battery life is totally depends on the usage but this battery work for at least 6 months, after that you need to be replaced with the Genuine one.

If we talk about weight and comfort ability then its narrow reduce the weight and increase the overall comfort. You can also use other Fossil brands with this hybrid smartwatch.

If you need better build quality smartwatch with stainless steel technology then you should buy Fossil Q Accomplice now but for most of the people quality matters.


  • Calories burned tracker
  • Compatible with other Fossil bands
  • Water resistant up to 165 feet


  • Less vibration function

Michael Kors Slim Runway

There are many smartwatches in the market but Michael Kors Slim Runway is too flashy and polished design. It attracts many of the new consumers who are going to buy new hybrid smartwatch

Michael Kors Slim Runway is not a waterproof watch but its a water resistant up-to 50 meters. You can take it along in swimming but not recommended for in-depth or snorkeling type of activities.

You cannot accept calls by using Michael Kors Slim Runway until you will get notification of calls and texts. Its looks too fleshy and trendy for some folks but large group of market loves it fleshy looks. An attractive metal with slim silhouette design.

Michael Kors Slim Runway battery is non-chargeable but it can last long as compare to other hybrid smartwatches. You will need to replace the battery when it works abnormally.

If you have small wrist then it looks little odd because of its large and long design, but if you have average or large wrist then this hybrid smartwatch will be the best choice for you.

There are many people who just like the design of traditional watches otherwise they are looking for some flashy stuff. At the same time Michael Kros Slim Runway will be the best choice for the.


  • Many color options
  • Water resistant upto 50 meters
  • Minimalist look


  • Little odd for little wrist
  • Too flashy

Diesel Mega Chief

As you know or see many smartwatch and even hybrid too and I also know that you aware about the Diesel brand. So here they introduced Diesel Mega Chief, little heavy as compare to other smartwatches but it deserves praise because of its hybrid smartwatch

Always leather straps and stainless steel body are the best combination and Diesel Mega Chief totally based on it. Not a waterproof but water resistant up-to 100 feet.

Now you can sync your phone with smartwatch and control music, calls or even you can take snaps too. Many hybrid watches in the list but Diesel Mega Chief have rare visual design that only speaks about quality. Even you can track your daily activities too with using sub-disc on the dial.

You need to replace the battery when it will dead but it last for around 6 months.

You have to do some little sacrifice by wearing Diesel Mega Chief because its little bulky and cumbersome for most of the people but it totally depends on the person who carry.

Its little bulky and overweight design otherwise you can buy this watch if you’re okay with its weight.


  • Sub-disc for tracking purpose
  • Choose notification system
  • 100 feet water resistant


  • Heavy and bulky design

Garmin Vivomove HR

There are many smartwatches, I captured here in the list, but Garmin Vivomove have their own standard and quality. It is one of the most popular smartwatch in the world, not just hybrid but hybrid smartwatch

Its a water proof watch up-to 5 meters and also got a water resistance rating with 5 stars. You can track your heart rate 24 hours a day, that is only offered by Vivomove HR. Also you can track your fitness goals with it. They do amazing invention of colors with Garmin Vivomove and every one love its style.

There are many options and exciting features they include in their smartwatch and even its touchscreen display too.

Many hybrid smartwatches that don’t needs to be charged but Garmin Vivomove needs to charge and last according to their mode, two weeks with watch mode and five days with smart mode.

If we talk about weight and comfort ability, then its silicon band is too soothing and overall the Garmin Vivomove is lightweight hybrid smartwatch.

Garmin Vivomove is highly comfortable and lightweight watch, one of the best hybrid smartwatch in this list because it also have a heart rate monitor.


  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • Track steps, calories and distance
  • Many stunning options


  • Not good in sunlight

Nokia Steel HR

If you are thinking to buy hybrid smartwatch with heart rate technology then you should try Nokia Steel HR. I know it looks to odd for you to see nokia in the smartwatch industry, but Nokia do it again and it is one of the best hybrid hybrid smartwatch

You can continuously track your heart rate, and also use as a fitness tracker too because it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Everyone need a smartwatch with good looking color scheme so here it is, Nokia Steel HR comes with white dial and black strap that looks stunning.

Its not a water proof like other expensive smartwatches but a water resistant for up-to 50 meters. You can use it while shower, rainfall and even in snorkeling too.

If we talk about battery life then it looks same like three previous version. They use two types of smartwatch mode, simple mode can last for 25 days and power preserve mode last for 45 days approximately.

Its a lightweight watch with comfortable design, you can also change straps if you’re not comfortable with the default one.

Nokia is much similar with Garmin, with respect to features and design. One of the best invention of Nokia till now.


  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Alexa integration


  • Vibration can be difficult to caught

Skagen Jorn

If you need slimmest hybrid smartwatch from the whole market and you got tired with same band then you should buy Skagen Jorn for sure because it knew your hybrid smartwatch

They use great combination with leather band and stainless steel body, it looks stunning. A complete water resistant watch up-to 30 meters. You can take it along with you shower and rainfall.

Skagen Jorn smartwatch used as a fitness tracker and also receive smartphone notification. You feel little vibration when you got some notification. If you need professional looking watch than Skagen Jorn will be the best choice for you.

Battery of Skagen Jorn is not rechargeable, it takes almost 4 months to die. You can replace the battery when your watch show some abnormality.

Best in comfortability and less in weight, you can also change its band if you don’t find comfort with its default band.

If you need hybrid smartwatch that looks professional and enhance the the performance of your corporate lifestyle then you need to buy Skagen Jorn right now.


  • Looks stunning
  • Think design
  • Best combination of leather band and steel body


  • No backlight found

Misfit Wearables

Misfit Wearable comes with great combinations of stainless steel body with heart rate monitor, as compare to other misfit hybrid smartwatch

They create aluminium face for durability and visual appeal. Not a waterproof but complete water resistant smartwatch up-to 50 meters.

Misfit have smart button for playing music, find your phone and also for taking photos. Also notify you about the text and calls.

Misfit comes with non-rechargeable battery that last up-to 1 year, but battery usage totally depends on the user but when it show some abnormality then you should change the battery as soon as possible.

It looks comfortable and less in weight but as most of the reviewers said that it could be a little larger for small wrist people. Overall the Misfit Wearable is too light in weight.

One of the most cliche model in the list because of its minimalist design and smart functionality.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Vibration function
  • Compiled with necessary features


  • Look awkward on small wrists.

Fossil Q Commuter

Fossil created many models and all are outstanding but I think Fossil Q Commuter is suitable with respect to hybrid smartwatches. Looks little thicker as compare to other smartwatches but its features are just incredible and rare hybrid smartwatch

They created Q Commuter with stainless steel and genuine leather. Not a waterproof watch but a water resistant up to 100 feet. You can take it along showering, rainfall or even in snorkeling too.

You can do activity tracking by using Fossil Q Commuter and also getting notifications at your smartwatch too.

Also its gentle buzzing are more noticeable. A perfect combination of silver dial and brown leather. If we talk about battery life then it will last for up to 1 years because its non-rechargeable, by the way its totally depends on the usage of the person.

As if we compare fossil Q Commuter with other traditional smartwatches, then it is little heavy but you have a choice to change its band with other Fossil available collections.

Fossil Q Commuter is one of the hybrid smartwatch that will surely impress your colleagues and friends.


  • Built-in activity tracking
  • Interchange with branded Fossil Bands
  • Compatible with Android & iOS too


  • Numbers around the watch are difficult to see
  • Less noticeable vibration

Kate Spade Grand Metro

If you’re finding a women exclusive design in the list then here is your choice Kate Spade Grand Metro. They created Grand Metro with pure quality and a great combination of leather strap and rose gold tone case. But its not waterproof hybrid hybrid smartwatch

Kate Spade Grand Metro has a ingenious design, you can also assign contacts or apps for quick navigation or also use as a camera selfie button. They created this design mostly for women or by the way their dial doesn’t have any back-light feature or night time viewing.

Many non-rechargeable smartwatch need to be replaced after 4 -5 months. But Kate Spade Grand Metro last for about 6 months. (Better than most of the expensive smartwatches)

Many hybrid smartwatches are more in weight but Kate Spade Grand Metro is less in weight that is good and for your kind information their band isn’t interchangeable. So you have to do strict choice at the the time of purchase.

Many smartwatches in the but Kate Spade Grand Metro have their own class and because of its battery, design and light weight feature that’s why I added this in the list of best hybrid smartwatches.


  • Sync with camera apps to take photos
  • Compatible with Android & iOS too


  • Bands are not interchangeable
  • No backlight
  • Not a water resistant watch

Conclusion – Best Hybrid Smartwatch

There are many hybrid smartwatches, I mentioned in the list and every smartwatch has their own pros and cons. Two types of bands are available, leather and stainless steel.

If you don’t tolerate your corporate life then you should buy leather band smartwatch, but as compare to leather, stainless steel are more durable and long lasting.

Some smartwatches are waterproof and some are water resistant but some are none. So make sure, when you’re going to buy hybrid smartwatch then you should know about your usage. According to my recommendation, its better to buy water resistant smartwatch at least up-to 5 meters.

Many hybrid smartwatch looks formal than normal smartwatches. That’s why I put them in the list of hybrid smartwatches.

Battery life is depends on the usage of the person and some of them based on non-rechargeable battery life. I recommend you to buy as per your need, like if you have a time to charge smartwatch on regular basis then you should buy smartwatch with rechargeable battery and if don’t then move towards the non-rechargeable smartwatches.

Most of the hybrid smartwatch have heart rate and activity tracking feature. Don’t buy smartwatch that are non-rechargeable and have this feature because it will last your battery very soon.

If you have any recommendation and suggestion related to this article then you can write on comments. I will surely give you a reply as soon as possible.

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