Best Fitness Smartwatch 2020 – Detailed Review

When we are going to buy smartwatch, then its necessary for us to know about our requirements. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best fitness smartwatch that are available in the market.

While seeing fitness tracker, but if you buy fitness smartwatch then you also get fitness tracker facilities. Its a two in one situation and it will surely beneficial for you in a long run.

There are many tech giants that created smartwatch with fitness tracking solutions, like Fitbit, Samsung and even Apple too.

Fitness tracker watches will track your daily task like workout and even heart rate too. Every smartwatch has their own pros and cons. In this list, I will also going to mention about each and every smartwatch.

While choosing your smartwatch, its better you should fitness focused. Otherwise there is a  probability that you will get a wrong smartwatch at your home.

I am writing reviews of smartwatches here that are fitness focused but some of them aren’t but work as a fitness smartwatch.

If you don’t like fitness smartwatch design that you can also check hybrid smartwatch that are focused on fitness.

Best Fitness Smartwatch 2020

NameItem WeightPrice
Apple Watch Series 31.12 ouncesCheck Price
Apple Watch Series 41.14 poundsCheck Price
Fitbit Versa11.36 Ounces
Check Price
Samsung Gear Sport13 ounces
Check Price
Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music1.44 ouncesCheck Price
LG Watch Sport15.5 ouncesCheck Price
Huawei Watch 22.08 ounces
Check Price
Ticwatch S7.5 ounces
Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch2.88 ounces
Check Price
Fitbit Ionic10.7 ouncesCheck Price

There are many smartwatches in the market that is created by big giants like Samsung, Apple or Ticwatch but now we are just fitness focus. So we need just those smartwatches that help us to accomplish our fitness goals.

In this list, I am writing features of 10 best fitness smartwatches, better to know about your needs before purchasing any smartwatch, it helps to find the best for your fitness goals.

Apple Smartwatch Series 3

I wrote Apple Watch Series 3 review many times on this website, but today is our focus on fitness smartwatches. Apple smartwatch series 3 is not a fitness watch but it will surely will help you to accomplish your fitness goals.Best fitness smartwatch

It has heart rate monitoring and you can also take calls when you go out for running without having your iPhone. This device will help you to live a better and healthier life without any hesitation.

It’s not a regular heart rate monitor, but its improved version. Not just only counting your beats per minute but also record resting daily heart rate, or workout ranges, your pulse while walking or jogging and give you an overall graph of your improvements.

It will also give you the suggestion about your fitness, that helps you to live a more better lifestyle with respect to fitness.

Many smartwatches in the list doesn’t have enough internal storage, but Apple smartwatch series 3 has around 16GB of internal storage with the LTE version and 8 GB with GPS version. You don’t need an external storage to save your monthly tracking data.

Overall Apple Smartwatch Series 3 is one of the best fitness smartwatch because of its exciting features and maximum storage.


  • Better for exercise tracking
  • Clear display
  • Decent battery life without LTE


  • Less battery life with LTE
  • Less watch apps
  • No LTE roaming

Apple Smartwatch Series 4

The very first thing here you want to focus, that its display is very large as compare to previous Apple smart watch series. Because of thick bezel around the screen it looks more incredibly stunning.

Its display is 30% larger than any previous models. Now you can easily touch and navigate the screen because of its big display.Best fitness smartwatch

Now you can use this Apple smartwatch in daylight because of its brighten display. You can easily read notification and perform task.

The two things that I am very impressed with ECG app and atrial fibrillation, because it will notify you when you have five irregular heart rhythms and this feature is licensed and tested or experimented by US Food and Drug Department.

When you wear Apple Watch Series 4 at your wrist then it will continuously monitor your heart rate and when there is some wrong then it will notify you and recommend you the nearest possible doctor.

While doing fitness when sometimes you fall then it will detect by using a sensor and immediately show emergency SOS notification to be sent.

Apple smartwatch battery life is a disaster as compare to other smartwatches in the market because it is around 20 hours and all of the previous has same battery life. You can use it around a whole 12 hours with full load and even GPS too. They don’t improve battery life from decades.


  • Little Better battery life
  • Better build quality
  • Huge screen
  • It could save your life with fall and arrhythmia detection
  • Light weight
  • Loudspeakers


  • Siri not working good
  • Expensive as compare to other fitness smartwatches.

Fitbit Versa

Life if we talk about smartwatches then Apple smartwatch series is the most competitive one and if we are talking about fitness smartwatch then Fitbit versa is the leading smartwatch in fitness industry.

There are many smartwatches that monitor heart rate but Fitbit versa efficiency and accuracy have their own standards.Best fitness smartwatch

Yes we all know that Fitbit versa is struggling to fall in the list of best smartwatches but in fitness watches circle, it’s impossible to not including Fitbit versa.

As compare to other fitness smartwatches Fitbit versa is very slim and less in weight and you will feel more comfortable while wearing this smartwatch while sleeping.

Other smartwatches in the fitness circle are water resistant but just up-to 10 m but if we talk about Fitbit versa then it will alive in deeper up-to 50 m that is incredible, it means you can also wear Fitbit versa under swimming and at raining season too.

Like Apple smartwatches is just limited to Apple iOS but Fitbit versa is compatible with both, no wonder if its Android or iOS. It will work with both of the phones and easily sync to achieve your fitness goals.

If we directly compare Fitbit versa with Apple or even with other smartwatches like Huawei 2 then its battery life is around 2 days, but Fitbit versa has their own standard and their battery life die after around 4 days that is incredible.

There is no GPS function in the Fitbit versa and that is a big disadvantage of buying a fitness smartwatch without having a GPS function, you can”t track your running track or distance. For that purpose you need to stick yourself with the phone.

Their watch faces are less as compare to other fitness smartwatches or even with Apple smartwatch too.

Like overall, if we combine all the features of Fitbit versa with another fitness smartwatch then it will be the winner, because of its slimmest design and lightest weight.

You can wear Fitbit versa all over the day means 24/7. You can also change your band with other Fitbit versa smartwatches.


  • Just take 1 hour to full charge
  • 4 days battery life
  • Slim and lightest design, you can wear 24/7
  • Fitbit goals
  • Fitbit milestone and challenges


  • Limited stock
  • No GPS

Samsung Gear Sport

As you see the name Samsung Gear Sport is totally focused on health and fitness features. It has heart rate monitor before but now it more accurate and efficient.

It will use as a 24/7 for regular checkup and monitoring with the use of prolong battery life.Best fitness smartwatch

You can also use GPS tracking outdoor, without having a smartphone. Also you get free built-in 4 gb storage to store multiple apps and music. You can sync bluetooth headphones with the smartwatch.

These two models black and blue are for different gentry. Blue color smartwatch looks better on teen wrist and black watch looks more decent and sober as compare to blue version.

Samsung Gear Sport came with standard 20mm strap, as per your choice to choose rubber and leather.

You can also detect swimming and training activities, it’s a pure water resistance smartwatch up-to 50 meters.

You can also detect caloric goals, it will also instruct you to achieve your fitness and calories burned goals.

There are many facilities Samsung has been achieved after partnering will Gear Sport that includes Armour Record, Speedo Swim Tracking, MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal and you can also use Spotify offline mode. It is premium but they give you cache playlist for the online playing.


  • Complete fitness smartwatch
  • Samsung pay option
  • Easy to use and circular screen


  • GPS drains battery
  • Simple design

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music 

Vivoactive 3 is the updated version of the previous launched Vivoactive. They created spot on tracking for fitness freaks and runners but not recommended for someone who want to track their whole day.Best fitness smartwatch

While using Garmin Vivoactive 3 you can easily detect your steps and workout minutes just by turn it on. It is one of the extended version smartwatch because your battery will not drain after using GPS tracker frequently.

If you just need a smartwatch for our daily use then Garmin Vivoactive 3 music is the best choice for you and if you’re already using Garmin then it’s a time to upgrade.

By using this watch you don’t need to turn off GPS after usage because it willn’t affect your battery, you can track anything like swimming, workout and running etc. Garmin Vivoactive was made by placing fitness goals in the mind.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music has their own Garmin Pay, you don’t need to carry your smartphone while shopping.

Its advanced sleeping tracking will blow your mind and force you to upgrade on Garmin Vivoactive 3 music now. They are many features that you didn’t use before like iHeartRadio, Deezer, Awa Music or Kkbox.

There are many things in the Garmin Vivoactive music 3 smartwatch that helps you to accomplish your fitness goals and music facility is one from them.


  • Stylish design
  • 50 meters water-resistant
  • Huge list of fitness activities
  • Watch faces and straps are customizable
  • Fitness age feature


  • No loudspeaker and microphone

LG Watch Sport

LG watch sports comes with Android Wear 2.0. There are many design updates in this model that give you far better experience and comfortability.Best fitness smartwatch

We don’t survive just by using one single face watch that’s why different face watches give you more better variety and you can also match your smartwatch with your different occasion outfit.

You can easily navigate around the display by using a touch but sometimes you need to put some effort while selecting the apps or icons.

LG watch sport is a perfect fitness smartwatch because it will track your daily activities. It will assist you during workout sessions and trainings. It will provide you real-time tracking of BPM and calories burned by using heart rate monitor.

While using this watch you can also track different types of sports like Skiing or Kickboxing. It will give you a complete summarize report about how your workout went.

LG Watch Port will work with you like your fitness assistant and help you to burned more calories and staying fit and healthy. One of the best budget fitness smartwatch till now listed on Smart Watch Journal.

Mostly features are same like other smartwatches but if you really want to get benefits from LG Watch Sport then you have to learn some manual before using any of the advanced feature of LG Watch Sport.


  • Android wear 2.0
  • Better performance
  • Crown is great while scrolling
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Google assistant


  • Little battery life
  • Thick design
  • Default band

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2 give you a better and incredible experience while your running trip but you can take this watch for a swimming but taking in rain shouldn’t be a problem.Best fitness smartwatch

You can paired your headphone with smartwatch without having a phone in your hand. It also have GPS sensor, training plans, VO2max, training effect results and a recovery too.

In Android Wear 2.0 as a sports person you have too much apps that  helps you to accomplish your fitness goals. There are many fitness apps are pre-installed like Google Fit-Training or Runtastic.

There are many fitness related sensors are also available like Heart Rate Monitor, GPS or acceleration data.

There are many sports you can track by using Huawei Watch 2, you just need to press the bottom right button on the smartwatch to choose the sport. There are many available sports like Running, Fat burning, Cardio, Cycling, Walking and many more.

Huawei Watch 2 fitness assistant also helps you to by giving you an instruction like if your fitness goals is set on calories burned goal then it will order to some steps or distance to burned that calories. You can extract all these features by installing Huawei Health app.

It can automatically turn on the GPS and showing your location when you are start walking or moving, it takes some time to fetch but it will show you exactly your location after couple of seconds.

You can also use Huawei Watch 2 as a 24/7 activity tracking machine. There are many things that you can track like distance, steps, calories etc.


  • Android Wear 2.0
  • 25 days battery life on watch mode
  • Optional 4G model


  • Less premium design
  • Little inaccurate fitness sensors
  • Little display
  • Not rotating crown

Ticwatch S

Mobvoi Ticwatch S based on Android Wear 2.0 operating system and now its compatible with new range of Google apps.Best fitness smartwatch

It is based on fitness trackers, rather than fitness tracking you can also texts, set reminders, stream and also monitor caloric intake.

Mobvoi Ticwatch is a better improved version and works like a personal assistant at your wrist.

Also have a multi-language support, or you can also send notifications, appointments, messages and phone calls, even also have slept monitoring features, music detection or more.

Mobvoi Ticwatch S is a versatile model with many customize features download apps, setting fitness goals and tracking progress.

Very easy to use and also you will get an assistant, if you really need fitness goals instructor then Mobvoi Ticwatch S is the best choice for you.

Mobvoi Ticwatch is also compatible with many third-party apps like Google Fit app or many other apps that can track your fitness goals, meetings of appointments etc.

Google assistant is work like your personal assistant for sending notifications and reminders. You can search for any of your personal or professional questions. You can say “Okay Google” or hold or press the power button to activate.

There is a big difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Waterproof watch can take it along for swimming, shower and type of water related activity.

Mobvoi Ticwatch is not waterproof  but water-resistant, it can resist little rain splashes, but can’t take along in heavy rain or for swimming.


  • Sleep monitoring
  • Google Fit
  • Personal fitness assistant
  • You can set reminders
  • Water resistant


  • Little bulky or thick design
  • Bulky design
  • GPS will drain your battery

Samsung Galaxy Watch

There are many smart watches in this list but Samsung has their own standard and values. While creating the gadgets they are the best. Samsung Galaxy watch is the only smartwatch who tested with military durability.Best fitness smartwatch

There are less fitness related features because it’s a pure smartwatch but you can also use it as a fitness sports watch. You can also make calls and answers your texts too.

Its build quality is too professional and experimental for an athlete. Samsung Galaxy watch passed military specification to withstand 4.9 foot drops. It is also tested with water, shocks, temperatures and high altitudes.

You just don’t only use with Android devices but it is also compatible with iOS devices too and that is incredible and friendly for every OS user.

Always whenever we are talking about battery life so it’s totally depends on the person usage, but you can use Samsung Galaxy watch for some days with one charge.

Everybody get bored by using same thing regularly, that’s why by using Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch you can change their bands officially and easily match with your outfit.

Samsung Galaxy watch is general smartwatch but you can use it as a Fitness smartwatch because of its military tested feature and build quality.


  • Stylish sports design
  • Rotating bezel for menu navigation
  • Sharp display
  • Better battery life
  • Almost 40 tracking features


  • Little cheesy app market

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic is made for fitness freak people that’s why they use Gorilla Glass 3 that is scratch proof and you can also use it roughly. If we talk about fitness features so you will get calorie, activities, steps, sleep, heart rate or distance tracker.Best fitness smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic comes in 3 colors that includes gray, blue gray and burnt orange. There are many customize options are also available with this fitness sports smartwatch.

Their heart rate sensor are more reliable than PurePulse because they are using FitBit Blaze sensor.

Most of the smartwatch has pay system, Fitbit Ionic has their own with the name of FitBit Pay that is similar to Android, Apple of Garmin Pay.

Internal storage is around 2.5 Gb for storing images or songs as per your choice. You just need wireless headphone to listen your favorite playlist on Fitbit Ionic.

If you don’t need to carry your smartphone then you can also download playlist in Ionic using Pandora and easily enjoy your workout without the hassle of smartphone.

There are many third party apps are also available in FitBit like Accuweather, starbucks or Flipboard etc.

Fitbit comes with coaching feature, they have three different guide to improve your fitness goals. Fitbit Ionic is not a waterproof but water resistant smartwatch up-to 50m. If you love swimming then it works more than better for you. You can also track no. of laps and calories burnt by wearing Fitbit Ionic.

Fitbit Ionic battery life is around 3 days, far better than Apple or Samsung traditional smartwatches and I am talking about without using GPS.


  • 4 days battery life
  • Built-in GPS
  • Comfortable


  • Little expensive

Conclusion – Best Fitness Smartwatch

There are many smartwatches, I listed on my Smart Watch Journal but in this list I am just including best smartwatch for fitness. In this list not all the smartwatches are fitness focused but you can use it as a fitness smartwatch because of its highly friendly workout features.

Everybody has their own choice while choosing the fitness smartwatch for them but you can take any smartwatch from the list, you will don’t have any regret after purchasing.

When you’re going to buy smartwatch for fitness better to shortlist your need or expectation that you want from fitness smartwatch because it will help you to find the finest one.

If you know about any fitness smartwatch that I am not listed here then you can add your comment below, I will surely read your comment and add that smartwatch with all the details and their pros and cons.

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