In this generation, after the massive success of Google and Apple. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and start something big online.

Why don’t I too? Even not too big but some small site is quite enough.

Once under the shady tree, when I was doing a regular conversation with my friend about starting my online business.

Then I don’t know what to start and If I make a website then what’s the topic should I choose.


One of my society friend gave me an idea about smartwatches, because I have different watches in my cupboard as they know very well.

There are many things, I have to read and learn before creating any niche site. Because creating website and getting traffic is not an easy task nowadays.

According to my research, smartwatches industry will grow 40% more in 2020. This niche will be more competitive after sometimes.

What should I do now? I need to put some extra effort while creating content for my website.

There is a far difference between other sites and SmartWatchJournal, because of its content creation method.

I don’t use simple writing techniques same as like a college level writer. Now the world start changing and content marketing too.

That’s why I use storytelling approach while writing content for this website. It makes me comfortable and will make you too.

Why I pick smartwatches niche? because it’s the future of technology and one of the fastest growing gadget till now.

Even big tech brands like Samsung and Apple also involve in the invention of better and smartest watches.

There are some big brands in the creation of smartwatches, in which Apple, FitBit, Fossil, Amazfit, Garmin and Samsung are included.

In which Apple and FitBit has the collection of best selling smartwatches.

There are many things you have to consider before buying any smartwatches, better to know before than future regrets.

Here in SmartWatchJournal, I will write under three categories that includes Reviews, Blog and Buying Guides.

In Reviews section, I will write a complete in detail review about the smartwatches.

In Blog section, I will try my best to solve the smart watches related queries and problem using the story telling way.

While in Buying Guides, I will make a list of best 10 products with their usage and important stuff that you should know before buying any brand’s smartwatch.

All these three sections make complete one SmartWatchJournal.

Better to be prepare. I will publish content as soon as possible.

You can also contact me, and send me your kind suggestions on [email protected]